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Reports From Mill Basin(GMV Screws Up)

6 Feb

The Supposed “Star Wars” Version of The Novus Ordo Mass, was actually just a simple “Family Mass”, offered in the Mill Basin Section of The Borough of Brooklyn at St. Bernard of Clairveux, where Msgr Jamie Gigantiello is Pastor.
From Info supplied from Mill Basin, next door to Marine Park, an area which uses the Flatbush Street System, as in East 69th Street, close to Flatbush Avenue, located near the Kings Plaza Shopping Centre, This “Star Wars Mass”, was not the actual Liturgy itself, but a Themed Party afterwards.
However, NO ONE, But the Priest(s), Deacon(s), Acolytes, Lectors & Servers should be in The Sanctuary, where The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass occurs. This is Sacred Territory. I believe that Liturgical Law covers this.
A Warning by Bishop Di Marzio is in order here, as well as better writing of Celebration Posters.

Deacon Greg Kandra, in the comboxes of The Lepanto Institute, advised people to not jump to conclusions, ONLY to have the OMNIPOTENT(At Least He Thinks He Is)Host & Lead Producer of, Michael Voris, whose style is that of a Reality TV Talk Show Host(Think Jerry Springer, who grew up about a half mile from where I am in Queens), & often, Historically Inaccurate. He may be “The Modern Howard Beale”, if one remembers that oh so Prophetic Movie “Network.” Voris told Kandra that Kandra was wrong “As Usual.”
Just Like Voris’ Top 20 Worst Churchmen of The 20th Century, where one of The Worst wasn’t even a Bishop at any time in that Century, but only his personal favorite Target in this Century. I believe that you know who that Prince Of The Church is.

Dr John Rao is Right. Perhaps the Host of “The Vortex”, like other “Neo Catholics”, should get an honest job like “A Carnival Barker.”


The Solemn “Wave”(2nd Sunday Of Advent)

7 Dec

For on this 2nd Sunday of Advent, I witnessed The Welcoming & Scrutiny of People who are seeking to enter The Catholic Church, via the Ritus Novus Romanus.
As such this Entrance, Six are Actual Catechumens, who are Not Baptized. As Forest Hills, a Section of The Borough of Queens in The Roman Catholic Diocese Of Brooklyn, has a large Jewish Population, a number of times over the years I have witnessed those of Judaism enter The Catholic Faith.
Six more are Baptized Catholics but had not yet received Holy Communion & Confirmation. Then, there are Three who have received Baptism, Confirmation(Chrismation) & Holy Communion as Infants & will make a Profession of The Catholic Faith. This will be done at The Easter Vigil. These are people who are Eastern Orthodox(Greek & Russian). My Most Dear Friend came into The Church in this manner.
These People will be in the Rite Of Christian Initiation of Adults(RCIA), in the Roman/Latin Rite Catholic Church. By Right & according to the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches, Greek & Russian Orthodox would enter into the Corresponding Catholic Rite(Byzantine) via the Roman/Latin Rite.

The Martyrs Wave:
The Sign of Peace has really little to do with The Roman Rite in Practice within the Nave. The Kiss Of Peace is done on The Altar.
This “Sign Of Peace” is imported from the Maronite Catholic Church of The Antiochean Rite. And it is NOT done by looking to shake one’s hand.
As with the Maronites, the Hands are folded in Prayer. An Acolyte is sent to the 1st in each pew & touches the Finger Tip of that 1st Person, who then turns to the right and does the same to the next person. THIS Is The Sign Of Peace. It is done Prayerfully & Ritually.
The Way it is done in The Roman Latin Rite, & only in The Missa Novus Ordo, appears to be chaotic. In Lent, I have seen the Practice made optional. Actually, it is optional. At Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Parish in Forest Hills, because of there being so much room & many people spaced out, People wave to each other. Hence, even when the crowd is larger, there is a the habit of waving one’s hand. It is why I call this “The Martyrs Wave.”

The Gospel was of St. John The Baptist, who, in the Desert, prepared the People For The Coming Of Jesus Christ. He, John, was The Herald. He was to announce The Coming. He baptized People in The River Jordan, as a Baptism of Repentance.
The Preacher of The Gospel was a Rather Well Known Deacon, one known all over the Web, & like The Noted & Redoubtable Louie Verrecchio, originally from Maryland. If you guessed that the Deacon is Greg Kandra, enjoy a Cup of Starbucks Coffee for me.  At least Deacon Kandra publishes his Sunday Homilies.
Back to Tridentine Latin Mass for The Third Sunday Of Advent, called Gaudete Sunday. I prefer Holy Innocents Pastor, Fr Leonard Villa, whose Homilies pull no punches in regards to Eternity & The Temporal. Because I can only take the Novus Ordo Mass only so far.
I can barely take “The Armada Of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion”, especially since most of them seem to be in shock when someone prefers to receive Christ’s Body on the Tongue. I know one who puts it in the Side of my mouth.
It’s Novus Ordo Land. It’s Sad, Really. And as that Ukrainian Greek Catholic Lady at St. George’s in Manhattan’s East Village says(And She’s Right), “We Are Not Priests”, to counter the Novus Ordo Mistake of “Sancte Communion A Mano”(Holy Communion In The Hand).

Time to return to Tradition, especially on the Weekends. It’s Good for One”s Soul and One”s Mind.

Kyrie Elaison!
Deo Gratias!
Laus Tibi Christe!


Kyrie Elaison

Gospel By Deacon Greg Kandra & Homily of Bishop James Massa

3 Aug

Welcome Mass of Most Reverend James Massa – Video Dailymotion

2 Aug

At 13 Hours GMT A Most Rare Of Catholic Sitings

11 Jul

Which for those of you in the Eastern Time Zone in the United States, in the Roman Rite Catholic Church, in a Neighborhood once known for the Sporting Expression, “Six Love”, I did witness a Roman Rite Catholic Bishop with Three Priests of Senior Rank, act as Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion at Mass. As this was the case being this rare that what I call “The Armada Of The Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion” did not manifest themselves.
Then again, this appearance of The Sacred, Sacrificing Priesthood, which I usually witness at a Holy Communion Rail in a Very Crowded Tridentine Latin Mass, is a Most Rare Sight during the Ordinary Form of The Mass.

I know that I am writing as if I was listening to either the BBC or LBC(Leading Britain’s Conversation). In fact I was listening to both Radio Services on my Mobile Service, powered by T-MOBILE.

There was a fairly good crowd for Mass, who witnessed a touch of Tridentine Practice. There was also a touch of Byzantine Catholic Practice where the Epistle was led by a Layman. Unlike the the actual Byzantine Practice of The Layman reading from the Nave and facing Liturgical East, the Layman was in the Sanctuary.

If you must know and do know of The Reverend Deacon Greg Kandra, well, this is his Parish of Practice. And yesterday at Mass, this is one for the Memory Books with No Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. It had that little Touch of My Native Land, which is Brooklyn, NY.

Deo Gratias
Vivat Jesus


“Here is a happy priest”: homily for a priest’s 25th anniversary

19 May

“Catholics In The Media” Snowed Out

6 Mar

I was looking forward to the RC Diocese Of Brooklyn’s “Theology On Tap” Session, hosted by Deacon Greg Kandra, at Manor Hofbrau on Yellowstone Blvd in Forest Hills. The Subject was to be “Catholics In The Media.”
Unfortunately, it snowed pretty hard all day. I emailed the Brooklyn Diocese around 11:30AM(1:00PM in Newfoundland).
It was 3:35PM(5:05 PM in Newfoundland), when I got the news that The Event went the way of all this Snow. It was cancelled.

But, I had plans to live web telecast it, either on Bambuser or Veetle. Since Bambuser is more News Oriented, the Next Event will be on Bambuser.
You Tube is so “2005.” Bambuser & Veetle are “Here & Now”(Hic et Nunc).

Couldn’t it snow with A-Rod at the plate?


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