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The Legend of Heidi Abromowitz Passed On Yesterday

5 Sep

For when I was growing up in the Borough of Brooklyn, I heard a Partisan of The Borough rail on about one Heidi Abromowitz. This Comedienne used to call Heidi Abromowitz “A Tramp”, who had a proclivity towards sexual promiscuity, especially around the Tender Age of 13, especially at Camp in The Catskills, often called “The Borscht Belt.”

You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Joan Rivers died yesterday at Age 81 at Mount Sinai Hospital on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. For Once, CBC News didn’t give me the sad news. This Time, the Mobile Edition of The New York Post, announced her Death, as only a News Corporation Property of K. Rupert Murdoch’s Media Empire, is inclined to do.

Sic Transit Gloria Heidi Abromowitz!


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