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“I’m Voting For Trump. I Don’t Care What The Catholics Say”

12 Mar

This is from a Devout Catholic, who is no Neo Catholic. This Woman is a Close Friend of Mine. Pope Francis absolutely INFURIATES Her(I haven’t Trusted this Pope from Day TWO). She calls “A Spade, A Spade.” Protestants & Eastern Orthodox are Heretics.
I realise that The US Bishops as an Exercise in that Vatican II Practice called “Collegiality”, as a Group or “Hapless Bench”, are certainly NOT “In The Centre”, but, rather, Operatives of The Political Entity of Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama, something which I call the Demagogic Party, officially the Democratic Party of The United States of America(Just ask Cardinal Bravo, which a “Little Birdie Told Me”).
Neo Catholics infuriate her. They enrage me. They have No Solution to a Problem. They are “Go With The Flow” and agree with Papal Novelties. If there were “Altar Trangenders” & if Pope Francis I said they were OK, The NeoCats would go along with The Pope.

Neo Catholics don’t have a clue.


Stormy In Ontario & Quebec & Mansbridge Is Back

3 Aug

And it is Political Storm Time as Parliament in Canada is dissolved.

Dear Canadians, Welcome to American Style Electoral Torture. As I live in the USA, I lnow Something About Politicians. They are part of “The Parliament Of Whores”, as they prostrate themselves before the Altar of Ambition, selling out their Priciples(Which Is WHY I Call them “The Parliament Of Whores”, as they live to perpetuate themselves on the various perks of Office. If you must know why I call Politicians “The Parliament Of Whores”, let me say that the Title is inspired by The American, Mr. P.  J. O’Roarke, of Sarcastic, Irish Wit).

Donald Trump has Money. Donald Trump says what he says and is an American Original from The Borough of Queens.
Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan of The RC Archdiocese Of New York, calls Donald Trump, one who pushes “The Nativist Mindset.” Cardinal Dolan is originally from St. Louis. He seeks Acceptance of The National Pundits, and I don’t mean either Rex Murphy or Peter Mansbridge. His Eminence seeks Acceptance from “The Parliament Of Whores”, in Washington, DC, in Albany, NY, or The Island called Manhattan.
His Eminence would turn into Casper Milquetoast, if ever grilled by Mr Terry Miliewski on “CBC News The National.” It would NOT be a Pretty Sight. At least, Mr Miliewski would have the Proper Press Credentials to present to The NYPD, unlike Someone who hides in “The Warehouse In Detroit”, hurling Invective from a Studio on a Nightly Basis.

Peter Mansbridge has returned to “CBC News The National.” It is Good to see him again, as it is Good to see Rex Murphy again. Rex is Right, for Canada has No Donald Trump. And Peter Mansbridge is Peter Mansbridge, who reminds me of Mr Walter Cronkite.

If it is Storming in Quebec and Ontario, by tomorrow sometime, there will be Storms over the Tri State New York Metropolitan Area, which should cool down things a bit. And The Weather Network tends to be accurate. Whatever occurs in Quebec and Ontario, Weatherwise, follows here in the NYC 5 Boroughs and Suburbs.



31 Jul

H.E. Cardinal “D’oh”lan once planned to close a Parish which ran “In The Black”, where The Latin Mass saved that Parish.

This guy is no “Rocket Scientist.”

His Silence on Planned Parenthood is DEAFENING.

BUT, he is as Bad as his Boss.

And THAT is a mouthful.


“Your Eminence? We Are Waiting.”

31 Jul

The Archbishop of RC Archdiocese Of New York, His Eminence, Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, has entered into a Public “Shouting Match”, with a Rather Wealthy White Male and Builder of Edifices called “The Donald”, as in Donald Trump. This story has to do with Immigration, both Lawful and Unlawful.

Mr Trump, New York City Born, in a neighborhood in Queens called Woodhaven, whose father called Fred was into building Affordable Apartments in Brooklyn, has talked about Unlawful Immigration. But this has upset Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, who never met a Camera Crew and Microphone he didn’t like(Unless the Media Crew was from The Warehouse In Detroit & didn’t have NYPD Press Credentials).

Cardinal Dolan wrote an Opinion Editorial Piece in the NY Daily News, making it seem that Donald Trump is acting like a member of the Nativist “Know Nothing” Party of the 19th Century.
For His Eminence’s Information, The “Know Nothing” Movement is historically Masonic. The Freemasons are the authors of “Omerta”(Silence). And Mr Trump is NOT a Freemason.

And about your “Omerta” involving the Atrocities of Planned Parenthood, Your Eminence, we EAGERLY Await your response. Never mind this Shouting Match with Donald Trump, as Salvation of Souls is Your Business.

We Are Waiting, Your Eminence!

Kyrie Elaison!


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