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Faithful Priest at Notre Dame Silenced & The Rockefellers Influence

27 Nov

Source: Faithful Priest at Notre Dame Silenced

Within this article is an Exellent “CIA”(Catholic Investigation Agency) Special on The Rockefellers. I do suggest that one should tune in & watch.


E. Michael Jones, G. Michael Voris & The SSPX

5 Jul

Tends to be in agreement with G. Michael Voris. E. Michael Jones attacks the SSPX.
E. Michael Jones lives in South Bend, IN, Home to University Of Notre Dame, a CINO University(Catholic In Name Only).

Mr Jones, a Convert originally from Philadelphia, PA, publishes “Culture Wars Magazine.”

Also located in South Bend, IN, is a Member of Opus Dei, who is a Moody’s Investor called Marc Brammer.

Brammer is planning to set up a Catholic Think Tank, bringing with him Messsers G. Michael Voris & E. Michael Jones. How much of this “Think Tank” will be mostly the “Thoughts of Chairman Marc”, mostly the thoughts of Opus Dei, the Precursor of Vatican II and anything but Traditional Catholicity?

Kyrie Elaison