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“Missa Vernaculus”(Send In The Clowns)

31 Jul

It was 1979. “The Tablet”, the Official Newsweekly of the R C Diocese of Brooklyn, NY, did coverage in the Youth Section of the paper, then a local version of a National Periodical called National Catholic Reprobate, I mean Fishwrap, oh, I mean Reporter, with the 1st Two Descriptions more appropriate, of a ” Missa Vernaculus. “

OK, so you THINK that you know what this means. By this time in the Era of “Modernist Bishops”, who looked for Novelty, as what passed for Liturgical Music wasn’t enough(With a Rather Lengthy queue at The Vomitarium, a word of Snark Quality coined by My Most Dear Friend), it was someplace, I believe that it was in my Native Land, which is The Borough of Brooklyn, that at some Parish, a Blasphemous Event called ” Missa Vernaculus” occurred.

I am not speaking of a Reverently Offered Ordinary Form Mass also called Missa Novus Ordo. The Mass at St. Agnes East 43rd Street in Midtown Manhattan is such an example, especially at the 5:15PM Saturday Vigil Mass, where Entrance, Offertory and Communion Antiphons, and Gloria are sung in Latin with the Kyrie sung in Greek. The remainder is offered in  English. A Closing Hymn is sung in Latin.  This Form of Mass meets the Criterion of Sacrosanctam Concillium. Note that a Stately Opening Hymn is sung. There is No Room for such Treacle as “Table Of Plenty.”

“Verna” is Latin for Slave. “Vernaculus” is Latin for Court Jester. This word also means Buffoon. It primarily means Clown.
So Sadly, when a group of Young Persons are dressed as if this is Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey sponsoring Parish Renovations(Sorry, Wreck-ovations), with the Liturgy being treated as a Sideshow to the Circus Theme, there is an aire of Blasphemy here. The sense of Sacredness is, well, Gone. The Mass now becomes a Sacrilege.

Yet, in The Tablet, this is giving the Young People a sense of Self Expression and Creativity.

For The Organizers of This Action of Sacrilege, how many of these Children are still practicing The Authentic Catholic Faith? Did You Lead Them Astray? Or are a number of these Children who are now Middle Aged Adults, leading other children in Modernist Improvisational Liturgy, which is about SELF and NOT about GOD. This is NOT Entertainment.

And WHY would a Diocesan Newsweekly lend Credence to such Sacrilege?

The Roman Republic fell apart because of “Circus Et Panem Maximus.” It took a Line of Ceasars to fix that Mess. With Masses like that one described, The Company of Angels and Saints who, United with Christ on The Altar at Mass, are mocked by this action of Sacrilege. The Priest in this case, offered a Sacrilege.

During a Video comparing the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, recorded by someone who is Greek Orthodox, with a Circus Themed Mass in a Cathedral in Brazil, complete with a Bishop present, I was shocked and disgusted by the Presentation of the Book of The Gospels being presented by an Acrobatic Act. With Themed Masses like this, it is small wonder why in Brazil, the World’s Most Catholic Nation, as to WHY so many people in Brazil are leaving The Faith. They despise Novelty.

The Modernists call this “Inculturation of The Liturgy.”
With The Tridentine Mass, one could never even attempt this Corruption. It would stick out like a Sore Thumb. The Same would also be said for all the Eastern Catholic Liturgies. It would be like sticking a square peg in a round hole.

But Annibale Bugnini came up with a Liturgy where this could and does occur. And Faith decreased in droves.

Pray Hard, Dear Faithful.

Kyrie Elaison!


The Eastern Orthodox Churches & Catholic Unity

6 Jun

The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, The Bride of Christ, is diverse in Her Unity in Her 22 Sui Juris Churches, both Eastern and Western.
The Eastern Catholic Churches are Orthodox by Tradition, but So Fully Catholic in Doctrine and Belief. They have different Disciplines, but believe the Same Doctrines as Western, Latin(Roman)Rite Church. Both the Eastern Churches and Latin Rite Catholic Churches have 7 Valid Sacraments and Holy Orders. The Priesthood is Valid.
But, there are Churches from the Line of The Apostles which are Not in Communion with the Holy See, called the Eastern Orthodox Churches. And, trust me on this one, there are a number of Doctrinal Differences which keep the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church from truly being United.
The Autocephelus(Self Governing)Eastern Orthodox Churches have no actual Vicar of Christ like that of One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, though they do rule by Holy Synods. They have an Ecumenical Patriarch based in Constantinople(Present Day Istanbul, Turkey), who is only 1st Among Equals, which means he has all the power of The Queen of England(None). Think of him in terms of a Referee in the National Football League and you get the Picture.
These are the Doctrinal Differences which keep the Eastern Orthodox Churches and the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, pretty far apart:
Original Sin-The Catholic Church teaches that from the Time when Adam and Eve, the Sin of The First Parents is passed down to each person born. This is removed by The Sacrament of Baptism and Sanctifying Grace ensues. But, the Eastern Orthodox belief is that Original Sin did not pass beyond Adam and Eve and that Baptism is only performed as a Sacrament of Divine Grace, due to the consequences of Original Sin, though they preach that one was never born with the Sin. If it is confusing like some explanation of Practice at Vatican II, it most certainly is;
Purification After Death(Purgatory) is actually the Teaching of The Christ, when He said “Until Thou Hast Paid the Last Penny.”
The Eastern Orthodox Churches teach that Souls actually undergo Purification in Hades, the Place of all the Dead. Hades has both Purgatory and Hell of The Damned.
The above comes from the Old Testament. 
Catholic Church is No Divorce
Eastern Orthodoxy allows 3 Divorces and 3 Marriages.
Filioque(Double Procession of The Holy Spirit From the Father and The Son). Dogma in the Catholic Church. Denied by the Orthodox. Based on the Nicene Creed, originally written in Greek. Over this, the East West Schism occurred. The Orthodox teach that the Holy Spirit only proceeds from The Father. The Filioque is from the Catholic Church. Then why did Christ promise the Apostles the Holy Spirit when Jesus went Home to His Father in Heaven?
Immaculate Conception of Mary:
Dogmatic Belief of The Catholic Church. The Eastern Orthodox teach that since Mary, also called Theotokos(Christ Bearer), was Purified at the Annunciation, this Dogma is unnecessary, because no one actually has Original Sin beyond Adam and Eve.
One True Church;
The Eastern Orthodox claim this title, but how can this be done when Divorce is part of The Package. Jesus says “Divorce Not At All.” The Teaching on Original Sin is, as we used to say in Brooklyn, NY, a “Doozy.”

Sacrament of Holy Orders:
Both have a Male Only Priesthood & Male Bishops, but in The Churches of the Patriarchate of Moscow, Females may be ordained to the Permanent Diaconate(Russian Orthodox Church and Japanese Orthodox Church). Also, certain Greek Orthodox Churches do this as well & follow the Byzantine Rite Ordination Ceremony for Deacons.
As for this in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, NO.

As My Most Dear Friend once said to me one morning, “Just take a look at Russia and Greece, as to how both are so (@! :-)#&$ :-))up they are.” She, being a Convert to The Real, One, True Church Which Christ Himself Established, has spoken well.
I wonder just what St. John Chrysostom would say today?

St. John Chrysostom would never get s Show on E W T N, like the Dissident Orthodox would. He was the “Michael Voris” of his time. The ONLY Thing that Michael Voris would get on E W T N, is Blasted to Smithereens.

Kyrie Elaison!
M, Eh!

Since Going To Byzantine Rite Ukrainian Greek Catholic For Divine Liturgy

1 Jun

I now see the Eastern Catholic Elements which make up part of the Ordinary Form of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass in the Latin(Roman)Rite. Let’s just say that in the case of The Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom and St Basil The Great, no Music written by Marty Haugen, David Haas, or “Hymns” like “Anthem” are ever played in the Byzantine Rite Catholic or Orthodox Churches.
But the “General Intercession-Prayers of The Faithful” are Catholic, as in Byzantine Rite, not Latin(Roman)Rite in origin. In the early going of the Ordinary Form, derisively called the Novus Ordo Mass, or simply the NO, the response was “Lord Hear Our Prayer”or “Lord Have Mercy.” Since I began in November of 2013, of going to the Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine

Liturgy of St John Chrysostom

, I usually sing “Lord Have Mercy”(Kyrie Elaison) at the end of each antiphon of supplication. In the Ordinary Form Mass, it is “Lord Hear Our Prayer”(Deus Exaudinos). But, in the Year 1969, we often ended with the Kyrie as Response in the Vernacular.
On Ascension Thursday, including the Wednesday Evening Vigil Mass at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills, Queens, it was during the General Intercession-Prayer of The Faithful, when I heard a Familiar Antiphon being sung. It was the last one offered. It went like this:
“For Favorable Weather and an Abundance of Crops”, are the only words I remember, but I knew those words, for they are incorporated into The Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom and St Basil Martyr. After singing the “Deus Exaudinos”, in English, I softly said in English the “Kyrie Elaison.”
Standing instead of Kneeling for Holy Communion is a Byzantine Practice.
The one thing which gets Catholics of the Latin(Roman)Rite all worked up is The Doxology at The Lord’s Prayer. Now the Protestants end the Our Father with “For The Kingdom, The Power & The Glory Are Yours, Forever, as continuing from “But Deliver Us From Evil”(Sed Libera Nos A Malo). So it was added to The Lord’s Prayer in what Protestants call The King James Bible or “The Authorized Version.”
But, the Byzantine Rite Catholic Church has it as Doxology. For after The Our Father(Pater Noster), a prayer is offered by the Priest, and then he chants the Doxology. In the Latin(Roman)Rite, the Congregation sings or recites the Doxology at the end.
So, what was thought in this case to be Protestant, is truly Catholic, but from another Rite of The Catholic Church. For the Doxology regarding Pater Noster, came from a New Testament Codex used by St. John Chrysostom, who was Patriarch of Constantinople.
The Readings of Epistle, Gradual and Gospel are Extraordinary Form Tridentine Latin Mass. There is an extra reading at the end of The Mass, called The Last Gospel, the Story of The Incarnation, which is done in Latin, except on Palm Sunday or Second Sunday of The Passion of The Lord.
But in the Ordinary Form Mass, The Readings are Old Testament, Psalms, New Testament Epistle, Chant and Gospel. So there are three readings, but this comes from Lutheran Anglican Practice.
Holy Communion in both forms is from the Byzantine Rite, which uses Intinction. Some Latin(Roman)Rite Churches use Intinction, while in others, one goes to two different Communion Ministers.
The Cantor and Lector are from Byzantine Rite Catholic and Orthodox Practice.
So it shall be said that the Ordinary Form Mass had Catholic Elements stripped but they actually went Eastward. So this Mass is Catholic. So don’t lose sleep over it.

M, Eh!

Spy Wednesday Ends Lent In The Latin(Roman)Rite Ordinary Form Calendar

14 Apr

This Is The Day When Judas, Son of Simon The Iscariot, Betrayed Jesus for 30 Pieces of Silver, the Price of a Slave.
On Holy(Maundy)Thursday, The Easter Triduum Begins. During The High Mass of The Lord’s Supper, “Gloria In Excelsis Deo” is sung and bells are rung, then The Church Falls Silent. There’s no Final Blessing. This is the Procession of The Body of Christ to a place of Repose, signifying the Beginning of the Parts of The Three Days of The Christ in The Tomb.
On Holy Saturday Evening, the Church is in Total Darkness. Candles are lit. Readings of Antiphons and Epistles are done here. The Proclamation of Easter is Chanted. The “Gloria” is Intoned.
Just before The Gospel is proclaimed, the “Alleluia”, for the 1st Time in the Latin(Roman)Rite, is chanted. Easter begins at this point.
Catechumens are Baptized and Confirmed and will later receive their 1st Holy Communion. Others who received valid Baptism will receive Confirmation and Holy Communion. Those coming from Orthodox Churches, who received Baptism and Confirmation, called Chrismation, but not receiving Holy Communion, will Make a Profession of Faith and Receive 1st Holy Communion. Those Orthodox who did receive Holy Communion in the Byzantine Rite Orthodox Churches, will make a Profession of Faith. My Most Dear Friend made both a Profession of Faith and received her 1st Holy Communion at this Easter Vigil in 2012.
For on Easter, it is not the Bunny. Rather, The Christ Is Risen.

Deo Gratias!


Palm Sunday Via EF Form

14 Apr

Please Note that I am not talking about MTA NYC Transit Subway Lines called EF, as the IND 8th Avenue Local , the E Train, runs express on Queens Blvd. The IND F Train operates as express on Queens Blvd and then via 63rd Street Tunnel to the 6th Avenue Line. “EF” is a Liturgical Abbreviation for Extraordinary Form, which is the Latin(Roman)Rite Tridentine Latin Mass of 1962.
Now the OF is the Latin(Roman)Rite Ordinary Form of The Mass. Various nicknames include Novus Ordo & The NO.
Fr. Daniel Champoli offered the Palm Sunday Mass. He is one of the Regular Celebrants of The Tridentine Latin Mass of 1962.
The Last Time that I was at Palm Sunday Mass in Latin, was in March, 1964. It was Sunday, March 22, 1964 @ St. Sylvester R C Church in City Line, Brooklyn, in the days before the Saturday Vigil, which came into discretion of the Latin(Roman)Rite Local Diocesan Bishop in 1970, with the Mass of Paul VI, now called the Ordinary Form(OF).
At the beginning, the Priest comes in wearing a Red Chasible. He heads in procession to the Altar with the Servers, who in this Mass, are all Boys, hence the old term Altar Boy. Hr says introductory prayers in Latin.
People come up to the Altar Rail and kneel at the Rail, kissing the Palm, 1st Proceeding to their Pews. From there a Procession occurs around the Church, either in the Nave, or around the Church, as was the case today at St. John Cemetery Chapel in Middle Village, Queens.
People return to their pews. Antiphons are chanted or sung by the Choir, called s Schola. The Gospel is proclaimed. Later, the Passion According to St. John is proclaimed in English. Then the Mass Prayers proceed from there.

This is intense. I will be at Mass this Morning. Holy Week is right now. More prayers to be offered.


The Doxology At The End of The Lord’s Prayer, Is From The Byzantine Rite

3 Apr

I know it sounds unusual, but the Doxology At The End of The Our Father, which reads “For the Kingdom, The Power & The Glory are Yours, Now & Forever”, is from the New Testament Codex used by St. John Chrysostom, Patriarch of Constantinople, Bishop, Confessor and Doctor of The Catholic Church.
By the way, St. John Chrysostom was fighting the Heresy of Arius, called the Arian Heresy, where Arius, a Priest, taught that Jesus Christ had no Divine Nature.
So to my Brethren of The Traditional Tridentine Latin Mass of The Missale Romanum of 1962 Groups in Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan, the Doxology at the end of the Our Father is Catholic and not Anglican and Lutheran. It may be Byzantine Rite Catholic, but not Protestant. It is said at the end of The Our Father during the Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom. The Priest usually prays that aloud in the Divine Liturgy, while we pray it in the Latin(Roman)Rite Ordinary Form of The Mass. This is not an Heretical Form, just a form from the Byzantine Rite. You can breathe easier now.
But I say this, not with Sarcasm but with Love. The Ordinary Form of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass has taken a few hits. But it is legitimate. Much of the Liturgy has an ancient form from The Byzantine Rite. Whenever we pray the Nicene Creed, the Prayer of The Faithful which follows, is derived from the Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom. They are the Antiphons prayed, with the response of “Lord Hear Our Prayer”, or “Lord Have Mercy.” In the Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy, the response is “Lord Have Mercy.”
The Queue for Holy Communion is Byzantine Rite Catholic as well. Receiving Holy Communion in one’s hand, actually started with Arius The Heretic. This practice was resumed by Martin Luther, as he denied that the Mass was a sacrifice, and denied the Sacrificial Nature of The Catholic Priesthood.

But, there is a Latin Tradition of Kneeling for Holy Communion and Churches with Pews and kneelers. The Byzantine Rite Catholic Churches in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island & Bronx have that arrangement. It is said that Eastern Orthodox Churches don’t have that arrangement.  But, in the Byzantine Rite Catholic Practice, one approaches Holy Communion “With Fear of The Lord.”
The Byzantine Rite Catholic Practice of Standing, is a reminder of The Awesome Tribunal of The Day of Judgement before The Lord. This is their Customary Practice.  The Roman Practice of Kneeling at Holy Communion is keeping in the Practice of kneeling before The Lord in Prayerful Awe and Wonder.
In both cases the Priest is an “Alter Christus”, feeding His Sheep with the Body and Blood of Christ.
In Byzantine Rite Catholic Practice, the Faithful receive both the Body and Blood of Christ under BOTH Species. This is done by Intinction & one receives via Holy Communion Spoon by tipping one’s head back and the Priest or Deacon will serve the Communion by dropping the Consecrated Elements in one’s open mouth. Note that leavened bread is what is consecrated. This is Byzantine Rite Catholic Practice. There is a prayer the Priest offers while one receives Communion. A similar prayer is also offered by the Priest or Deacon in Latin during the Tridentine Latin Mass of The 1962 Roman Missal.
Only within the last 40 Years have those of the Latin(Roman)Rite been able to receive both Body and Blood of Christ at Holy Communion. Unlike the Byzantine Rite Catholics, we approach two Holy Communion Stations to receive both Consecrated Elements. Unleavened Bread is consecrated in the Latin(Roman)Rite.

Whereas the Latin(Roman)Rite Extraordinary Form of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass is distinctly Latin in practice, the Ordinary Form of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass has practises which come from other traditions both Catholic and Protestant. Much of The Catholic Practice is Byzantine. Much is still Latin Rite Catholic, but there are Protestant Practices, such as Old and New Testament Readings before the Gospel. Holy Communion in one’s hand is Protestant in Practice & also Arian. The Music in the Ordinary Form Mass, is too directed to Self.  It belongs in a part of the Latin(Roman)Rite Mass, called “Left Out.”

I wonder just how many from the Latin Rite even know about what this is all about. One could probably count that on One Hand.

Deum De Deo, Lumen De Lumine!

M, Eh!

Under Siege Is The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church In Crimea

26 Mar

If ever there is a Hearty Group, and Just as Catholic as The Latin(Roman) Rite, the Byzantine Rite Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, is fighting a Noble Battle for Religious Freedom in Crimea. Apparently, Mad Vladimir Putin wants to seize control of these Catholic Churches and put them in the “Safe Hands” of The Russian Orthodox Church, known often to bow before whoever is in charge in Moscow, from the Tsars, to the Provisionals to the Communists and now Vladimir Putin.

For the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church has suffered much under the Communists, who seized their properties to hand over to the Lackey Russian Orthodox Church. It is a Brave Church within the 23 Sui Juris Churches of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Many Priests and Religious and Bishops were Martyred for the Catholic Faith from this portion of The Catholic Church.

For I have worshipped in this part of One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and when one is at the Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom and St Basil Martyr, one comes out of the Liturgy feeling and being Intensely Filled with Faith and Grace. There are 8 Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Parishes in NYC, with 5 here in the R C Diocese of Brooklyn.

Tyrants have always despised One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, for the Church goes against a Tyrant’s Mindset, as is the case here.

Pray For Them(Ora Pro Ecclesia).