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12 Hours Alpha & Omega 2015 Into 2016

31 Dec

I am planning to end 2015 & begin 2016, with a contingent of Holy Innocents Partisans, with the Byzantine Rite of The Catholic Church. It should prove to be Prayerful & Mystical.
At 6:00PM on Thursday, December 31st, 2015, a Divine Liturgy will be offered at St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church on E7th Street. This will be followed by an All Night Vigil, followed by Coffee Hour at Midnight at St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, continuing with the All Night Vigil & Divine Liturgy at 6:00AM.
It should be a Peaceful Sleep at Home after this is done.
Happy Octave Of Christmas and Happy 2016.


Kyrie Elaison

Wonder & Awe, Byzantine Russian Catholic Style

30 Dec

My Normal Sunday Mass is the Tridentine Latin Mass. But, I was in a Byzantine Mood. After all, Catholic is Catholic and I sought The Byzantine Rite on The Gregorian Calendar & Not the Julian Calendar. Put in Byzantine Rite Catholic Terms, my Primary Sunday Mass is The Tridentine Divine Liturgy Of St Pius V.
It was November of 2013, when, after listening to my Nuns in Catholic Elementary School, waiting over 40 Years to do it, when I began to attend the Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy Of St John Chrysostom, at St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in the East Village on E7th Street.
I listened to a Tridentine Latin Mass Attendee at Holy Innocents RC Church in Midtown Manhattan, in fact, two of them, who told me about St. Michael’s Russian Catholic Chapel, on the Property of Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral Parish in Little Italy, only a block away from East Houston Street.
As it is one of only 4 such Churches left in the United States, three of them are affiliated under the Melkite Greek Catholic Eparchy of Newton, MA. This one Russian Catholic Chapel, while of Byzantine Rite, is under the Auspices of The Latin Rite Archbishop, Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York.
And as Sunday, 12/27/2015 was the 31st Sunday After Pentecost in The Byzantine Rite, there were TWO Commemorations, one of St. Joseph, leading Blessed Mary Theotokos & Jesus out of Palestine into Egypt & of The Martyrdom of Protodeacon St. Stephen, 1st Martyr of The Church(Latin Rite Feastday on 12/26). Because of The Rage of King Herod, believing that the Three Magi had deceived him, he ordered all 1st Born Males under the Age of Two Years of age, slain, in his search for The Christ Child. This Gospel of St. Matthew was also read on The Feast Of The Holy Innocents on Monday, 12/28/2015. It was a powerful Gospel.
This was The Divine Liturgy Of St James The Apostle, 1st Bishop of Jerusalem. The Divine Liturgy Of St James is the OLDEST Liturgy Of The Catholic Church, both East & West. James is a Cousin of Jesus, or “Brother Of The Lord.” This Liturgy is from 60 AD. It is the Root Liturgy for The Divine Liturgies of St John Chrysostom and St. Basil The Great. The Divine Liturgies are Sung, with the Human Voice as the Musical Instrument. There is No Organist. There is a Choir(Tridentine Version is The Schola).
Some Litany Chants were done in Slavonic, some were done in Russian, with the majority done in English.
The Reception of Holy Communion followed an Ancient Antiochian Formula. One appears before an Acolyte holding Thurible where one incenses ones hands, one then bows before The Priest, who recites the words Body of Christ, when one responds Amen. The Priest puts a tiny piece of The Corpus Christi on the Right Palm & one consumes this piece right away. The Byzantine Rite uses Leavened Bread in The Consecration. Then one appears and bows before The Deacon, who says “Blood OF Christ”, followed by Amen. The Deacon controls the Sacred Chalice. Absolutely no Laity perform this function. And as it should be. The Novus Ordo Mass has Unconsecrated Laity perform this function, hence the New Roman Rite, is engaged in Sacreligious Practices.
In the case of the Lector, a Female, she faced East when reading the Epistle of St. Paul The Apostle to The Galatians & sang the Epistle. The Choir sang the Graduale. The Deacon Proclaimed The Gospel According To St. Matthew The Apostle.
I wish that when Converts enter The Catholic Church, especially via the Roman/Latin Rite, that they instruct these Converts that there are 22 Sui Juris Eastern Catholic Churches in Union with the Holy See. I love how they do the Prayers for The Pope, Bishops, Priests, Deacons & Laity.
There is another thing in that you will make the Sign Of The Cross approximately 20 Times.
For you Nonathletic Novus Ordo Roman Rite Catholics, between bows & Signs of The Cross, be prepared to “Break a little Sweat.”


Kyrie Elaison!


Kyrie Elaison

At Least The Eastern Catholic Churches Take This Synod Seriously

12 Oct

Melkite Greek Patriarch Laham of Syria(Cardinal Laham) let one Cardinal Maestrojuan of Panama have it but good at The Synod Of Doom, calling the Sacrament of Matrimony by its’ Proper Name, with Marriage being the Result of The Sacrament & the Indisolvibility of The Sacrament.

Buy Patriarch Laham a Cigar for that.

Last Year, another Byzantine Rite Catholic Major Archbishop, Swiatoslav Schevchuk of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, declared the Traditional Catholic Teaching of Marriage is between One Man & One Woman, which was mentioned on “A Blog For Dallas Area Catholics.”

Outside of Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, and George Cardinal Pell, who else gets it?
To his credit, Major Archbishop Shevchuk was defended by Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan.

Meanwhile, the Renowed Correspondent Of The Detroit Warehouse Studio Group, mentioned nothing about the Eastern Catholic Patriarchs &, as usual, ripped Cardinal Dolan, “A New One.”

When does it end? The Correspondent should host “Red Eye” on FOX News Channel.


Kyrie Elaison

13th Sunday After Pentecost(Byzantine)

31 Aug

The Gospel According to Saint Matthew is about the Parable of The Vineyard. This time it is from the Byzantine Rite Catholic Perspective. I tend to hear a better Homily from Priests in the Byzantine Rite. There, it is NO FLUFF.
One listens to the Gospel Reading by the Deacon, who was an actual Byzantine Rite Ukrainian Greek Catholic Priest. Acting as Deacon was Fr Peter Shykstra, Principal of St. George Academy High School on Taras Schevshenko Place between East 6th & East 7th Street in Manhattan’s East Village.
The Celebrant was Very Reverend Fr Bernard Panzcuk, Regional Superior of The Order Of St Basil The Great(Ordo Sancti Basilli Magni), & Pastor of Saint George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, of the Byzantine Rite Ukrainian Greek Catholic Eparchy of Stamford, CT. This Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, Byzantine Rite Catholic, is AWESOME.

If you worship at the Tridentine Latin Mass, you will feel at home, in both the fact that the Priest faces East towards Jerusalem & that the Actual Divine Liturgy is sung or chanted. There are periods when the Priest offers Prayers in a Low Voice.
Those of you who go, mostly to the Novus Ordo Mass, you will find this Liturgy something of a Shock to your Sensus Catholicus. A number of the “Prayers of The Faithful” are derivatives of the Litanies of The Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom & Divine Liturgy of St Basil The Great. Standing for Holy Communion is derived from Byzantine Practice. So is receiving the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ, but you cannot receive Holy Communion A Mano(In The Hand). One, properly disposed in a State of Grace, receives both Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ via a Gold Plated Holy Communion Spoon. One tips head back and the Priest or Deacon drops the Consecrated Species in your mouth. For those of you of the Tridentine Latin Mass, the Priest recites the Prayer “The Servant of God(The Handmaid of God) receives The Body and Blood of Jesus Christ unto Eternal Life, Amen. To those of You who usually assist at the Novus Ordo Mass, do not put hands forward. Do not respond with “Amen.”

In the Gospel of St. Matthew, this is the Parable of the Vineyard.
The Vineyard Master is God The Father. The Vinedressers or Landlessees are The Pharisees, who persecute, relentlessly, the Representatives of The Master(The Prophets). Then the Son of The Master Is Jesus.
The Vinedressers weren’t producing abundant fruit nor good fruit, so The Master decided to send His Son, so that they may listen to the Son. But the Vinedressers of The Vineyard decided to bind the Son up and Kill Him.
For the Vineyard itself and the the Fruit therein, are the People of Israel. And the Pharisees(The High Priests) were lording it over the People, acting as if The Pharisees were “The Show”, laying burdens on their People, which the Pharisees themselves would never take upon themselves.

The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, founded by Jesus Christ, replaced the Pharisetical Judaism & bore Good Fruit. The Pharisees lost sight of God.

Praise Be Jesus Christ, Now And Forever.

Deo Gratias!


Name A Reform Of Vatican II, Benefitting The Church

23 May

Well, this actually means the Eastern Catholic Churches, who had “Latinization” forced on them by certain Roman/Latin Rite Bishops, who should’ve minded their own business, but thought amongst themselves to be “The Show.”
In India for example, Portuguese Missionary Priests entered what was the Territory of Chaldean Rite Catholics, involving Churches founded by St. Thomas Apostle. He was the Easternmost Apostle of The Twelve.
The Portuguese Missionary Priests forced Latinization on these two Particular Churches in Liturgical Practice. Sadly, this caused a Schism. These India Based Churches returned several hundred years later to Full Communion, with the Syrio Malankar Catholic Church, returning in 1930.

Another bit of Roman/Latin Rite Interference, came in the time of 1891 when Ruthenian Catholics emigrated to the USA. Ruthenians originated in the Carpathian Mountains which border Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine. They were Old Russians. This branch of the Catholic Church actually originates via the Missionary Work of Sts. Cyril and Methodius, both of them Greeks.
Slavonic, root language of Russian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Czech, Serbian, Croatian, Byelorussian and Bulgarian, was recognized as a Liturgical Language  and was given an Alphabet through St. Cyril.
In the Great Schism of 1054, this is where the Eastern Churches of The Patriarchate of Constantinople broke away from Rome over the Roman/Latins use of the Filioque (The Procession of The Holy Spirit from The Father and The Son. Today’s Eastern Orthodox Churches do not recognize that Double Procession of The Holy Spirit from the Father and Son, though Byzantine Rite Catholics do recognize the Double Procession of The Holy Spirit from The Father & Son. Ukrainian Greek Catholics don’t like this “False Ecumenism”, especially in regards to the Russian Orthodox(Exclusive Purveyors of Imported Cigarettes in Russia)Church, their persecutors. In Ukrainian Churches not run by OSBM(Ordo Sancti Basili Magni or Order Of Saint Basil The Great), those Missals may not contain the Filioque, so as to make Peace with the Russian Orthodox Church, headed by Patriarch Kyrill. This order came from Pope Benedict XVI, a few years ago. The OSBM Prayer Books still include the Filioque.
The Ruthenians returned to Full Communion with Rome in 1696, while the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church returned in 1596.
Father Alex Toth, a Ruthenian Catholic Priest and Canon Lawyer, was told to visit the Local Latin Rite Bishop in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, by his Bishop, as a courtesy call.
Unfortunately, Fr Toth ran into an Archbishop, steeped in the Heresy called ” Americanism”, which loved the Masonic Belief of “Separation Of Church & State”, which The Vatican was displeased with. This was the Foundation of ” False Ecumenism”, leading Catholics, particularly in the Roman/Latin Rite, to indifference in the last 50 years, especially with Poor Catechisis and an extremely Watered Down, Protestant Flavoured Liturgy, since Sunday, November 30th, 1969. This practice of “Americanism”, which practice is Modernism, is where Bishops and Archbishops were ” Suck Ups” to the American, Secular Puritan Culture of the Time(Timothy Michael “Glad To Have Ya” Cardinal Dolan, please take note). Just about all these Bishops and Archbishops were of Irish Descent, more often than not, hostile to German Catholics and others, in their guise to be “More American than Native Born American Protestants.”
The Archbishop of Minneapolis St. Paul, Archbishop John Ireland(Born in Province of The United Kingdom called Ireland, a Nation about to totally lose the Catholic Faith if by referendum, supporting Gay & Lesbian “Marriage”, which should prove to be a boon for the ” Church” of Ireland), was nearly as bigoted as the fictional Messers Archibald Bunker and Alf Garnett, in regards to Ethnic Catholics, except for other Catholic Irish.
For Father Alex Toth, Archbishop John Ireland treated Fr. Toth like Dreck, even doubting the validity of Toth’s Holy Orders as well as denying the Validity of Toth’s Bishop in Trans Carpathia. Archbishop Ireland told his Priests not to have any contact with Father Toth.
And this was the Pattern of the Irish Born or Irish Descent Bishops of The USA to treat the Ruthenian Greek Catholics and their Priests like Pariahs. The only safe haven was in NY, particularly the RC Archdiocese of New York, where Archbishop Michael Corrigan refused to go along with the Americanist Heresy, of which James Cardinal Gibbons, Archbishop of Baltimore, and others, went along with Archbishop Ireland, especially in the Persecution and Latinization of the Byzantine Rite Catholic Churches. Also, this Americanist Bunch of Latin Rite Bishops got the Holy See to forbid Married Priests from serving in the USA, because it is scandalous to the Roman/Latin Faithful to see Married Priests, their wanting to have all Eastern Catholics to be assimilated into the Roman/Latin Rite.
Archbishop John Ireland’s Totally Inexcuseable actions were condemned by Roman/Latin Bishops in 1999, with William Cardinal Keeler, Archbishop Emeritus of Baltimore, condemning the actions of Archbishop Ireland.
In 1963, a group of USA Bishops called on Blessed Paul VI to close all Eastern Catholic Churches, requiring all those Eastern Catholic Churches to be closed so Eastern Catholics would assimilate into the Roman/Latin Rite. Paul VI told them a resounding “No”(The Novus Ordo was 6 Years away).
The actions against Father Toth, led Father Toth to petition the Russian Orthodox Church in America, then based in San Francisco, CA, to move many Ruthenians into the Russian Orthodox Church, due to the actions of Archbishop John Ireland, James Cardinal Gibbons, et Al.
Ironically, Archbishop John Ireland is often called the Founder of The Orthodox Church in America. This caused a schism which had The Vatican asking questions.
The Eastern Icons, especially Byzantine Rite, were restored. Baptism, Confirmation(Chrismation) and Holy Communion returned to practice for infants. Eastern Churches are once again allowed to have Married Priests in North America.
The Roman/Latin Rite actually never had official authority to interfere in the operations of Eastern Churches.
That the Eastern Catholic Churches are free to practice their ancient and Sacred Ceremonies, is a True Reform from Vatican II. Today, many Tridentine Latin Mass Catholics head to the various Divine Liturgies. The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, has given me greater knowledge of both the Tridentine and Novus Ordo Masses.

That is what true Catholic Reform is all about.

Deo Gratias!


False Ecumenism-“Dialogue With The Devil”

6 May

After The Magnificent Easter Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom at St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church on E. 7Th Street in Manhattan’s East Village, I soon found out what I have hypothesized about Byzantine Rite Catholics:
Byzantine Rite Catholics know their Catholic Faith better than the Novus Ordo Roman Rite Catholics do.

I had a chance to speak with a Married Couple, the Same Couple I spoke with last year at St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Talk about The Church Militant! In regards to all this “False Ecumenism”, reportedly The Holy See, in order to accommodate what the Woman called the “Schismatic Orthodox”, the “Filioque” of the Nicene Creed, where the Holy Spirit proceeds from The Father & The Son, was removed from the new editions of the Prayer Books, to accommodate the “Schismatic & Heretic Orthodox.” In fact, one of The Periti of the Second Vatican Council, who became Pope, Benedict XVI(Josef Ratzinger), gave the order to do so.

What this devout Catholic Woman from an Eastern Church in union with the Holy See, said is “If you dialogue with The Devil and you give in to him, he will want more because he knows your weakness.”

This Ukrainian Greek Catholic does not trust all this Phony Ecumenism, as one can see how it has worked. Modernism, which is the Synthesis of all Heresies, can be seen in the creation of a Protestantized New R C Liturgy, commonly called The Novus Ordo Mass, which has caused a huge drop in attendance in The Roman/Latin Rite, often forcing the Closure of Churches, as well as a tremendous drop in Belief of The Real Presence of Christ in The Eucharist, with the coming of Holy Communion.
She isn’t trusting of Pope Francis I, what with kissing up to the Russian Orthodox Church at the Expense of the Eastern Catholic Churches. She said to me that at The Time when Pope Saint John Paul II consecrated the World To The Immaculate Heart of Mary, this didn’t follow what The Blessed Virgin Mary had desired, namely The Consecration Of Russia To Her Immaculate Heart.

The Woman also said that Father Nicholas Gruner spoke the Truth on calling for The Pope to Consecrate Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart. She says to pray for the Repose of The Soul of Father Gruner.

Modernists In The Church, whether as Material or Manifest Heretics, are known for persecuting Traditionalists. We have
Seen the outright persecution of the Franciscan Friars of The Immaculate, just for offering the Tridentine Latin Mass of the 1962 Missal, because of complaints of Modernist Dissidents, on the Orders of Pope Francis I.
In the latter part of the 19th Century up into Vatican II, 1st led by Archbishop John Ireland who ran the R C Archdiocese Of Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN & James Cardinal Gibbons, Archbishop of Baltimore, MD, during the Late 19th & Early 20th Century, among other Catholic Bishops of Irish Descent, the treatment of the Byzantine Ruthenian Catholic Church as if these people weren’t truly Catholic, by Gibbons & Ireland’s practice of The Americanist Heresy, as well as a group of US Catholic Bishops in 1963, asking Pope Paul VI to close all Eastern Catholic Churches in order to have all Eastern Catholics assimilated into the Roman/Latin Rite Churches. I gather that these USA Latin Rite Bishops feared that their flock might defect to Eastern Churches, on the heels of the Novus Ordo Missae.

Trust me on this one, that the Great Conversations on Modernism, are to be found at the Tridentine Latin Mass or after Divine Liturgies of The Catholic Eastern Churches.
Novus Ordo Catholics can’t stomach any of this. The Majority are way too set in their Silly Ways.

Kyrie Elaison


“Christ Is Risen, Indeed He Is”(Byzantine Ukrainian Catholics)

13 Apr

So speaketh the Very Reverend Father Bernard Panczuk, Pastor of St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, at the Sunday 4PM Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. For Today, Christ is Risen & Today is Easter Sunday in both the Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches on the Old Byzantine Calendar, as well as for those Churches of the Roman/Latin Rite when these Western Churches are in a Byzantine Rite Majority Region.

The Gospel According to St. John The Apostle, was that of The Story of The Incarnation(And The Word Was Made Flesh). Those of you who go rather frequently to The Tridentine Latin Mass, know this Gospel, because it is recited by the Priest at the End of The Tridentine Latin Mass. Latins do genuflect at the phrase ” And The Word was made Flesh.”
And so, in the Words of Remnant Editor Mr Michael Matt, I “took a knee” at the words “& The Word Was Made Flesh.”

Those of You who often go to the Tridentine Latin Mass(T L M)@ Holy Innocents & St. Agnes, particularly at Holy Innocents, have knowledge of the Byzantine Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, especially the Catholic Version at St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church on East 7th Street. It is on East 7th Street at 2nd Avenue where a serious building collapse occurred about a week ago. Strange but more People have been going to Liturgies at St. George. It is a Great Sign for the Parish.

There is No Holy Communion “A Mano”, here. Those of you who frequent the “Missa Novus Ordo” with Holy Communion being placed in your right hand, well, just like at the T L M, it will not occur at the Divine Liturgy.
Unlike in the “Missa Novus Ordo”, There is no Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion holding a Chalice. Only the Priest may distribute Holy Communion. The Sacrament is by Intinction and distributed to Communicants using a Gold Plated Communion Spoon.

This Easter Celebration this Year is the 1st Time I have celebrated Easter Sunday Bi-Ritually. Last Week, it was the Saturday Night Tridentine Latin Easter Vigil. This Week it is the Byzantine Rite Catholic Easter Divine Liturgy.

After receiving The Most Blessed Sacrament of The Altar, both Body and Blood, my eyes welled up with Tears, as I returned to the Pew.

A Farewell Blessing by Anointing, to remind The Faithful of The Sacraments of Initiation(Baptism & Chrismation[Confirmation to Those Faithful From The Roman/Latin Rite]) was done by a Visiting Priest, as this Divine Liturgy was concelebrated at St. George.The Blessed(Not Consecrated) Bread, which in Greek is called Antidoron, was given upon request. This is the only known Time of The Liturgical Year that this is done in This Parish.

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!


Sunday Of St. Thomas The Apostle(Byzantine)

12 Apr

This is the Second Sunday Of Easter, which is what the Roman Rite Ordinary Form says about today. The Byzantine Rite calls this The Sunday of St. Thomas.
For You see, Thomas, in one of The Gospels, says in relation to Christ “Let US Go With Him so that We may die With Him.” Thomas is also One who asks questions. He established Christianity in India.
In the Tridentine Calendar, This is called The 1st Sunday After Easter. For today, I have decided to head to St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church of The Byzantine Rite, praying an Ancient & Venerable Liturgy, The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom since the 4th Century Anno Domini.
No Musical Instruments are ever used in a Byzantine Rite Church so it is A Capella. The singing of Chants & Prayers is done here. There is no chance of anything by Marty Haugen, David Haas or Dan Schutte being sung here. Forget “Table Of Plenty” or “Gift Of Finest Wheat” being sung at this Liturgy
which would cause a revolt, the likes of which one can only imagine.

On To The East Village I must go.

Deo Gratias!


My Most Dear Friend & My Return To Rosarian Tradition

3 Apr

Last evening I had planned to go to The Mass of The Lord’s Supper at Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs in Forest Hills, Queens, but I had been researching the Eastern Catholic Divine Liturgies in regards to the Ordinary Form of The Mass.
A little bit later, I began researching Archbishop Annibale Bugnini, Architect of the Novus Ordo Mass, currently called The Ordinary Form of Mass. I had read about His planned “Reform” of The Rosary. In the words of Christopher Ferrara, it was a case of “The New Mass meets The New Rosary.”
I prayed Rosary much in Childhood. But from the Time of the Beginnings of The New Mass, not very often. At Times I thought of it as a Woman’s Prayer. Now I know WHY I often felt “Dry” over the Years.
When I 1st went over to the Byzantine Rite, beautiful Prayers for Holy Mary Theotokos, which means Bearer of The Christ, are part of The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.
But, with Archbishop Bugnini’s planned “Rosary Reform”, which would have only included the Line”Hail Full of Grace, The Lord is with Thee, Blessed is The Fruit of Thy Womb”, and one Our Father, I was both incensed and THIS moved me to pray 5 Decades of The Joyful Mysteries Last Night. The Joyful Mysteries are Monday & Thursday, The Sorrowful Mysteries are Tuesdays & Fridays & The Glorious Mysteries on Wednesdays & Both Saturday and Sunday.
Now this morning, I was debating as to whether or not to go to the Annual Good Friday Walk between St. Thomas Apostle in Woodhaven & Holy Child Jesus here in Richmond Hill. The Weather is a bit rainy, the threat of Thunderstorms are upon us & the Walk is a chance that one will hear Folk Style Music all morning does not really appeal to me. Much of The Modern Liturgical Music is Utterly Void of being able to be sung and may sound better as Song Parodies, especially at THIS “Woodstock Style Walk.” The only things missing are The Mosh Areas.
So I prayed the 5 Sorrowful Mysteries, meditating on The Passion of Christ, who bore all of Mankind’s Sins. I had Tears in parts of these Mysteries being prayed.
Praying for Catholic and Orthodox Christians who are being massacred by People who profess a False Religion where Violence is a Known Solution, and where Marriage of Children is a Common Practice, whose founder once married a 9 Year Old Girl, makes me wonder about all the False Ecumenism the Vatican II Leadership in The Church are emphasising. Only When The Heretics & Schismatics come to The One True Church, will there be Unity. Our Catholic Brethren are taking a bad beating in The Middle East. Our Catholic Brethren, both Byzantine and Roman Latin, are under threat in Ukraine from Schismatic, Orthodox Russia.
False Ecumenism doesn’t cut it. And it is Time for The Pope, with all The Catholic Bishops, to Consecrate Russia to The Immaculate Heart of Mary, NOT having Prayer Services and Coffee Klatches with Apostates, Heretics & Schismatics. All these People need The Graces of Mary & The Sacraments of The Bride Of Christ, The One True Church, One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church, for Outside of Her, There is No Salvation.
My Most Dear Friend once came to me in all my Bursitis Pain with the words “Jesus Loves You, Jesus Wants Us To Be Friends.”
She had suffered from Lymphoma and sought Heavenly Help. She tried The Rosary about 8 Years Ago. Prior to her coming into The Church from the Greek Orthodox Church in 2012, she prayed the Rosary. This worked a Cure. She came into The Church. She is maturing in her Catholic Faith.
I am hooked.
Deo Gratias!
Santa Maria, Madre De Dios, Ruega Por Nosotros Peccadores, Ahora Y En La Hora, De Nuestra Muerte, Amen.y



Demonstrators & Plan B Mass Of The Roman Rite

9 Mar

When Life gives you Lemons, if you’re in Manhattan, make Hard Lemonade.
As this was the 1st Day of Daylight Saving Time, which at this time of year is merely a transfer of 1 Hour of Darkness to the morning, I overslept. Also, my building owner decided to dry out my sneakers, I waited. So I made plans for Holy Mass in Manhattan.
The 1st Destination was St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. The E Train at Jamaica Van Wyck was running smoothly and so I hopped on until arriving at E53rd Street Lexington Avenue. Then I walked over to E52nd Street to get on the M103 Bus.
Due to a Demonstration, the M103 Bus was rerouted down 2nd Avenue. I was late for the Byzantine Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, so at East 14th Street, I caught the M 101 Bus uptown.
Plan B was the 5:15PM Mass at St. Agnes on Venerable Archbishop Fulton J Sheen Place in Midtown(E43rd Street) between Lexington & 3rd Avenues.

Entrance Antiphon was sung in Latin. A stately Opening Hymn was sung. The Opening Prayers including the Confiteor were said while the Kyrie was chanted in Greek.
Then it was the Introit and the Readings.
The Nicene Creed was prayed.  The Offertory Chant was sung as the Collections were taken up. The Offertory Chant, in Latin, was sung. The Presentation of Gifts was made.
The Sursum Corda was said followed by the Preface to the Canon. The Sanctus was sung in Latin. The Consecration took place.
The Our Father was said. The Peace Sign returned. The Domine Non Sum Dignus was recited. The Communion Antiphon was sung in Latin. Holy Communion was received.
Post Communion Prayer was offered. Prayer & Dismissal was given with Final Blessing. Final Hymn was “I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say”(Written in 1740).

Homily done well in regards to the 10 Commandments & Idols, St. Paul to The Corinthians was about God’s Wisdom;
The Gospel with Jesus throwing the Moneychangers in The Synagogue, both a Curve & Out of the Place.

One thing about St. Agnes is that there is NO SUCH BIRD AS A “LITURGY COMMITTEE.”
To me, as well meaning as these committees are, these people are less trained than an Organ Grinder With his monkey. I think that few of these People have any idea about both Scripture and Music.

I prefer the Tridentine Latin Mass or the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. I am not one who likes the Novus Ordo Mass, except for the Vigil Mass & any Mass at St. Agnes E43 Street, where Gregorian Chant is King, which pleases Christ The King.
I can handle Daily Mass. It is Sunday which drives me crazy.

It is time to revert to the Traditional Mass on Sunday, with the Novus Ordo on the Weekday.

But the Novus Ordo Mass works nicely with Gregorian Chant. Otherwise it is silly or too dry.

And at St. Agnes in Midtown Manhattan, it is done the Right Way. If only other Parishes made the Effort instead of adding Entertainment, which is Distraction on a massive scale.

Gregorian Chant Preserves The Roman Rite.

Donine Non Sum Dignus!

M, Eh!