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Sunday Of St. Thomas The Apostle(Byzantine)

12 Apr

This is the Second Sunday Of Easter, which is what the Roman Rite Ordinary Form says about today. The Byzantine Rite calls this The Sunday of St. Thomas.
For You see, Thomas, in one of The Gospels, says in relation to Christ “Let US Go With Him so that We may die With Him.” Thomas is also One who asks questions. He established Christianity in India.
In the Tridentine Calendar, This is called The 1st Sunday After Easter. For today, I have decided to head to St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church of The Byzantine Rite, praying an Ancient & Venerable Liturgy, The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom since the 4th Century Anno Domini.
No Musical Instruments are ever used in a Byzantine Rite Church so it is A Capella. The singing of Chants & Prayers is done here. There is no chance of anything by Marty Haugen, David Haas or Dan Schutte being sung here. Forget “Table Of Plenty” or “Gift Of Finest Wheat” being sung at this Liturgy
which would cause a revolt, the likes of which one can only imagine.

On To The East Village I must go.

Deo Gratias!


My Most Dear Friend & My Return To Rosarian Tradition

3 Apr

Last evening I had planned to go to The Mass of The Lord’s Supper at Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs in Forest Hills, Queens, but I had been researching the Eastern Catholic Divine Liturgies in regards to the Ordinary Form of The Mass.
A little bit later, I began researching Archbishop Annibale Bugnini, Architect of the Novus Ordo Mass, currently called The Ordinary Form of Mass. I had read about His planned “Reform” of The Rosary. In the words of Christopher Ferrara, it was a case of “The New Mass meets The New Rosary.”
I prayed Rosary much in Childhood. But from the Time of the Beginnings of The New Mass, not very often. At Times I thought of it as a Woman’s Prayer. Now I know WHY I often felt “Dry” over the Years.
When I 1st went over to the Byzantine Rite, beautiful Prayers for Holy Mary Theotokos, which means Bearer of The Christ, are part of The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.
But, with Archbishop Bugnini’s planned “Rosary Reform”, which would have only included the Line”Hail Full of Grace, The Lord is with Thee, Blessed is The Fruit of Thy Womb”, and one Our Father, I was both incensed and THIS moved me to pray 5 Decades of The Joyful Mysteries Last Night. The Joyful Mysteries are Monday & Thursday, The Sorrowful Mysteries are Tuesdays & Fridays & The Glorious Mysteries on Wednesdays & Both Saturday and Sunday.
Now this morning, I was debating as to whether or not to go to the Annual Good Friday Walk between St. Thomas Apostle in Woodhaven & Holy Child Jesus here in Richmond Hill. The Weather is a bit rainy, the threat of Thunderstorms are upon us & the Walk is a chance that one will hear Folk Style Music all morning does not really appeal to me. Much of The Modern Liturgical Music is Utterly Void of being able to be sung and may sound better as Song Parodies, especially at THIS “Woodstock Style Walk.” The only things missing are The Mosh Areas.
So I prayed the 5 Sorrowful Mysteries, meditating on The Passion of Christ, who bore all of Mankind’s Sins. I had Tears in parts of these Mysteries being prayed.
Praying for Catholic and Orthodox Christians who are being massacred by People who profess a False Religion where Violence is a Known Solution, and where Marriage of Children is a Common Practice, whose founder once married a 9 Year Old Girl, makes me wonder about all the False Ecumenism the Vatican II Leadership in The Church are emphasising. Only When The Heretics & Schismatics come to The One True Church, will there be Unity. Our Catholic Brethren are taking a bad beating in The Middle East. Our Catholic Brethren, both Byzantine and Roman Latin, are under threat in Ukraine from Schismatic, Orthodox Russia.
False Ecumenism doesn’t cut it. And it is Time for The Pope, with all The Catholic Bishops, to Consecrate Russia to The Immaculate Heart of Mary, NOT having Prayer Services and Coffee Klatches with Apostates, Heretics & Schismatics. All these People need The Graces of Mary & The Sacraments of The Bride Of Christ, The One True Church, One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church, for Outside of Her, There is No Salvation.
My Most Dear Friend once came to me in all my Bursitis Pain with the words “Jesus Loves You, Jesus Wants Us To Be Friends.”
She had suffered from Lymphoma and sought Heavenly Help. She tried The Rosary about 8 Years Ago. Prior to her coming into The Church from the Greek Orthodox Church in 2012, she prayed the Rosary. This worked a Cure. She came into The Church. She is maturing in her Catholic Faith.
I am hooked.
Deo Gratias!
Santa Maria, Madre De Dios, Ruega Por Nosotros Peccadores, Ahora Y En La Hora, De Nuestra Muerte, Amen.y



Demonstrators & Plan B Mass Of The Roman Rite

9 Mar

When Life gives you Lemons, if you’re in Manhattan, make Hard Lemonade.
As this was the 1st Day of Daylight Saving Time, which at this time of year is merely a transfer of 1 Hour of Darkness to the morning, I overslept. Also, my building owner decided to dry out my sneakers, I waited. So I made plans for Holy Mass in Manhattan.
The 1st Destination was St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. The E Train at Jamaica Van Wyck was running smoothly and so I hopped on until arriving at E53rd Street Lexington Avenue. Then I walked over to E52nd Street to get on the M103 Bus.
Due to a Demonstration, the M103 Bus was rerouted down 2nd Avenue. I was late for the Byzantine Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, so at East 14th Street, I caught the M 101 Bus uptown.
Plan B was the 5:15PM Mass at St. Agnes on Venerable Archbishop Fulton J Sheen Place in Midtown(E43rd Street) between Lexington & 3rd Avenues.

Entrance Antiphon was sung in Latin. A stately Opening Hymn was sung. The Opening Prayers including the Confiteor were said while the Kyrie was chanted in Greek.
Then it was the Introit and the Readings.
The Nicene Creed was prayed.  The Offertory Chant was sung as the Collections were taken up. The Offertory Chant, in Latin, was sung. The Presentation of Gifts was made.
The Sursum Corda was said followed by the Preface to the Canon. The Sanctus was sung in Latin. The Consecration took place.
The Our Father was said. The Peace Sign returned. The Domine Non Sum Dignus was recited. The Communion Antiphon was sung in Latin. Holy Communion was received.
Post Communion Prayer was offered. Prayer & Dismissal was given with Final Blessing. Final Hymn was “I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say”(Written in 1740).

Homily done well in regards to the 10 Commandments & Idols, St. Paul to The Corinthians was about God’s Wisdom;
The Gospel with Jesus throwing the Moneychangers in The Synagogue, both a Curve & Out of the Place.

One thing about St. Agnes is that there is NO SUCH BIRD AS A “LITURGY COMMITTEE.”
To me, as well meaning as these committees are, these people are less trained than an Organ Grinder With his monkey. I think that few of these People have any idea about both Scripture and Music.

I prefer the Tridentine Latin Mass or the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. I am not one who likes the Novus Ordo Mass, except for the Vigil Mass & any Mass at St. Agnes E43 Street, where Gregorian Chant is King, which pleases Christ The King.
I can handle Daily Mass. It is Sunday which drives me crazy.

It is time to revert to the Traditional Mass on Sunday, with the Novus Ordo on the Weekday.

But the Novus Ordo Mass works nicely with Gregorian Chant. Otherwise it is silly or too dry.

And at St. Agnes in Midtown Manhattan, it is done the Right Way. If only other Parishes made the Effort instead of adding Entertainment, which is Distraction on a massive scale.

Gregorian Chant Preserves The Roman Rite.

Donine Non Sum Dignus!

M, Eh!

Crossing That Strait To Go “East”

22 Feb

I will be headed across a Strait via the “Iron Horse”, by traveling Westward to head to the East.
In short, the 4:00PM 1st Sunday Of Lent Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom is where I am headed, and that is In the East Village of Manhattan, to St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. The Divine Liturgy is the same thing as the Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass.
I am Roman Rite Catholic, but I often seek within One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, a Glorious Liturgy not filled with such distraction as Manufactured Modern Liturgical “Muzak”, nor Novelties such as who gets to present the Bread and Wine to the Priest at the Offertory, nor the Reception of Holy Communion A Mano. To me, singing most of that Muzak doesn’t constitute an Actual Participation in the Mass.
So here where Heaven and Earth are joined in the Divine Liturgy, I shall go. It is here where The Instruction Of Christ to St. Peter to “Feed My Sheep” is done in both Word & Sacrament, where one is Fed the Precious Body & Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, via Holy Communion Spoon.
One cries out to God for the Remission and Expiation of Sins at the Divine Liturgy, with “Lord Have Mercy” chanted multiple Times.

Ora Pro Nobis!


It May Be Byzantine On E.15th Street

25 Jan

At 10AM, I may be “Going East”, this time through The Ruthenians. The Ruthenians are a Slavic People, thoight to be the Original Russians, by way of Trans Carpathia.
Their Parish is St. Mary’s Byzantine Catholic Church, on the Grammercy Park-East Village Border. There is only One Mass or Divine Liturgy Of St John Chrysostom, there tomorrow at 10:00AM. The Liturgy is in English.

The Parish belongs to the Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Paterson, NJ. His Excellency, the Most Reverend Kurt Burnette, is Eparch(Diocesan Bishop). The Metropolitan See is the Byzantine Metropolia Of Pittsburgh, PA. His Grace, The Most Reverend William Skurla, is Metropolitan Archbishop of the Ruthenian Catholic Church in The USA.

The Ruthenians have worshipped as a Particular Church Of The Byzantine Rite of One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, in America since the Late 1880s. This Particular Church once suffered Persection in the USA at the hands of, not so much Protestants but at the hands of Roman Catholic Bishops of Irish Descent, who Pope Leo XIII called on the Proverbial Carpet for their Practice of Americanism, a variant of Modernism.
But, they are Catholic. In The Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy Of St John Chrysostom(Bishop, Confessor, Doctor Of The Church, Feast Day this Tuesday on the 27th of January on the Tridentine Calendar, which means a trip to Holy Innocents on West 37th Street in Midtown Manhattan between Broadway and 7th Avenue for the 6:00PM for the Tridentine Latin Mass), Catholics pray for His Holiness, Pope Francis I, Four Times.
If one looks at the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgies, all are derived from The Divine Liturgy Of St James The Apostle. In the Ordinary Form Mass of Blessed Paul VI, elements of the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgies may be witnessed at Holy Communion, in the Opening of The Ordinary Form of Mass, as that prayer opens the Eucharistic Prayer in the Byzamtine Rite(Just Before the Sursum Corda) & @ other points.

No “Haugen, Haas, Schutte, Et Al”  Muzak is ever played. The Liturgy is chanted.


If You Fasted & Saw The Star

7 Jan

A Blessed Christmas to those of You, both Byzantine Catholic & Byzantine Orthodox.
For on December 24th(Julian Calendar), which is January 6th(Gregorian Calendar), which was yesterday, there was a day of Total Abstention from Food. Then the Divine Liturgy of St Basil The Great was offered.
At Home, the 1st Star Of The Night is seen. Then the Family may partake of Food.

For those of you of The Roman Rite, this is Byzantine Christmas. If you think that Midnight Mass is Long, wait until you head to either the Divine Liturgy of St Basil The Great or Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom. Both are amazing and Deep Liturgies. And for Roman Rite Catholics, there are 4 Prayers for The Pope, not One.

Happy Christmas!


Friday, December 26th, 2014 St. Stephen’s Day

26 Dec

The 1st Martyr Of The Church is a Deacon.
Hence, we venerate him.
On the scene of this Martyrdom is Saul Of Tarsus, who persecuted the New Sect.
Yet, God saw something good in Saul.
Next Time you read or listen to an Epistle at Mass or Divine Liturgy, Saul Of Tarsus wrote so many of these Epistles.
For you see, Saul Of Tarsus is The Apostle St. Paul, who like St. Peter, was martyred in Rome.
This day commemorates The Blood of Martyrs of One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Agnus Dei, Qui Tollis Peccata Mundi, Dona Eis Requiem Aeternam.