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At 12:05 PM THIS Will Be An Unusual Sight For Me

26 May

As To those of us who usually assist at the Tridentine Latin Mass and the Byzantine Catholic Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, This Liturgy will look a bit strange as will the Calendar Orientation. For what is called “Ordinary Form Liturgy”, practicing “Versus Populum” will seem strange after one’s “Holiday Time Of Ad Orientem.”

Yes, I am going to a “Missa Novus”, where the Priest faces ” Liturgical West”(Towards Portofino Ristaurante in Forest Hills, Queens) instead of “Liturgical East”(Jerusalem).

This I do realize that most Roman/Latin Rite Catholics either only know this form of Mass by years of conditioning, not realizing that there are other forms of Catholic Church Liturgy, whether in the Roman/Latin Rite(Tridentine Latin Mass), or The Eastern Catholic Churches, particularly in the Byzantine
I am heading to Mass the way people have worshipped for the past 45 Years. It is still The Mass. The Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ is made manifest to us, whether on a High Altar or a Freestanding Table Altar. The Priest is validly ordained.
It is, sadly the ” Music”, which is capable of causing “Intestinal Distress”, Nausea or other maladies such as headaches. Heading to the 12:05 PM Mass on a Weekday will spare my ears of ” Musically Inclined Flatulence.”

Nevertheless, Christ comes to us in The Eucharist with His Grace poured out at Holy Communion.
And if you have the Sacrament of Penance before Mass, please utilize it for the Forgiveness of Sin, especially if one is not sure one is in.

I never made it to the 12:05PM Mass, rather I went to the Tridentine Latin Mass at 6:00PM at Holy Innocents in Midtown Manhattan.

Pax Vobiscum


Catholic Calendars Of Eastertide

26 May

Roman Rite Ordinary Form
Easter ends on Pentecost Sunday, as there is No Octave of Pentecost.
Roman Rite Extraordinary Form, also called The Tridentine Calendar, Pentecost begins with The Vigil Of Pentecost. This Ecchlesiastical Calendar is still Valid. Easter Ends on The Octave or 8th Day, so Eastertide ends this Saturday. There are Three Ember Days in Pentecost, namely Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Roman Rite Catholics are encouraged to fast from Meat on Wednesday and Friday, commemorating both Spy Wednesday and Good Friday, so that the Growth Of The Holy Spirit in one’s life can be experienced. Self Control is a Gift Of The Holy Spirit.

Byzantine Rite Julian Calendar is called The AfterFeast of Pentecost. It occurs from Monday to Wednesday. Pentecost on this Calendar is 3 Days.In The Byzantine Rite, Pentecost is also called Trinity Sunday.
Byzantine Rite Gregorian Calendar means Pentecost Sunday is the same as Roman Rite Catholics plus the Two Day AfterFeast.
For Roman Rite Traditional Catholics, they can also add the Extra Celebration to Trinity Sunday. Eastertide Celebrations would end on Wednesday, June 2nd, 2015. One Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church on E7th Street in the East Village in Manhattan, St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, has an English Language Divine Liturgy at 4:00PM. Like the Tridentine Latin Mass, the Byzantine Catholic Divine Liturgy Of St. John Chrysostom(Bishop, Confessor, Doctor Of The Church), you will be Awed.

Deo Gratias!


The “Latin” Memorial Day Weekend

23 May

Today on Saturday at 1PM is the Beginning of The Pentecost Octave, which ends Next Saturday, ending Eastertide on the Tridentine Mass Calendar. Mass in Latin is at Holy Innocents in Midtown Manhattan.

Next Saturday, is The Octave Day of Pentecost. It is also a Saturday of A Pentecost Sunday Vigil at Holy Cross Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Astoria, Queens.

I believe that I will be basically attending Novus Ordo Masses on Weekday Mornings Only.


aroamingcatholicny – Live Video Stream on Veetle

23 May
Seen live earlier from Midtown Manhattan’s Herald Square, a Rosary Rally for Peace in the Middle East & The World, began after Tridentine Latin Mass at Holy Innocents R C Church on West 37th Street.


Pentecost Is Actually 8 Days

20 May

When the Ecclesiastical Calendar went from the Tridentine to Novus Ordo, the Time of Pentecost went from 8 Days to just the Saturday Vigil and Sunday Mass Schedule. The PROTESTANTIZATION of The Roman|Latin Rite of The Catholic Church, would basically be complete. The Day after Pentecost would be the continuation of what began after Baptism of The Lord, namely Ordinary Time, instead of what used to be called Time After Pentecost.

Pentecost, which is Ten Days after Ascension Thursday, used to begin on Saturday with Vigil of Pentecost, followed by Pentecost Sunday and go through into the Saturday before Trinity Sunday. Easter Season ends on That Saturday before Trinity Sunday. Four Days After Trinity Sunday, came The Feast of Corpus Christi. The Sunday after Corpus Christi began the Cycle called Time After Pentecost. It is in October that The Feast Of Christ The King came to be celebrated in All The Churches In Union With The Holy See.

For those who practice by The Tridentine Calendar, Pentecost Is An Octave, like Easter and Christmas.
When the Calendar Change to Novus Ordo occurred, Blessed Paul VI went to celebrate The Mass Of The Octave of Pentecost. What surprised him unto the point of Crying, was that in addition to the New Mass, Bugnini & Company came up with a Totally New Liturgical Calendar.
The Gutting of The Calendar of The Roman|Latin Rite was Complete. Thus, the Era of The Novus Ordo was in full swing.

The Church has not been the Same, but is going through Her Passion. These past 45 Years have caused many Parishes and Schools to fold up.

It’s Sad.

But with the Resumption of the Tridentine Latin Mass, albeit on a Limited Basis, some sense of Solemnity and Sanity will keep One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, continues. The Eastern Catholic Churches are holding The Fort. They, along with The Tridentine Latin Mass, represent Tradition.

Kyrie Elaison


Finally Made It To Archbp Fulton J Sheen Place

18 May

On The Sunday After Ascension Thursday(Novus Ordo 7th Sunday of Easter), I barely made it to St. Agnes East 43rd Street for the Tridentine Latin Mass, no thanks to MTA NYC Transit. Just how long and weekends can the Boondoggle Bondholder Benefit Corporation keep grinding rails on the IND Queens Blvd Line?
Actually I did make it into Dominus Vobiscum just before the Kyrie Elaison.

The Kyrie and Gloria were sung in luxiourious tones by the Schola. The Priest sang the Introit. Epistle, Graduale, Alleluia and Gospel were heard in Latin. The Tridentine Latin Mass Readings are the same all year round. There is none of what My Most Dear Friend would call “This ABC Crap”, as it is in the Novus Ordo.
St. Peter’s Message in the Epistle is about Charity to one another as Charity does away with a Multitude of Sins.

In the Holy Gospel According To St. John, Jesus prepares His Apostles to receive and accept The Holy Spirit, Proceeding from The Father & The Son, so that The Apostles would continue Christ’s Earthly Work despite Persecution. Christ also warns that The Apostles would be put out of the Synagogue. That when anyone puts The Apostles to Death, this Anyone will think  he is paying Homage to God, but never knew The Father nor The Son.

Holy Communion(Body of Christ Only) is on the Tongue & Kneeling Only.

BTW after the Homily, the Prayer to St. Michael was recited.

And it was good to ” Take The Knee” both during the Nicene Creed and during the Last Gospel(In Latin) at “The Word Was Made Flesh.”

Afterwards the conversations on the Sidewalk were typically intelligent.

Deo Gratias!


M X W57 For This & Next Weekend – I Confess

9 May

I like riding above ground on an Elevated Line in Brooklyn on Broadway. The M Train, whose Trunk Line is the IND 6th Avenue Subway Line is operating into Midtown Manhattan. I get to see assorted “Hipsters” in both Bushwick and Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Middle Class Soccer Children, coming from Metropolitan Oval in Maspeth, rode back to Manhattan on the M 6th Avenue Weekend Train, with their Fathers. Hipsters got on at Myrtle Wyckoff, Knickerbocker & Central Avenues and all along Broadway in Brooklyn.
Headed over the Williamsburg Bridge(The Hipster Highway), with the M heading underground at Essex Delancey Street Station. Noticed all the people playing with their Smart phones, even underground. I went as far as W34th Street. I had to attend to private business in a Transcendent Atmosphere.
So on W32nd Street between 6th & 7th Avenues. I went down the steps of the Place of Transcendence. The Lower Level was quiet. I then went into a small room & locked the door.

I went to the Sacrament of Penance for this location was St. Francis of Assisi R C Church in Midtown Manhattan. This was the place of Transcendent Quality which was implied above. I confessed my sins & prayed for several people, living & dead.
It was my parents (Ma, D.1994, Dad, D. 2000), who liked going to the Franciscans for the Sacrament of Penance. I drove them there even though I utterly despised driving in Midtown, a place which can unnerve people over several years. They Also introduced me to Our Lady Queen of Martyrs in Forest Hills, several years ago.

I decided to head home via Q32, Q53, Q60, Q23 & Q54 Buses. I didn’t want to stay underground. In fact I used the Q54 Bus to Metropolitan Avenue M Terminal to catch the M Train to Manhattan.

And to The Lord God In The Trinity, for all those people mentioned and unmentioned:

Deo Gratias!


The Sunday of The Paralytic In Manhattan’s East Village

4 May

In the Byzantine Rite Catholic Churches of The Old Julian Calendar, today is 3rd Sunday after Easter. The Epistle of St. Paul was read in regards to one of the 72 Disciples who was gravely ill, where St. Peter came to the House, & in Christ’s Name, brought the Woman back to life From Death.
In the Gospel According to St. John, There was this Paralytic who had his mat with him, being a Paralytic for 38 Years. The Paralytic asked Jesus to lower him into the water so he could be cured. Jesus simply ordered him to stand up and walk and to take his mat with him. Then Christ asked the man if he wanted to be free of his sins. The man replied that he wanted to be free of his sins.
The Former Paralytic was seen carrying his mat. He was told by One of the Religious Men that he was cured by Jesus. He told it to the Pharisees who whined that Jesus violated The Sabbath by doing work.

Water is a precious resource. In that place in Palestine, as it is Desert, it is scarce.
But Jesus is “The Living Water” and He cured and forgave the Sins of The Paralytic Man, who initially looked at a Natural Resource as his cure. Instead, “The Living Water of Christ” was the cure.

It was a Great Lesson.

Deo Gratias!


No Thank You MTLOA(Sed Deo Gratias) With Humor

3 May

The Ever Contemptible Metropolitan Transportation Lack of Authority, a Bondholder Benefit Boondoggle Corporation for The Southeastern Part of The State of New York, governed by The Apostate Catholic, Andrew Cuomo, whose Lifetime Membership in The Archbishop Molloy High School Hall of Fame should be revoked forthwith, has found ways to prevent Practicing Traditionalist Roman/Latin Catholics and NY Mets Fans(A Good Number of Whom are Both), from arriving at their planned destinations.
I was unable to arrive at St. Agnes East 43rd Street on time, due to The IRT Lexington Avenue Local being diverted downtown on The Express Track. The 7 Train was also rerouted through a Bottleneck at Vernon Boulevard & Jackson Avenue Station in Long Island City In Queens. NY Mets Fans are in for a rough ride to Citi Field as I speak.

“Sed Libera Nos A Missa Nova”(But Deliver Us From The New Mass):
Since I am in no mood to sing “Gloria In Excelsis Deo” in English, to the Opening Theme Song of the Cartoon, “My Little Pony” & since having gone to Tridentine Latin Mass of The Roman Missal of 1962, by returning to the venerable form In 2007, I have met people who recommended The Byzantine Rite and the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom(Bishop, Confessor, and Doctor of The Church, With Feasts on both the Novus Ordo & Tridentine Calendars in the Roman/Latin Rite).

Only on weekends is this charming little cafe’ open. For US$5, I was fed reasonably well. St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church owns & operates this cafe’.

I AM diagonally across East 7th Street in Manhattan’s East Village from Mc Soreley’s Ale House. At 4PM, in English, the Divine Liturgy will commence as 3rd Sunday After Easter in the Julian Calendar.
There are no organs played here. In fact as is Byzantine Practice, The Human Voice is the only musical instrument allowed. There is often a choir. Monophonic Chant is sung here. And there are no Parish Liturgy Committees here. You know the definition of Parish Liturgy Committee is a group of People, involved in the Novus Ordo Parish, who think in terms of “Enhancing” the Mass with “Music”(Songs of Self, of the Treacly Variety, which are sometimes known to induce Vomiting, with long lines at what My Most Dear Friend calls the Vomitarium, usually in the Mens’ & Ladies’ Toilets). Another thing in this world of “Inculturation” is that most of these people have far less training in Music than an Organ Grinder With His/Her Monkey. Traditionalists do not travel long distances to hear The “Gregorian Chant Version” of “The Anthem” by Tom Conry which could be used instead of Waterboarding to get information out of War Prisoners at Gitmo(Ditto, Any Gregorian Chant Version of Any Song by Dan Schutte or Marty Haugen). The Geneva Convention May permit it for sheer laughter. In reality, it would be called “Gagorian¬† Chant.” The Titular Archbishop of The See of Bababuis, Howard “Cardinal” Stern, would issue an Anathema For This.

For I Thank The Lord for leading me to this Eastern Catholic Oasis in Manhattan’s East Village, to pray The Litanies. It is a deep form of Prayer, This Divine Liturgy.

Deo Gratias


11AM Today

3 May

Tridentine Latin Mass of The Roman Missal of 1962 at St. Agnes East 43 Street in Midtown Manhattan is where I will be, ensconced in The Basement.

It will be followed by assorted Conversations of The Faithful on The Sidewalk on Venerable Archbishop Fulton J Sheen Place.