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The “Eagles Of Death Metal” Had Their “Supplication” Answered At The Bataclan In Paris

16 Nov

It was a Song, sung at The Bataclan Club in The 11ieme Arrondissement in Paris, called “Kiss The Devil” by “The Eagles Of Death Metal”, an American Heavy Metal Rock Music Band.
Being that Satan is In This World, singing a Song which is a Veritable Hymn of Supplication to Satan, well he answered that “Hymn”, by a Night of Murder in Paris by sending his ISIS Minions around Paris.


Dear Faithful, beware of Rock Music, as it is Satanically Inclined.


Kyrie Elaison

NYC Parade Chairman and Critic of St. Patrick Harvests Fetal Tissue – Crisis Magazine

12 Nov

My Personal Thanks To My Most Dear Friend for Finding this Article & mailing me the link to it from Crisis Magazine.

The Counter Revolt Has Begun.


Kyrie Elaison

WHY IS The Vatican Acting Like The “Human Rights Campaign” ?

23 Oct

Be informed & FOREWARNED. Whenever these people, usually Young, utilize “Moderate Sounding Language”, so as not to alarm you as to their True Intentions.
They did this with Same Sex “Marriage”, under the guise of “Marriage Equality.”
What will George Soros think of next in his conquest to own the World?
This is the Tactic of The Current Pope, Francis I, Papa Bergoglio, in talking up “A Healthy Decentralisation”, code for The One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church becoming like The Eastern Orthodox Churches & Anglican Ecclesiastical Communities, with Papa Bergoglio being 1st Among Equals & No Real Authority as The Vicar Of Christ.

This Pope knows The Catholic Faith. The Trouble is that He Despises It.
And He May NOT even Believe In It.



Kyrie Elaison

The seductive words of Satan | Harvesting the Fruit of the Vatican II

15 Aug

Louie Verrecchio calls this one right.

One wonders if THIS POPE is even CATHOLIC.

Kyrie Elaison!


Watch “Chapter 2 – The War of Antichrist with the Church – The Rise of Atheism in Europe” on YouTube

8 Aug

“Pagan Gaia Goes to Mass (Vatican II & the New World Order)” on YouTube

6 Aug

Post Vatican II shows The Fruits of Vatican Council II and The Fruits are BAD Fruits.

Michael Matt shows this so eloquently.

WHY should the SSPX sign to agree with Vatican Council II? I say “No Way.”

And for that “Justin Bieber At Middle Age Who Works In That Warehouse Of Toys and Gadgets In Detroit”, You have such UNMITIGATED CHUTZPAH, to declare the SSPX IN SCHISM? WHY? Because they won’t go along with the Novelties of Vatican Council II?

AND WHO ARE THOSE 5 Cardinals who told you that the SSPX are in Schism?

A “Hymn To Gaia”, a Pagan Demon? Who was “Spiking The Molson’s Beer in Toronto, Eh?” I would doubt it was Rex Murphy.

Do Watch this. It is a well made Video.

Kyrie Elaison


“Emmy” Neither Knows Gary Nor Michael

25 Jul

The NEXT Time the “Justin Bieber In Middle Age” signs on to “Mic’d Up”, from the “Studio Warehouse in Metro Detroit”, in Beautiful Downtown Gay Friendly Ferndale, MI, ask the Man with The Moe Howard Haircut about a certain Statuette named “Emmy”. And ask him if his name is Cyrus, before he begins “Ripping Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan A New One.”
A correspondent of mine has revealed that the “Emmy Award Winning Journalist” from the “Warehouse In Detroit”, isn’t the Emmy Award Winning Journalist which he says he is. So before the “Justin Bieber In Middle Age” goes into some obscene rant about “The Society of St Pius X” and won’t tell you WHO the Names of The Five Princes of The Church Are, who say the SSPX are in Schism, ask him about “Emmy”, and WHY She doesn’t Know him from a Hole In The Wall.

It should Promise To Be Very, Very Interesting.

Kyrie Elaison!