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A Break Is Needed & Good Homily Today

8 Jun

Running to Midtown Manhattan in the Evenings and Weekends can be rather tiring.
So I will be attending Mass, Tridentine or New Mass for a Week here in Queens, and that goes as well for the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy. I can head to Astoria for a Saturday Vigil Divine Liturgy.
After a Virus where Montezuma is getting his revenge with me, it is time to not run around like a maniac.
It was great to attend the 1PM High Mass at Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs on Ascan Avenue and Queens Blvd, as it was the Feast Of Corpus Christi, with a Procession to follow.
The Redoubtable Fr Frank Passenant, Administrator of the Parish, is the Master Of Sacred Ceremonies. The Gospel was read by the Nationally Syndicated Deacon Greg Kandra but Fr Passenant preached the Homily on The Eucharist, which satisfies more than temporal things. While the iPhone and Mac Computer may satisfy for only a while, the Most Holy Sacrament of The Altar Satisfies Always.
It is Possible for a Traditional Mass Goer like me, to find a well preached Ordinary Form Mass and this was a Gem.
Gregorian Chant was sung under the Supervision of Maestro David Close.
Bravo(No, not the TV Network By The Same Name)!

Deo Gratias!


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It Was Web Radio Only But It Was A Nice Corpus Christi Procession

7 Jun

The Media Era has changed a few ways in a few years. It used to be that unless your community had a low powered FM Radio Station, or Public Access Channels on a Cable TV System, you were out of luck. Lugging 25 Pound PortaPacks along with the Video Camera, could cause pain in one’s shoulders.
But within the last few years, the ability to bring live Internet Television to your Mac, PC or Chromebook plus Smartphone, is underway and ongoing. Even Internet Radio is portable. With devices such as iDevice, Android and Windows Phone, the days of renting a Studio seems far away.
Your Studio with the right apps, is your Smartphone or Tablet. A Great Wireless Fidelity Signal or a Great High Speed Data Plan, sends your video and audio or live feed to the world.
Such was the case at Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs RC Church in Forest Hills, Queens today on The Feast Of Corpus Christi. Audio over Spreacher Web Radio is being fed to Social Media. The Attempt to Simulcast this event over Veetle, a Live Internet Video Company, didn’t work, but there was Internet Radio. This is my 1st Foray on Internet Radio. At least the Broadcast is out there on the web.
And this type of experimentation will continue. And we will be Local and Original in our approach to programming.
Just Like it was, today in Forest Hills, NY!

Deo Gratias


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