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“SCOTUS”, The USA & Denial Of The Social Kingship Of Christ The King

28 Jun

When America was founded, it was Catholic. It is The United States of America, which was founded with Man as The Nation’s Centre & Crown.
The USA is, in short, Masonic. Christ The King was never recognized.

And now, with an oversized nation & Government, with a President who thinks like a Dictator & with a Supreme Court, more into a Living Constitution(Liberaltastic Ideology, which recognizes Creative Lawgiving, forgetting about The States of The United States & the Rights of The States to enact laws to protect the Citizenry), I would say that like any place in The World, Empires which forget about the Blessed Trinity, are doomed by a Dictatorship of Relevatism, where no objective truth exists. It is the case of The European Union & the Case of The United States of America.
The Soviet Union lasted less than 75 Years. Russia believes in God. They despise the New World Order.

All Empires, both Good & Bad, come to an End, especially Empires where Man is exaulted as God.

Kyrie Elaison!


Beware of These “False Counsellors”

23 Jun


For they are Pagans. It was Saint Paul The Apostle, who called The False gods, Demons.
If these people offer prayers, they bring your soul & body in contact with Evil, despite their “Outward Piety.”

Kyrie Elaison!


“One Nation Under God” And The Knights Of Columbus

2 Nov

For the longest of time, The Words “One Nation Under God”, did NOT exist in “The Pledge of Allegiance”, for the Reason that The United States Of America, in her Constitution, a Work of Pantheistic Deists & Libertines, held that “The People” are the Ones with The Power, at least in Theory, though it is Pantheistic Deists(Also known as Freemasons of Considerable Wealth), who are The Oligarchs, who meet in secret. But, God is the Ultimate Authority, Author of Life & True Freedom, Who was Made Manifest through His Son, Jesus Christ(Et Verbum Caro Factum Est).
In a Period from 1951 into 1954, The Knights Of Columbus Supreme Board of Directors & The Meetings of The Knights Of Columbus Supreme Council at The Supreme Council Convention, moved resolutions to have “Under God” added to The Pledge Of Allegiance. The Knights Of Columbus Supreme Board of Directors moved a Mail Campaign to The House & Senate to have Resolutions sponsored to have “One Nation Under God” added to The Pledge Of Allegiance.

The Supreme Knight in This Time was Luke Hart.

In August of 1954, President Dwight David Eisenhower, thanked the Knights Of Columbus for Their Efforts to have “One Nation Under God” included in The Pledge Of Allegiance. Eisenhower knew quite a bit about War, as The Supreme Allied Commander In Europe in World War II. He was a “Five Star General Of The Army.”

So, when you see that Member of The Knights Of Columbus in his Council or 4th Degree Assembly Jacket, remember that through this Great Catholic Fraternal Order, that we Americans in The USA have the Priviledge of reciting “Under God” in The Pledge Of Allegiance.

Vivat Christus Rex!
Vivat Jesus!

In Fraternam,

M-Past Grand Knight-5103(1996-1998)

Kyrie Elaison

The seductive words of Satan | Harvesting the Fruit of the Vatican II

15 Aug

Louie Verrecchio calls this one right.

One wonders if THIS POPE is even CATHOLIC.

Kyrie Elaison!


Watch “Chapter 2 – The War of Antichrist with the Church – The Rise of Atheism in Europe” on YouTube

8 Aug

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8 Aug

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8 Aug

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