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For 1st Friday & 1st Saturday, I Will Stay Local

4 Mar

In short, I am staying here in Queens, in Forest Hills instead of running by Subway to Manhattan.
The Weather plays a part in it as it is snowing. So, a Doubleheader of Masses at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs in Forest Hills, Queens, instead of running to Midtown Manhattan, will be what I do, today.
I have to head to Stations Of The Cross at 7:30PM at OLQM. It’ll be a Faith Based Day here.
I will record the Stations Of The Cross On You Tube Live Streaming. It should work better than the Queens County Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship Round III. OLQM Parishioners tend to watch You Tube.

Deo Gratias!


The Church Militant In The Byzantine Rite

22 Jan

Michael Voris is NO MATCH for the Ukrainian Greek Catholics in Manhattan’s East Village. If Voris ever got out of line with these Catholics, they would march on “The Warehouse In Detroit”, with lit torches. They would even be joined by Tridentine Latin Mass Communities, one on the East Side of Manhattan on East 43rd Street between Lexington Avenue and 3rd Avenue and the one on West 37th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. This Sight wouldn’t be pretty, especially the Chant of “S, S, P, X”.
Thanks to the Discombobuluted, Ever Loving MTA, with E Trains running Local over the F Line & A Trains running over the F Line, I eventually decided against the NO Mass & went to St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in the East Village on E 7th Street between 2nd Avenue and 3rd Avenue for the Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy Of St John Chrysostom. It was at 4:00PM in English. It was a Low Mass as there was no Cantor Available.

It was Sunday Before Theophany(Epiphany), as this Parish operates on the Julian Calendar(Yesterday was January 4th on the Julian Calendar). I did see some amici from Holy Innocents RC Church in Midtown Manhattan at this Divine Liturgy. Nouveau Tridentine Latin Mass Catholics, particularly the younger ones, will not hesitate to head to the Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgies. They do hesitate to head to the Novus Ordo Mass though.
The Divine Liturgy Of St John Chrysostom was offered by The Economos(Pastor) of St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, the Very Reverend Fr Bernard Panzcuk, OSBM(Ordo Sancti Basilli Magni, or Order of St. Basil The Great), Fr Superior of The Order.
The Baptism Of The Lord was The Theme & so was the Descent Of The Holy Ghost in the form of A Dove. The Holy Ghost makes us Holy, as Does Christ having instituted The Eucharist just before He died on The Cross.But, thtough Baptism, we enter into Christ’s Life through Grace.

In Nomini Patris, Et Filli, Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen.



Kyrie Elaison

Wonder & Awe, Byzantine Russian Catholic Style

30 Dec

My Normal Sunday Mass is the Tridentine Latin Mass. But, I was in a Byzantine Mood. After all, Catholic is Catholic and I sought The Byzantine Rite on The Gregorian Calendar & Not the Julian Calendar. Put in Byzantine Rite Catholic Terms, my Primary Sunday Mass is The Tridentine Divine Liturgy Of St Pius V.
It was November of 2013, when, after listening to my Nuns in Catholic Elementary School, waiting over 40 Years to do it, when I began to attend the Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy Of St John Chrysostom, at St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in the East Village on E7th Street.
I listened to a Tridentine Latin Mass Attendee at Holy Innocents RC Church in Midtown Manhattan, in fact, two of them, who told me about St. Michael’s Russian Catholic Chapel, on the Property of Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral Parish in Little Italy, only a block away from East Houston Street.
As it is one of only 4 such Churches left in the United States, three of them are affiliated under the Melkite Greek Catholic Eparchy of Newton, MA. This one Russian Catholic Chapel, while of Byzantine Rite, is under the Auspices of The Latin Rite Archbishop, Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York.
And as Sunday, 12/27/2015 was the 31st Sunday After Pentecost in The Byzantine Rite, there were TWO Commemorations, one of St. Joseph, leading Blessed Mary Theotokos & Jesus out of Palestine into Egypt & of The Martyrdom of Protodeacon St. Stephen, 1st Martyr of The Church(Latin Rite Feastday on 12/26). Because of The Rage of King Herod, believing that the Three Magi had deceived him, he ordered all 1st Born Males under the Age of Two Years of age, slain, in his search for The Christ Child. This Gospel of St. Matthew was also read on The Feast Of The Holy Innocents on Monday, 12/28/2015. It was a powerful Gospel.
This was The Divine Liturgy Of St James The Apostle, 1st Bishop of Jerusalem. The Divine Liturgy Of St James is the OLDEST Liturgy Of The Catholic Church, both East & West. James is a Cousin of Jesus, or “Brother Of The Lord.” This Liturgy is from 60 AD. It is the Root Liturgy for The Divine Liturgies of St John Chrysostom and St. Basil The Great. The Divine Liturgies are Sung, with the Human Voice as the Musical Instrument. There is No Organist. There is a Choir(Tridentine Version is The Schola).
Some Litany Chants were done in Slavonic, some were done in Russian, with the majority done in English.
The Reception of Holy Communion followed an Ancient Antiochian Formula. One appears before an Acolyte holding Thurible where one incenses ones hands, one then bows before The Priest, who recites the words Body of Christ, when one responds Amen. The Priest puts a tiny piece of The Corpus Christi on the Right Palm & one consumes this piece right away. The Byzantine Rite uses Leavened Bread in The Consecration. Then one appears and bows before The Deacon, who says “Blood OF Christ”, followed by Amen. The Deacon controls the Sacred Chalice. Absolutely no Laity perform this function. And as it should be. The Novus Ordo Mass has Unconsecrated Laity perform this function, hence the New Roman Rite, is engaged in Sacreligious Practices.
In the case of the Lector, a Female, she faced East when reading the Epistle of St. Paul The Apostle to The Galatians & sang the Epistle. The Choir sang the Graduale. The Deacon Proclaimed The Gospel According To St. Matthew The Apostle.
I wish that when Converts enter The Catholic Church, especially via the Roman/Latin Rite, that they instruct these Converts that there are 22 Sui Juris Eastern Catholic Churches in Union with the Holy See. I love how they do the Prayers for The Pope, Bishops, Priests, Deacons & Laity.
There is another thing in that you will make the Sign Of The Cross approximately 20 Times.
For you Nonathletic Novus Ordo Roman Rite Catholics, between bows & Signs of The Cross, be prepared to “Break a little Sweat.”


Kyrie Elaison!


Kyrie Elaison

Happy Feast Day On St. Michael Archangel NYPD Blue Mass

30 Sep

The NYPD “Blue Mass” was held at Holy Innocents RC Church in Midtown Manhattan at 6PM Last Evening as a Solemn High Missa Cantata(Sung Mass). The Mass Parts were sung in Latin, except for Kyrie(Greek) and it was the Tridentine Version(3 Kyrie, 3 Christe, 3 Kyrie).
This is NOT a “Four Hymn Sandwich” Mass, complete with ANYTHING by Marty Haugen(Whose Music Would Be Banned as “Cruel & Unusual Punishment”, under the Rules of The Geneva Convention), nor the “Utter Schutte” of The Saint Louis Jesuits(Which can cause Auricular Diabetic Syndrome, or cause fits of Uncontrollable Rage). Treacle like “Gift Of Finest Wheat” or “Anthem”, would cause for Long Lines at the Vomitariums(Parish Waiting Times Vary).
As it was a Solemn High Mass, offered by Fr Leonard Villa, Pastor of Holy Innocents RC Church, he was assisted by The Ceremonial Deacon, Father Christopher Salvatori(Who Often Offers The Tridentine Latin Mass at Holy Innocents) & a Ceremonial Subdeacon. There are No Female Altar Servers, as THAT is So “NO” as in Novus Ordo.
For Jesus Said in The Gospel that One must become like a Child to enter the Fullness of The Kingdom of Heaven. It is True for Sometimes as Adults we become Jaded.
Yes, there is the Participation of The Laity, but NOT in The NO Sense. For we join with the Schola in the Singing of the Prayers & Responses. “Table Of Plenty” would never cut it here(The Queues at The Vomitarium would stretch from West 37th Street along Broadway down to West 34th Street in Midtown, with NYPD’s Bomb Squad on Standby). There is no “Armada” of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion in This Mass. And there is no Cantor to lead the Faithful in the Bob Hurd Misconstrued Version of “Ubi Caritas”(To The City Of Love).
For St. Michael The Archangel is The Patron Saint of The Law Enforcement Profession. And having been in The Profession at one time, with a few attempts on my life, I believe that St. Michael & His Angelic Corps, stepped between me and Actual Harm.

In the beginnings of The Era of The Novus Ordo Mass, I was beginning to lose The Authentic Catholic Faith, rarely heading to the Sacrament of Penance. I do go more often now. The Time in the Law Enforcement Profession and the Tridentine Latin Mass, have something to do with that.

For we were in Holy Innocents Hall, below the Main Church, where we had a Celebration of The Feast of Saint Michael The Archangel. It was time to meet new friends, as well as a time to commiserate with Old Friends.
Granted the NYPD Contingent was small, but that is due to that August Annual Meeting Of World Leaders at the “Turtle Bay Debate & International Intrigue Society” on 1st Avenue, called the UN.

Deo Gratias Pro The Angels & Saints, Past, Present & To Come.


Kyrie Elaison

A ByzLat Weekend During Bellum Voriscum

4 Sep

In the Middle of what is called “Bellum VORIScum”, with “Simon The Magician”, who is the “Censor Pro Bellum VORIScum”, who as Magician, is charged with silencing potential critics who utilize the utterance of a “Four Letter Word”, SSPX, but “Graciously” utter their favorite, uncharitable 6 Letter word, that of SCHISM, I will be headed to Totally Catholic Church Liturgies this Weekend, NOT called “The NO.”
The “NO” is an abrieviation For the Missa Novus Ordo, where the Priest faces Populum & the Muzak may cause for rather lengthy lines at the Vomitarium(Waiting Times Vary from Parish to Parish). The Homilies are geared to Adults who may not even be Smarter Than A 5th Grader.

Hence, between the Utter Beauty and Banality, I opt for Beauty in the Chants of Byzantine & Gregorian and the Solemnity of both the Divine Liturgies of St. John Chrysostom & St. Pius V, offered by Priests offering “In Persona Christi”, Sacrifice to The Holy Trinity, as Reparation for our sins, as “Alter Christus.”

If I want a place with a Table, I will probably head to a Cafe’.

Kyrie Elaison!


Farewell Mass Msgr Gregory Wielunski JCD Pt I

24 Aug
The Pastor of St. Pancras RC Church in Glendale, Queens, NY, is headed to the RC Archdiocese of Miami as Judicial Vicar at the Tribunal.

Laus Tibi Christe!


The Vineyard & Sanctifying Grace

19 Aug

The Vineyard(Gospel Of St. Matthew):
Workers Are often envisioned in this to be The Faithful, but may also mean The Sacred Priesthood and Religious Life. The Ones who come Later may be Converts to The Faith, or those who convert near Death.
The Master of The Vineyard IS God. He Gives His Sanctifying Grace, which is signified by Wages.
The “Wage” called Sanctifying Grace is “Heavenly.”

Deo Gratias!


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