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In Driving Out Talent By Extraordinary Means

13 Jul

This is something which occurs in Companies and Government Agencies & Non Profits. These Frauds I hearby shall refer to their proper title of being exposed as members of The League of Extraordinary Jackasses.

There are people who live in utter fear of being exposed for being Utter Frauds, who have faked their way through life and preach a phony message. They may be Dapper Dressers and “Yes Men”, but they have no Original Thought Processes. They “Go With The Flow”, even though the “Flow” is the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, NY, one of the Most Polluted Bodies of Water ever to exist. They’re “Team Players”, even if that team is the 1919 Chicago White Sox. You can tell them by the Rather Dark Brown Stains on their noses. Or if their Knees keep bothering them, they spent time on their knees, though it was definitely NOT at Mass on Sunday.

I have refused to be a Member of The League of Extraordinary Jackasses, if only because I wish to sleep nights without the guilt of having wronged human beings for unmitigated personal gain. Members of that Legion of N’er Do Wells have a tendency towards “Sheer Quantity of Statistics” minus the Negative Results being prominently shown. To them, as long as sheer numerals on a spreadsheet are displayed, Accuracy does NOT Matter.
In a NYC Agency, where a certain Barrister once came up with Summons Descriptions which would confuse Administrative Law Judges as to what the Issuing Officer was trying to convey as a civil violation of a portion of the NYC Administrative Code, very conveniently said Barrister resigned in order to open a Practice, representing Clients who were charged with a certain offence.
Bureau Heads were told to play along. Officers under their command, were ordered to play along, as there were rewards for doing so.
And so there were great numbers on Agency Spreadsheets, but Negative Results, for no one cared for so many years.
The City of New York Government had no clue as to what was going on.

A Couple of Talented Persons cared about What was occuring. One researched the Portions of The Administrative Code and found out why the various summonses were going south. So he tested his method 1st. He also lectured at various NYPD Facilities in Queens, Manhattan and The Bronx. He also has a couple of Arrests to his credit and appeared with a Vendor Enforcement Unit on NY1, a Time Warner Cable TV Channel, to explain the job to New York Residents.
I was the one on NY1.
A second guy named Al adopted the methods for his Vendor Enforcement Unit. He got to lecture NYPD Brass at 1 Police Plaza on this Summons Method.

We were rewarded by The League of Extraordinary Jackasses in the way they saw fit. In other words, both of us were Blacklisted as if both of us had sold nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union. The League of Extraordinary Jackasses, including the “Yes Men”, the Dapper Dressers and The Ones With Knee Problems Who Wouldn’t Know What the Inside of a Church Looked Like, were exposed for The Lack Of Actual Knowledge of The Laws under their jurisdictional authority.  This is something which they did not want known about them. They’re about Lies and Intimidation. They deny the Freedom to actually solve a problem by taking Liberty with the Law, with an Ideology which seeks to repress what is TRUE, substituting Truth with Rationalizing that there is no Objective Truth.

Al died some years ago of Cancer. But, it was more caused by The League of Extraordinary Jackasses, who “Praised” him, only to double cross him when it came time to reward him for his labours by denying him a Rightful Promotion. His Widow in the 1990s looked for answers.
And I am on Disability.

And “The League of Extraordinary Jackasses” marches on, OBLIVIOUS to all their foul deeds, calling EVIL “Good For The League” and GOOD “Bad For The League.”
Their Solution of those who actually have a Solution to a Problem is forcing those with the Solution to the Problem of The League’s Own Making is Psychiatric Care for those with True Solutions to Problems.

Josef Stalin Would Be Proud of The League.

Kyrie Elaison


The New Graft(It Isn’t Your Grandfather’s Graft)

30 Jun

In other times, Graft was a more Individual form of Corruption. It is a variant of Nonfeasance, that is, not performing a certain duty. But, Graft did allow for Personal Benefit, especially to “Look The Other Way”, because it is profitable to do so. One former NYPD Chief of Department once bought a Major League Baseball Club, with a Partner, calling the former Baltimore Orioles, the Highlanders, who played in a ballpark in Upper Manhattan called Hilltop Park. The Highlanders are now called The NY Yankees.
Graft was a very open thing until something called The Knapp Commission came along. One learned about an Honest Cop named Frank Serpico and a Crooked One named William Phillips Jr.. Then, Law Enforcement Profession Graft disappeared, supposedly.
But, it was OVERT Graft which disappeared. There is a thriving kind of Graft which exists COVERTLY. It consists of Cunning, Barrister School Graduates who passed the NY State Bar Examination.
In one such NYC Agency, a Director of Legal Division, called Chief Counsel, came up with a System on what language to put onto ECB Summonses. All of the Language was vague and confusing. That Chief Counsel left to start a Legal Practice to defend Clients who received these Vaguely Written Summonses. That guy made a nice dollar on his system. And so did those who wrote the summonses, as the summonses bounced like Super Balls.
But, two Serpico Types, one of whom wrote the Antidote to this system and the other, who presented it to 1 Police Plaza at a Compstat Meeting, were not popular with those who benefitted from passing bad paper.
The Agency feared the Antidote to the System which lined personal pockets. The Agency feared that the Reputation of The Agency was about to unravel. Actually, it did every time a conviction was made.

You see, the Barrister’s System saw to it that NYPD Officers on Vendor Units made motherlodes of Overtime for Crappy Work. Investigators from the Agency, also got fat paychecks from Overtime for passing this Dubious Paper. And there are the ones who sucked up to bosses who liked this system. For you see, THIS IS THE NOUVEAU GRAFT, which on the surface, looks like an Honest Day’s Work, but is not even close to it. Instead it is legally sanctioned Thievery.
The New Graft is a TEAM Thing, as Everyone on the Unit is expected to keep quiet and go along with this.
Unit Bosses reported upstairs on the huge productivity numbers, hiding all the negatives like how many summonses were dismissed.

But, with two Senior Investigators winning in Court, plans for destroying the two Senior Investigators were underway. Both were blacklisted in the Agency, Connivers were rewarded for being “Team Players”(Like the 1919 Chicago White Sox as their Model).

One of the Seniors died some years ago. I am the other Senior, currently Semi Retired on Disability. These Rascals saw to it that I couldn’t give a Deposition on two Rabbis under Federal Investigation, for fear of certain Bosses who were involved in the sabotage of another investigation which I had spearheaded, that these bosses string of Dishonesty would be discovered. These Rascals forced me onto “Sick Leave” so that these Rascals could continue to play whatever “Games” of Ill Gotten Gains would suit them.

But, one thing is that my conscience is clear and I can sleep nights.

And I do ask this question:
Are these People looking over their shoulders?
They, most likely, still are. Grafters always do.


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