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September 11 & Byzantine Catholics

10 Sep

For those of you who are Ukrainian Greek Catholic and are on the Traditional Julian Calendar, tomorrow is The Feast & Fast of The Beheading of St. John The Baptist. It is a Day of Liturgy(Holy Day of Obligation) & a Day of Abstention From Meat. According to the Traditional Julian Calendar, September 11th on the Gregorian Calendar is August 29th on the Traditional Julian Calendar.

But, I doubt that any of you have forgotten Tuesday September 11th, 2001 when at 8:46 AM ET, a Plane was crashed into the North Tower at the World Trade Center Complex, followed by a second Plane crashing into the South Tower of The World Trade Center Complex at 9:03AM ET. The South Tower collapsed at 9:59AM ET, with the North Tower collapsing at 10:29AM ET.

Do this day as one of Prayer & Penance. Also do abstain from Meat. This is for all Catholics, East & West.

Ad Aeternam Et In Paradisium, Orate Fratres.


Kyrie Elaison

Fourth Sunday After Pentecost(Roman/Latin Rite)

21 Jun

It should be noted about the format of the Sacred Scripture Readings, it is about understanding the Sacred Proclamations of the Word of God and not about how many Laity read the readings or acted as cantor during the Responsorial Psalm.
Note that at both the Tridentine Latin Mass and the Byzantine Catholic Divine Liturgies of St. John Chrysostom & St. Basil The Great, it is Epistle, Gradual, Alleluia(Or Tract in Septuagessima, Lenten and Advent Seasons in the Roman/Latin Rite) and Gospel which we listen to, fixed in the same sequence every year and not some Protestant Reformation Style, taken from a Roman/Latin Style which was discarded for emphasis on The Eucharist during the Reign of Pope Saint Gregory The Great.

“Ye Shall Be Fishers Of Men” is what Jesus told Simon Peter The Fisherman and James and John, after the Great Catch of Fish.
This Gospel is heard on the Fourth Sunday After Pentecost and listed as such.

It is at the Traditional Liturgies of One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church where one is liable to hear a Consistent Rendering of Scripture. At the Novus Ordo with Weekday A & B Cycle and Sundays where A, B and C Cycles are followed, albeit with parts about Sin(Being Treated as a 4 Letter Word of either the F or S Cycle), left out followed by a Homily with all the meaning of a “Seinfeld” Episode(Yadda, Yadda, A Homily About Nothing).

After Last Weekend’s Novus Ordo Liturgy, with Music which I can’t even remember what was sung, except that for My Most Dear Friend would characterize as Picnic Music Which could cause Immense Stomach Upset, I have to attend another of these Parish Gatherings, where I fear having to load up on  Peptic Bismuth.

My Backup Liturgy will be in Astoria, which is Divine and Chanted at 5:00PM, EDT, but Timeless.
One can say that Doctor of The Church, Saint John Chrysostom, composed The Anaphora for the Sacrifice and Consecration of Christ’s Body and Blood.


(Vimeo) The Farewell Mass Of Hibernian Summer

10 Jun

What Is Rarely Said In Novus Ordo Company

29 May

Sin, Hell and Purgatory are rarely mentioned, including in the Novus Ordo Version of Missa Pro Defunctis. That can also be said of Missa Memoriam in the Novus Ordo.
I was at a Mass of Christian Burial at Holy Child Jesus Roman Catholic Church in Richmond Hill, Queens, for the Repose of The Soul of the Wife of an Active Member of the Ancient Order Of Hibernians.
It was a Celebration of the Woman’s Life. The Parish Church was packed to the Rafters. Beginning with a Novus Ordo Song, directed for the edification of The Assembly followed by Opening Prayers, it would be an experience not to be forgotten.
Both the “Ave Maria” and “Pie Jesus” were sung with Awe by a Young Lady. But what was Extremely Strange was the Responsorial Psalm, as that was sung to a Guitar, which I have never seen in my life at a Mass Of Christian Burial(Missa Requiem). The Farewell was “On Eagles Wings.”
Many received Holy Communion in the Hand, as it goes with Novus Ordo Territory.
The Neo Canonization is getting ridiculous at these Missae Novus Ordo. Prayer for The Soul of the Faithfully Departed is needed here.
For later in the day at Saint Matthias R C Church was a Tridentine Latin Mass. There, one could truly pray for the Departed’s Immortal Soul.Without Distraction.

The Major Error made in the Revision of The Offertory, was the Removal of The Prayers the Priest said for his Sins as well as for the the Souls of Both Living and Dead.
This was done in the “Spirit Of Vatican II”, so as not to offend Modernist Protestants, in the “False Ecumenism” infecting The Church, for the Last 50 Years, especially since Sunday, November 30th, 1969, when the Novus Ordo Mass was 1st Offered, Bad Translations and All.
In pleasing Modernist, Mainline Protestants, taking the Sacrifice out of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass, was and still is affecting the Faith of Roman/Latin Rite Catholics until this very day.

Kyrie Elaison


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EWTN “Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom at the 2013 Napa Institute Conference” on YouTube

2 Apr

Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom at the 2013 Napa Institute Conference:

This is a major Conference of the Catholic Church, Predominantly in the Roman Rite, this Byzantine Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom(Bishop, Confessor, Doctor of The Church, Tridentine Calendar Feast is January 27th in keeping with the Celebration of The Three Holy Hierarchs of The Eastern Catholic Churches of One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church and in the New Liturgical Calendar of the Ordinary Form Mass on September 14th)was offered at the Napa Institute Conference to show the Diversity of Expression in the Liturgies of The Church.
With a Choir, this Timeless Liturgy which is over 1600 Years Old & Older than the Tridentine Latin Mass, is one of Wonder & Awe.
Even without a Choir, it is a Liturgy of Wonder & Awe, for from November 2013 to October of 2014, I went to 23 Ukrainian Byzantine Divine Liturgies offered in English at St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in the East Village In Manhattan & Holy Cross Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Astoria Queens.
I have to go back to Mass in both locations. I an awed by that Liturgy.
Deo Gratias


Ora Pro Anima De Marge Duffy

9 Sep

After my observations on a Requiem Mass with Stringed Instrument De Populum, called Guitarra, in which I was both enraged and perplexed, it is appropriate to speak well of The Deceased Woman called Marge Duffy, Late of Holy Child Jesus Roman Catholic Church in Richmond Hill, Queens, NY.

The Requiem Mass was Concelebrated by The Parish Administrator, Reverend Father Francis Colemaria, The Dean of Brooklyn East, The Very Reverend Father Francis Shannon, The Pastor who is The Most Reverend Bishop Octavio Cisneros, who served as Master of Ceremonies for The Mass, Reverend Father Daniel Murphy, who is Pastor of Good Shepherd in Park Slope, Brooklyn and was Pastor of Holy Child Jesus some years ago and ably assisted by the Reverend Deacon Jeremiah Schwarz, Plus Two Altar Servers.
A sweet young lady sang with devotion the Marian Hymns and Gregorian Chants, both Ave Maria and Pie Jesus, as well as the Supplication called The Ora Pro Pacem de Sancte Franciscum. She did have a slight problem with “City of God”, composed by Former Saint Louis Jesuit Daniel Schutte, a Song which sends me into a touch of Intestinal Distress.

“The Snare of Mr Stevie, did not endear me”:
Steve, perhaps in the Vein of The Maestro On The Hill(Actually at Ascan Avenue and Queens Boulevard), called David Close, sang the Responsorial Psalm, “The Lord Is My Shepherd”, while strumming a 5 stringed instrument, never heard by me before at a Missa Requiem, called La Guitarra. For such an Act, a woman who I call “Most Dear Friend”, would recommend that, like Maestro Close, Steve should be “Starved” for this. Actually, he deserves this bit of Acerbic Wit on my part.

This was an appropriate  Missa Requiem for a Head of State and Marge Duffy was treated in this fashion by the Priests and Deacon and Faithful Christians Present. It was with Love that this Missa Requiem was offered. After we heard the Stirring, albeit humourous Homily of Father Francis Colemaria, we were reminded that the Saints are gathered on and around the Altar at every Mass every single day and that Marge will be remembered every day on The Altar of God at The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass.

We were reminded of her unselfish love of The Church and of her family.

Deo Gratias

Ora Pro Familia Duffy, In Nomini Patris et Filli et Spiritu Sancti, Amen.


The Feast of The Nativity of Sancta Maria Virgine(Theotokos)

9 Sep

This Great Feast Day is on BOTH The Tridentine Latin Mass Calendar and the Novus Ordo Calendar of The Roman Rite of The Catholic Church.
During the 10:45 AM Requiem Mass at Holy Child Jesus Roman Catholic Church in Richmond Hill, Queens, Two Marian Hymns were sung, with Ave Maria sung in Latin.

But, for the 1st Time ever, I was at St. Matthias R C Church on Catalpa Avenue in Ridgewood, Queens, in the Lower Church with a Beautiful High Altar, for the Second Monday Tridentine Latin Mass at 7:00PM.
It was prayerful and was a Low Mass.
An Older Priest, who normally doesn’t offer this Mass, still has memories of The Mass from when he was an Altar Boy. So that Older Priest offered the Mass and could still read the Latin, so everything was fine. He gave his Homily in both English and Polish.
Mass ended and Prayers After Low Mass were offered.

The two “Altar Boys” were Gentlemen in Cassocks, who I know from the Tridentine Latin Mass at St John’s Cemetery. One, the Older Man, planted the seed in my head to give the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom a try(I can’t complain after 18 of The Liturgies).
The Younger One, told me that Saint John Paul II’s Mother was Ukrainian Greek Catholic. There was, outside of Saint Matthias Rectory, a huge Pedestal and Figure of St John Paul II, as the Parish has a huge Polish Population.

For me, this is a better way to offer Prayers and Supplication for The Living and Dead, especially in the case of Marge Duffy, My Dear Parents and others on my Prayer List.

“Holy Mary Theotokos, Pray for us Sinners, now and at the Hour of our Deaths, Amen.”

Deo Gratias!
Laus Tibi Christe!


Guitar At A Missa Requiem

8 Sep

You may hear terms which date back before The Second Vatican Council in this Essay, as well as some Post Vatican Council II Terms.
For in the Time both before and during Vatican II before the 1st Sunday Of Advent in 1964, The Mass of Christian Burial or Mass of The Resurrection was called The Requiem Mass. It was a Deep Prayer for The Repose of The Soul of The Faithful Departed. The Priest wore Black Vestments and the Sacred Mass was offered in Latin, still the Unifying Language of One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. It IS Solemn and Beautiful.

There was a 9:45AM Requiem Mass for a Holy Child Jesus Parishioner.
From the 1st Sunday Of Advent in 1964, Some Vernacular Use came into service in the Tridentine Form of Mass. Priests offering Mass were told that they could now wear White instead of Black Vestments.
At the 9:45AM Requiem Mass, Fr Francis Colemaria, Administrator of Holy Child Jesus Roman Catholic Church, wore the Classical Black Vestments of The Requiem Mass. I haven’t seen a Priest do that in 50 Years.

Like on ESPN this evening, in which Monday Night Football kicks off with a Doubleheader, it was Back to Back Requiem Masses at Holy Child Jesus Roman Catholic Church. At 10:45AM, the Requiem Mass for Marge Duffy, began with a Huge Throng of Mourners.
The Requiem Mass was concelebrated with Fr. Francis Colemaria as Primary Celebrant. Concelebrators were Auxiliary Bishop Octavio Cisneros, Pastor of Holy Child Jesus Roman Catholic Church, Fr Daniel Murphy, who is a Pastor of a Parish in Park Slope, Brooklyn and onetime Pastor of H C J and the Very Reverend Francis Shannon, Pastor of Blessed Sacrament in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, where Marge was Baptized. Fr Shannon is Ancient Order of Hibernians Queens Division 14 Chaplain, as the Division meets at Holy Child Jesus Leonard Center, the former Convent. Marge’s Widower, Bernard Duffy, is an active member of AOH Division 14.
Also present on the Altar was Deacon Jeremiah Schwarz. His son Ray was present as well.

Except for the playing of Dan Schutte’s “City of God” and Jan Michael Joncas’ “Classic”, the “Ghastly” “On Eagles Wings”(A term coined by the Redoubtable Latinist Fr Joseph F Wilson), and the Singing of the Responsorial Psalm, “The Lord Is My Shepherd”, accompanied by a Guitarist(that being the most bizzare action to date at a Requiem Mass), the Beautiful Marian Hymns, “Ave Maria”(Hail Mary in Latin), “Our Lady of Knock”, in English, followed by “The Peace Prayer of St. Francis Of Assisi”(in English) & “Pie Jesus”(Latin-Gregorian Chant Prayer from Requiem Masses in past years, now sung by Popular Vocalists), was the Music used.

This style of Mass, 1st called “Novus Ordo Missae”, in the famous Letter of Cardinal Ottaviani, called “The Ottaviani Intervention”, in June, 1969, is known for Novelty, but a Guitar in Use at a Requiem Mass, sends me flying over the Edge.

What amazes me today is “Prayers of The Faithful-General Intercessions”, which are variations of The Litanies of The Antiphons, chanted in the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, without the Beauty of The Liturgy or of The Chants themselves.

For Marge was active in the Activities of The Parish of Holy Child Jesus, and today she belongs to the Ages.

Ora Pro Marge Duffy.

In Nomini Patris, et Filli, et Spiritu Sancti, Amen


Decentralizing The Liturgy Is STILL A Bad Idea

9 Aug

Guitars, Bongos, “Inculturation” of The Sacred Catholic Liturgy, has led to a sense of The Loss of The Sacred.
In the days of The Sacred Catholic Tridentine Latin Mass, All of these decisions were made in The Holy See.
But, thanks to Sacrosanctum Concillium, which set into motion a stripped down Roman Rite Liturgy, minus any real mention of Sacrifice , and since the Document called Sacrosanctum Concillium, ceded control of the Mass to the “Competent Territorial Authorities”(Code for The Various Bishops Conferences).
This Document, the Blueprint for the Current Mass, also called “The Ordinary Form Mass”, also called the “Mass of Paul VI”, which even Paul VI considered to be way less than Inspiring, the “Novus Ordo Missae” and, in snark form “The NO”, actually encouraged Experimentation “For The Needs of The People.” It was designed to make it easier for the Peoples of the World to understand just what was occurring.
I will say THIS:
From The Strange Rendition of The Confiteor, where Saints Names were left out, to the Possibly Deliberate Mistranslation of the Latin into English, plus the “Inculturation”, especially with supposedly Native Music, meaning the playing of Modernistic, Syrupy Dreck, which My Most Dear Friend calls “Gross, Sick, Stupid and Pathetic”, much of American “Culture”(as in 3 Day Old Yogurt Left Out in The Sunshine), was exported in several Translations, making other people just as bored silly as Americans are. You wonder WHY a good number took side trips to The Antioch and Byzantine Rite Liturgies when the “Competent Territorial Authorities”(Competent is used VERY LOOSELY Here), decided to “Blackout” The Tried and True Tridentine Latin Mass of St John XXIII. It was as if The Bishops were acting like The NFL prior to 1973, when the NFL blacked out televising Home Games(Pete Cardinal Rozelle, Anyone).
When the Tridentine Latin Mass was offered, it was the Prayers At The Foot of The Altar which were offered, which began with the Sign of The Cross. Then the Priest offered a Prayer asking God for Forgiveness of his sins and of The Faithful. The Confiteor was prayed by the Priest, with responses by the Server and Congregation. The Congregation then prayed the Confiteor, with the Priest making the responses.
With the Novus Ordo Mass, a Watered Down Confiteor was offered with Saints Names left out, one mention of Mary Mother of God and Two Mentions of Brethren. But it is ONLY an Option. This Mass is one where Silence is not an Option.
Altars as Versus Populum Tables(Facing the People), and a Massive Change in the Offertory Prayer, from asking God for the Expiation of Sins to a Mere Passover Table Prayer, are among the troubling aspects. So is “Me Centred Liturgical Muzak”, most of which is syrupy dreck.
In regards to Inculturation, often other Native Customs are added. Some of them may be Pagan in Practice. It was St. Paul The Apostle who said that when one prays to the False gods, that one is only praying to Demons. One wonders that if this is the case, just how many Masses are even Illicit or Valid.
Now, I know why I head to the Tridentine Latin Mass or the Byzantine Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, in that It is To The Triune God, who shall worship. There is only one Sunday Version of The Novus Ordo Mass which I Highly recommend and that is at St. Agnes on East 43 Street in Midtown Manhattan, where there is Gregorian Chant and Prayers sung in Greek and Latin, as well as Plainchant in English.

Inculturation is just an excuse for a Celebration of SELF. Can You Create a Tree out of NOTHING?

Kyrie Elaison!


The Persecution BY “The Church Of Nice”

16 Jul

Mr. Michael Voris, the Fearless Leader of St. Michael’s Media and Church, coined the phrase “The Church of Nice”, because little of Substance occurs there.  The Liturgy is Banal and, perhaps too simplified. A Freestanding Altar, with the Priest facing “Liturgical West”, called in Latin, “Versus Populum”,  and the Offering Priest is often called “The Presider” or “President Of The Assembly”(Which sounds like a meeting being held at PS #3 in Long Island City, Queens, instead of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass).

If I am going to an Ordinary Form Mass on Sunday, I look for Solemnity and NOT TREACLIZED Liturgy. For I remember one such Liturgical Debacle which was part Circus and Part Protestant Revival, as If both were set in the Same Circus Tent.
For What I testily call “Gagorian Chant”, which is a Parody of Gregorian Chant, where Children are singing Half Latin/Half English Rhyme. “Agnus Dei, Who Takes Away”, rhymes but destroys the Beauty and Solemnity of The Mass. To me it is Entertainment and not very well done, mind you. This part is as if one is at a Circus Performance with Clowns. Mind you, it is “For The Children.”
The “Protestant Revival”, only interrupted by Holy Communion, was when a Parishioner spoke about a Sick Child for 40 Minutes after Holy Communion. The Presider, a validly ordained Roman Catholic Bishop, in Queens, led people in applause, which is another Liturgical Abuse which is common in the Ordinary Form of The Mass. I left Mass in a Hurry, rather in a Furious Mood.
The “Gold Standard” for the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass in The Ordinary Form, is at St. Agnes on East 43rd Street(Archbp Fulton J Sheen Place) in Midtown Manhattan. It is from this Parish, where both the Redoubtable Venerable Archbp Fulton J Sheen, preached his Good Friday Sermons and produced some Episodes of his Television Show, “Life Is Worth Living”, seen 1st on Du Mont and Later on ABC. It is here that the Redoubtable Fr George William Rutler, he of television shows on Mother Angelica’s E W T N, also preached the Good Friday Sermon, as well as originating E W T N Specials from this Historical Parish, where Mum was baptised and where I went to High School. It is from this Historical Parish that the Tridentine Latin Mass of The 1962 Roman Missal, came “Out of The Catacombs” in 1989. That Mass is offered every Sunday at 11AM Eastern Time .The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass at St. Agnes in the Ordinary Form is Truly Offered with Reverence and Grace, allowing for Awe and Wonder. The Entrance Antiphon is chanted in Latin when a Stately Hymn in English is sung, following the Antiphon. The Kyrie is sung in Greek, while The Gloria is sung in Latin. At the Offertory there is a chant sung in Latin. Sometimes the Sanctus is sung in Latin.
There is a Practice at St. Agnes at Holy Communion Time, where the Only thing sung is the Holy Communion Antiphon and it is in Latin. Also, since this is a Well Known Latin Mass Facility, many people take to kneeling for Holy Communion.
The Closing Hymn is sung in Latin, by the way.
This is WHY I call this Offering of the Ordinary Form of The Mass, “The Gold Standard”, as the Music Director and Cantor “Read The Black and Do The Red.” People actually participate, both by singing chant and by appropriate silence.

A certain Music Director in an Upper Middle Class Queens Parish, who often went to St. Agnes for Mass, knew the style and imitated it Brilliantly. Chant was sung. A Youth Group was set up, dedicated to the Promulgation of Classical Style.
The Liturgical Music attracted more people to Mass with more participation.
Sadly, not unlike St. John Chrysostom as Patriarch of Constantinople, this Music Director was subjected to Calumny and Despised by a Modernist Clique, who believe in “The Spirit of Vatican II”(Whatever that means).
Gone is that System of Beauty by Actions involving Calumny, by The Modernist Clique of Five. Their Leader cried about Latin being used in The Liturgy. Then why is this Rite called The Latin Rite?
Pass around The Peptic Bismuth, because “The Church of Nice” is in session.  It is ANYTHING BUT.