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Gifts In The Octave Of Christmas

31 Dec

The 8AM Mass was offered at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs in Forest Hills. The Gospel Reading was the same as it was on Sunday, 12/29/13 during the Tridentine Latin Mass of The Roman Missal of 1962. Usually the Gospel Reading of the Monday Morning Mass is the same one I hear on Sunday.
My Most Dear of Friends was present. After Mass which includes the Miraculous Medal Devotions, I met her outside of Church. We exchanged Christmas Gifts.
As she is a devout Convert, I gave her a copy of Dr. Scott Hahn’s Book, “Rome Sweet Home.” She likes Scott Hahn. She gave me a most interesting Catholic Book, “AmChurch Comes Out.” Paul Likoudis, Editor of “The Wanderer”, writes about Homosexuality being protected & pushed by various Bishops, who range from Naive to Gay & Apostate. We thanked each other.
The Book is intriguing. I can’t put it down.
It is a Matter Of Faith To Defend.
Even if She & I are The Only Ones Defending The Faith, It Will Be Done, but There Will also be Others Defending The Faith as well.

Happy New Year!
Gloria In Excelcis Deo!
Kyrie Elaison!


“O Come, O Come Emmanuel” Is Getting To Be Popular, Down The Stretch

19 Dec

This time, at the 8AM Mass at Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs in Forest Hills, Queens, the Parish Administrator, Fr Francis Passenant, led Parishioners in a Spirited 4th Verse of the Advent Hymn, “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” focusing on the Kingly Line of The House Of David, which begins with “O Come Thou Rod of Jesse’s Stem.”
In St. Luke’s Gospel, this was the story of The Annunciation of The Coming of John The Baptist. John was The Prophet who would herald the Coming Of The Christ Jesus.
Mass ended with Father singing the 1st Verse of “O Come, O Come Emmanuel.”

He Is Coming. Get Ready to Receive Him.

Pax Domine Sit Semper Vobiscum!


“Deo Gratias” To A Young Couple

19 Dec

I want my readers to know THIS.

Good comes in Surprising Ways.

For I was eating Dinner at Pizzeria Uno on 71st Road. The meal was good. It was reasonably priced.
It was time for me then, to pay my cheque.

I asked my server for the cheque. He told me some surprisingly good news. A Young Couple paid for that Meal.

Wherever You Are tonight & every day, I am Grateful.  I Thank You. I will remember you in my Prayers at Mass.

And to Them, I say Gratias & Deo Gratias.

Happy Christmas Season.

Pax Domine Sit Semper Vobiscum!


Watch “Angelis – Pie Jesu (Latin & English Lyrics)” on YouTube

19 Dec

As Traditional Latin Mass Types, Let Us Be Humble & NOT Arrogant

18 Dec

No matter which Catholic Mass one goes to(Traditional Latin Mass, Novus Ordo Mass or Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy), our purpose is to Worship & Give Glory To God, Father, Son & Holy Spirit. We should be Humble about all of This, because The Triune Godhead is Greater than any one of us. Can any one of us create something out of NOTHING? Well, I don’t think so.

We all have a preference as to how we worship God in Catholic Liturgy. I am one who prefers the Tridentine Latin Mass of The Missale Romanum of 1962. It was the Mass in which I made my 1st Holy Communion. I returned to this Mass in January, 2007 after 43 Years. I now call it my preferred Sunday Liturgy.
Jim, who is associated with this form of The Mass, remembered going to the Parish which is the New York Epicenter of this Mass, St. Agnes on East 43rd Street(Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Place) in Midtown Manhattan. He found the atmosphere to be snobby. One thing I found was that it wasn’t a good place for Post Mass Conversation. In another place, Farmingville, in the RC Diocese of Rockville Centre, in Suffolk County, NY, he was looked upon with suspicion, as an infiltrator.
Our group at St. John’s Cemetery Chapel in Middle Village, Queens, celebrates with a “Post Communion Tailgating Party.” Think of us as “The Queens Latin Mass Group Parking & Chowder Society”, which was expropriated from The NY Jets from their Shea Stadium Days. Our conversations keep us going, along with the Coffee, Tea, Juice & Water as well as Pastries. We are a Friendly Group who will say “Welcome & Glad To Have You.” As we do have the TLM in a Small Chapel instead of a Parish Church, things are more intimate in this setting, so we do mingle more often.
On The Ordinary Form Side, I do often go on a Daily Basis to Our Lady Queen of Martyrs at Queens Blvd & Ascan Avenue, where the 8AM Mass Crowd is, while spaced out, a nice group of people. I know this Parish from the days when my Parents went there for Early Sunday Mass at 7AM. I also know it from the Days of When I was Grand Knight of Msgr Sherman Council, Knights Of Columbus #5103 in East Glendale, a Stone’s Throw from Forest Hills. It was before a Mass one morning in February of this year, when a woman was concerned with my Bursitis Pain, gave me a Natural Rub Creme for it. Her words to me were “Jesus Loves You-Jesus Wants Us To Become Friends” & we have been Friends ever since that time. She is known in this blog as “My Most Dear Of Friends”, My Dearest Friend” & “My Very Dear Friend.” For reasons of Privacy, I do not reveal her name, as our friendship is Spiritual in Nature.  She is also a Convert from the Greek Orthodox Church.
On Sundays, whenever I do go to An Ordinary Form Mass, I currently head to Our Lady of Mercy on Kessel Street in Forest Hills, where Maestro Joe Martin is Music Director. He gave me some information about a couple of events where some video may be shot. Sunday, January 12th, 2014, 45 Years After Super Bowl III(J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets), will be an Operetic Sing Along for “LA Boheme”, in the Hall below Our Lady Of Mercy Church from 1PM to 4PM. Then, on Friday, January 17th, 2014, a Piano Concert with Joe, featuring Alexa Carr, a French/English Opera Singer, will take place at Our Lady Of Mercy Church on Kessel Street.
It should be noted that Msgr John Mc Guirl, Pastor of this Parish, is one who supports these events & encourages Joe to do this. He is No Fan of Liturgical “Camp Music.”
Note that both events are to be web streamed on Ustream.TV.
Msgr Mc Guirl is also known for a Very Good Homily, often with a little bite to these Homilies, with a Local Touch, as he was born two blocks away on Manse Street & 69th(Stafford)Avenue & baptized in Our Lady Of Mercy.  As the Parish had no Elementary School when he grew up, he went 1st to PS 144Q on 69th Avenue & then to Our Lady Queen of Martyrs School on Ascan Avenue & Austin Street.

In a Cultural Switch, the Byzantine Rite of The Catholic Church is the way I discovered The Richness of Catholic Liturgy. At St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church on East 7th Street by 3rd Avenue in the East Village, there is a Sunday 4PM Divine Liturgy in English, which is the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, except during Easter Season, where it is the Divine Liturgy of St. Basil The Great. The Holy Eucharist uses Leavened Bread. One receives Holy Communion by tipping one’s head back & the Priest or Deacon drops the Body & Blood Of Christ into your mouth from a Communion Spoon, which never touches your lips. The Priest faces East, just like it is during the Tridentine Latin Mass. These Eastern Divine Liturgies are older than the Traditional Latin Mass & are celebrated in the Greek & Russian Orthodox Churches as well as the Byzantine Catholic Churches. Please also note that in the Byzantine Rite Catholic Churches that there are more prayers offered for His Holiness, The Pope. Pope Francis I, when he was Jesuit Father Jorge Mario Bergoglio, knew a Ukrainian Catholic Priest and concelebrated the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom in Argentina.

OK, so I have been a bit critical about the Novus Ordo Mass, but it was about Less Than Reverent Versions. Whenever the Mass is offered in the form of the Daily, Low Mass, I have no complaints. I just do not care for “Folk Masses” strummed on Guitars with Muzak of Self Praise. But at St. Agnes on East 43rd Street, Gregorian Chant is sung. At Our Lady of Mercy in Forest Hills, Hymns by Johan Sebastian Bach are often played on Organ or Piano. One was played on a Classical Guitar. I once listened to an intensely passionate Homily at Our Lady Of Mercy given by The Administrator of Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs, Fr Frank Passenant. That was memorable(It can be seen on Dailymotion in two parts).

Do Not Be “Liturgical Snobs”. Be Humble, and remember that it is The Triune God who we Give Glory To.

Pax Domine Sit Semper Vobiscum!