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2016 Top 10 Complaints About The K of C Free Throw You Tube Livecast

29 Feb

From The Home Office In Metro Detroit/Windsor, Top 10 Complaints About The Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship Coverage On You Tube Live, From Elmhurst, Queens, NY. Heeere We Go:
#10: No one in Newfoundland cares;
#9; Canadian Markets watching Provincial Champioships instead of that one from Elmhurst, wherever that is;
#8: Show Host in Metro Detroit/Windsor, warning his viewers that Producer is an SSPX Sympathizer;
#7: “Missionary Preacher” in Windsor, warns viewers that “The Competition Coverage is Worse Than A Black Mass;”
#6; Metro Detroit/Windsor Based Producer, complains that Free Throw Producer conspired with The Moussad, The SSPX, The Remnant Newspaper, Catholic Family News, & B’nai Brith, The NYPD & Cardinal Dolan, to keep him away from Cathedral Prep Seminary High School in Elmhurst, Queens;
#5: CBC‘s “Resident Curmudgeon”, Rex Murphy whines that commentary was in English, Not Latin, as mandated by Sacrosanctum Concilium, confirmed by Senior Executive Producer In “The Detroit Warehouse Studio” ;
#4; CBC News The National’s Wendy Mesley compllained that about “The Competition’s In House Comedian was as ‘Painful to watch as Super Dave Osborn’s Leap from the CNE Tower”
#3: Irish Viewers (All Three)set record for sales of Black Tea & Espresso at Starbucks in Dublin, watching this event;
#2: Ladbrokes in The UK & Ireland took wagers as to when this coverage would end;
#1: Mrs Niles(“For Whatever That’s Worth” according to Counsellor Chris Ferrara) commented that “Pope Francis should have the Producer-Director & Commentator Anathematized for conspiring with Cardinal Dolan & the SSPX for denying the Faithful their right to Peaceful Sleep, for Livecasting this event.”

That is the 2016 Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship Top 10 List.  from East Southeast of Detroit/Windsor in Kew Gardens, NY.


A Year End Rant From A Most Dear Friend

2 Jan

US Catholic Bishops getting Money for MUSLIM Refugees(Like WHOSE Side are these Guys On), Music sung at Mass always “We Are, We Want, We, We, We”, the Novus Ordo Mass is like a Sideshow at a Carnival, this Pope looks for
Publicity for himself, he isn’t humble, has an IQ of less than 90.

Can I blame her for being pissed off? No, I can NOT.

And the NEXT Polemecist that says that this Pope’s Latest Materially Heretical Statement was mistranslated by The Gay Lobby, The Zionists, The NYPD which is controlled by the 1st Two Groups & Cardinal Dolan, is going to either have his Pompadour Sheared off or his Rug Ripped off.

That’s 2015 in a Nutshell.


Kyrie Elaison

Miller Lite The Official MLB Beer In CANADA?

26 Oct

I associate Canada with Molson, with Labatt & Carlings.
Miller LITE?
What, Eh?

M, Eh!

Kyrie Elaison

New Series On Investigation Discovery

18 Oct

“Schism Chasers International”:
A Television Production Company chases their “Holy Grail” to the ends of The Earth, the Sinister “FSSPX”, on tips from a few rich guys who are called “The Flagellents”, a secretive group, headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, whose Superior is a Canadian Priest.

“Schism Chasers International-SCI” premieres 9:00PM Eastern(10:30PM In Newfoundland), on Investigation Discovery.

Kyrie Elaison

Paul Andre Durocher Inspired My Latest Passion Pour Baseballe

16 Oct

French Canadian Archbishop Paul Andre Durocher is the Bishop who called for Female Deacons in The Catholic Church. If the Russian Orthodox Churches can have them, Durocher says, as if he was Curt Schilling, “Why Not Us”(2004 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox).

My smart alecky comment of The Day in regards to “The Synod Of Doom(Credit Christopher Ferrara for this appropriate title)”, is “Throw Durocher Out.”

Only, that back in Brooklyn, NY, Durocher was NOT pronounced “Du Roe Shea”, but as “Daroshuh” and THAT Durocher was the Legendary Manager with the 1st Name of Leo, a Man of Considerable Ill Temperment, who had a Talent as Manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, NY Giants, Chicago Cubs, & at the back end of his career, the Houston Astros, of arguing with Umpires & getting kicked out of Ballgames. He did manage the Brooklyn Dodgers to a couple of National League Pennants & the NY Giants to a couple of NL Pennants, including the 1954 World Series Championship, taking the Cleveland Indians in 4 Straight Games.

So, in between Catholic Church Articles, some Baseball will appear here. It has to. The NY Mets are now in the NL Championship Series. And they are facing the Chicago Cubs, who were once managed by Leo Durocher.

Play Ball!


Kyrie Elaison

Well, So Much For Orel Hersheiser

16 Oct

Kirk Gibson wasn’t Available. And The Dodgers will stay home and watch Mets Cubs on TBS,7:30PM ET, 4:30PM PT.


Kyrie Elaison

“The Summons” Should Be Made Returnable To 125-01 Queens Blvd

12 Oct

It is “Pure Schutte.”  In short, this song was sung at the typical Novus Ordo Mass. Praise & Supplication offered to God, is NOT the object of This Hymn.

Dan Schutte, who has been torturing Catholic Ears since the 1970s, was once a Jesuit Priest & a member of “The St. Louis Jesuits”, most noted for writing the kind of Liturgical Music, which may cause rather lengthy queues at the Vomitarium in one’s Parish(Waiting Times may vary). The Human Rights Commissioners of the European Union, have called this music a form of Torture, not to be used on Prisoners.



Kyrie Elaison