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A Tweet & Steve Allen On LBC

24 Dec

No, NOT THAT Steve Allen, from the Days of American Television, but a host of a Chat Show on A Radio Station in London, Not named BBC.
BBC is supported by License Fees, Licensing Deals & Television Series Sales. LBC is a Commercial Radio Station in London, UK. It used to be “London’s Best Conversation” until changing to “Leading Britain’s Conversation.”
So I tweeted @lbc “It is 17°C in New York City with a chance of Thundery Showers.”
Surprise, Steve Allen read the Tweet on air.
Thundery Showers means thundershowers. I think Thundery Showers sounds way more pleasant.
And to have the tweet heard around the world from London, via the Tune In Radio App, quite clearly, beats needing a crackling shortwave radio.
I finally “Get” Twitter.


Kyrie Elaison

Text Across The Pond

15 Aug

84850 can be sent with message to LBC Radio.
Just sent message across the pond.


LBC London

15 Aug

I’m listening to John Stapleton – John Stapleton is Leading Britain’s Conversation. on LBC London with TuneIn. #NowPlaying

I Have Taken To Listening To London

15 Aug

But NOT to BBC. I do tire from listening to Public Broadcasters.

But LBC, “Leading Britain’s Conversation”, is a Conversation and News Station, based in London and supported by “Adverts.”

For Today marks the 70th Anniversary of The End of WW II, with the Surrender of The Imperial Empire of Japan. It was via LBC when I found out.

God Save The Queen!
God Save America!
Deo Gratias!


“Thundery Showers” At 14 Hours Greenwich Mean Time

19 Sep

“Thundery Showers” sounds like a potential Pop Musical Band or even a Lassie with a Hit Song.

But on LBC Radio, this is a Weather Condition, currently afflicting South East England with Autumn within reach.

It has been said that those in The British Isles and across the Pond called Atlantic in Canada and USA, are separated by the Same Tongue. And one is separated in Canada from the USA by that common tongue.

I wonder aloud as to when “Thundery Showers” will make her Triumphant Singing Debut on “The Late Show”, a Comedic Chat Show presented by Mr David Letterman. Perhaps, the better chat and comedy show is  presented by Craig Ferguson.  Either Way, Thundery Showers will make her Triumphant Singing Debut.


It Is 01 Hours Greenwich Mean Time

19 Sep

And Scotland remains part of The UK. This was done minus any Muskets and Cannons being fired.

LBC Radio in London handled the coverage remarkably well. Who Needs The BBC!


The Voting In Scotland Is Over

18 Sep

The Polling Places are closed right now. I am following the results via the LBC Radio App. I am not following it on BBC, which is Quite Overrated.
The London Based News and Chat Station is quite good with their Correspondents in Scottish Cities.

It is now 23 Hours 56 Greenwich Mean Time.


“Oh My Goodness, Goodness Gracious” LBC Like WFAN?

21 Jun

I am listening to LBC in London, and the chatter is about England being eliminated from FIFA World Cup Play.
I feel as if I had stumbled onto “The Radio Institute For The Intellectually Challenged”, in short, Sports Radio 101.9 FM, WFAN in NYC.
It is almost as bad as the time Yankees Radio Commentator, Suzyn Waldman, tortured Radio Audiences with this message. Note that I am Recreating this with how this sounds with a Boston Accent.

“Roggggah Clemens is in George Steinbrenner’s Bawx, and Rogggah Clemens is Back. Oh, My Goodness, Goodness Gracious.”

Let’s just say, I certainly didn’t intend to tune into a version of WFAN, from somewhere “Across the Pond.”

M, Eh!

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