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239 Years Of Worshipping At The Altar Of Liberty

4 Jul

This Day Is called Independence Day in The United States Of America, a day to celebrate Freedom From The United Kingdom Of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, a place where operating a Motor Vehicle can be an adventure in itself. I should know because having driven on the Left Side of the road with a right sided steering wheel, that is enough to cause one to cry for independence from such a strange system. This, by the way, was in The Republic Of Ireland, no longer attatched to the Sireland called The United Kingdom Of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Two Words are Heavily Confused, namely Freedom and Liberty. Freedom means being what one has to do, while Liberty, which is more to do with the Ideology of Liberalism, means doing whatever one wants to do. Now, 3% of The United States Of America is celebrating Liberty in regards to their belief in a Matrimonial Bond, which in effect is merely Legalistic, but NOT with accordance with the Social Kingship of Christ The King. Of that 3% of the USA Population, ONLY 3% of that Particular Group, avails itself of the Legal Bond of Matrimony, conceived of by Libertarians and Liberals in the Spirit of Liberty, but one NOT of Acknowledgement of The Social Kingship of Christ The King as anything Sacramental, that is, giving Grace. Thus, Marriage between Two People of The Same Sex, is ONLY a Sham Civil Union and Nothing More. For these People, Liberty is their Deity. The Blessed Trinity is out of The Equation. It is Worship of Man.

Man cannot create a Tree OUT OF NOTHING. America is a Nation which is one which never officially acknowledged The Social Kingship of Christ The King and was founded by Deists and Rationalists(Another Name for The Spiritual Descendents of Martin Luther, Thomas Cranmer, Ulrich Zwingli & John Calvin, those with Thousands of Ecclesial Communities called Protestantism, a Divorce from The One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church, Under The Kingship of Christ).

God Save America.

Kyrie Elaison!


“3% Of 3%”(On Gaytrimony)

1 Jul

It has been estimated that 3% of the United States Of America, A Nation of the Ecclesial Community Of MAN, eschewing through theĀ  Diety of MAN via a Constitution which eschews The Social Kingship Of Christ The King, is Homosexually Disoriented.
And only 3% of that Population, an estimated 29,700 would exercise their “Constitutional Right” to enter into the Equivalent of Marriage, done without the recognition of The Triune God, which amounts to NOTHING More than a mere Technical Civil Union in Practice and on Paper.
This means that most Homosexuals wouldn’t even think of Gaytrimony, considering their Lifestyle is often a Promiscuous one.
This Whole Thing was done to go after One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, as well as to line the pockets of Unscrupulous Barristers, members of a Native American Tribe called Sosumi(So Sue Me).
This was part of a Homily given on the 5th Sunday After Pentecost (Tridentine Calendar in the Catholic Church).

America Bless God. God Save America.

Vivat Jesus


Fifth Sunday After Pentecost(Tridentine Latin Mass)

28 Jun

The Epistle is from The 1st Book of Saint Peter, Chapter 3, Verses 8 through 15.
There is a touch of the Beatitudes here and for people not to return Evil and Insults nor to speak Falsehoods. One must return from Evil and Do Good & revere the Lord Christ in one’s heart.

In The Holy Gospel According to Saint Matthew, Chapter 5, Verses 20-24, Jesus Christ is NOT all Warm and Fuzzy. He “Raises The Bar” and warns of being reconciled to One’s Brother or one will end up Fiery Gehenna(Not Miami at 12Noon on July 4th, but something worse).

On “Gaytrimony”, which may have Man’s Legal Standing but NOT GOD’S Grace, there may be(Will Be)a Time of Persecution of Christians, particularly Catholics. It can take any form, especially in the form of Homofascists hiring Unscrupulous Barristers.

Mass was at Saint Agnes on E43rd Street in Midtown Manhattan at 1100 EDT(1600 GMT).

Pray For The Pope’s Conversion and for those who are active Homosexuals.

Kyrie Elaison