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Livestreaming Of Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship

8 Mar

The 1st Time was Saturday, 02/07/2015, Round II from St. Pancras Gymnasium in Glendale, Queens, NY. It drew 29 Live Views and 22 Replay Views.
A good # of Knights began finding out about Livestreaming Of The Event via Veetle, during 2015. Livestreaming gets it done. You Tube Live is Google’s Livestreaming Service on the World’s Largest Video Sharing Network.
But, unlike Veetle, which is truly a Livestreaming Service, and where there’s viewer activity, You Tube Live, basically for concerts And Live News Feeds from the Networks, mostly gets views via Replay. One could be hooked into Facebook, Google+, Twitter & tumblr & not receive a Single Live Streaming Telecast View.
Yet, Streamago & Streamera, with Streamera originating in Italy & Streamago originating in The USA,  well, both are fast paced & one will receive viewers at a quicker pace, in that in less than 6 Minutes of Coverage, we got 29 Live Views & now have a total of 40 Views. You Tube Live Streaming is NOT worth it in regards to The Coverage of the Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship.
You Tube is overused by People who record the K of C Free Throw. There are a Few Thousand of these Videos on You Tube. Only ONE is a You Tube Live Streaming Telecast. But the Livestreaming Replay in this case, saved having to upload via Wi Fi from Starbucks or from the Data Signal from the Wireless Phone Carrier. And the use of You Tube Live Streaming, saves your High Speed Data from being used up, as You Tube Live Streaming Video converts to Regular Video Stream. And the Regular Video Stream is as clear as was the Live Stream. Just think about this when ordering your next Frappucino.

“I Am So Done With”…..You Tube Live Streaming For The K of C Free Throw Basketball Championship

28 Feb

My Most Dear friend coined a phrase which I find quite useful. She uses the phrase to indicate who she doesn’t Like, whether Politicians or Heirsarchs in The Catholic Church, who are Heretics, Schismatics or outright Apostates, and in some cases, All Three. I once heard her use the Phrase outside of Church, one Thursday Evening.

My Situation is quite DIFFERENT. It has to do with Video Sharing & Live Web Video Streaming. It has to do with the World’s Largest & Most Overrated Video Sharing & Streaming Service.
“I Am So Done With You Tube Live.”¬† I decided to take the Queens County Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship Round III from Cathedral Prep Seminary In Elmhurst Queens, NY, Live in HD 720p over You Tube & their New Service called You Tube Live.
Fuggedibowdit!  It is the quickest way to K of C Free Throw Basketball Championship Oblivion. Despite hooking up on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr & WordPress, the Livecast on You Tube Live Streaming is a Spectacular Flop. In addition, near the Awards Ceremonies, You Tube crashed, like Windows 95 and Microsoft Word. Only 3 Views so far. You Tube, You SUCK! No More K of C Free Throw Basketball Championship Live Video or Regular Video. I don’t feel like following The Crowd of other Councils, Assemblies & Independent Producers, with The Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship on You Tube.

There was a Live Streaming Telecast Backup, used today for the 1st Time. Streamago, which is based in San Francisco, CA, and a spinoff from Streamera, an Italian Live Streaming Service, was Pressed into Service, to carry the Live Stream from the Award Ceremonies from Cathedral Prep Seminary High School in Elmhurst, Queens, NY. Streamago was hooked into Facebook & Twitter, as was You Tube. Unlike You Tube, in just under 5 Minutes, there were 31 Views. On You Tube Live, in 35 Minutes there was 1 View and 2 more came about later in the day on Replay.

In 2011, the Smallest Response to the K of C Free Throw Basketball Championship Coverage, was on You Tube. The Largest Response was seen in 80 Nations was on Vimeo. Yet the Assorted “Demographic Experts” also called “Soccer Parents From The Netherworld”, along with their “Know It All Children”, are telling the Local Knights Of Columbus Council in East Glendale, Queens, NY, that the Contest must be carried on You Tube, “For Viewing #s.”
Funny, but in One Round, the Vimeo #s were 80K, while You Tube was only 55. It is apparent that these Parents and Children are barely able to read the NY Daily News. Dailymotion was always smacking down You Tube View #s.
In 2015, 51 Views On, was recorded for the District K of C Free Throw Basketball Championship from St. Pancras in Glendale, Queens, NY. This was the 1st Ever Livecast on the Web. The Numbers may be higher by now.
Coverage #s now up over 150 Views.


K of C Int’l Free Throw- Live Video Stream on Veetle

10 Oct

Kyrie Elaison

The “You Tube” Era Is So Passe’

7 Jun

The Era of “Farting Howard Stern Stars” is over. Taking Videos of Guys who want a whack on their butts for $40, is pass√©. Live is the way to go.
I knew that this landscape was changing back in 2011, with the Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship taking a turn at Vimeo & Dailymotion. It was the 1st Ever Time for that You Tube Staple to appear in HD 720p on a Video Sharing Service not named You Tube, as the Dailymotion Feed was carried over Radio Tele Luxembourg’s Belgian Web Service, a company which owns Fremantle, who owns such shows as American Idol and Britain’s Got Talent. Unfortunately, some smart alecky Brat with a You Tube Fixation, had the Vimeo Feed ripped down, but the fact that this competition got great exposure outside of You Tube, proves that You Tube is not the Only Platform.
Now one can telecast an event over the Web & Not Sweat It. One does not have to be one of the Four Big Television Networks to go worldwide. The K of C Free Throw went live on February 5th as experiment on the Web, originating from Queens, NY. Like the Dailymotion Feed, it came via smartphone and is fed to Social Media. That Live Feed is on stationsquarestudios on Veetle.
I just decided to think differently. Maybe THAT will catch on.


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The Live Knights Of Columbus Free Throw On

9 Feb

Coverage began at 7:52PM EST(9:22PM in Newfoundland)& ended @ 8:28PM, EST(9:58PM in Newfoundland), on Why the CBC Style references? This blog has readers in Canada.
It was carried on the Stationsquarestudios Page on Again, I was NOT going the You Tube Route. That is done by so many Councils who put their Videos online. It is time for a different track.

When one starts to see Video View #s while web telecasting, you realize that this is crossing a new frontier. It is a challenge to promote this. And it is also proof that the time has come to do this.

That Time is here and now(Hic et Nunc).
The Line has been crossed. It is Nice being on the cutting edge.

M, Eh