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I Don’t Recognize Ordinary Time As Catholic

11 Jan

For One Should see the Real Roman Latin Mass Calendar & realise that we are still in The Christmas Cycle.
Wednesday Is Still Baptism Of The Lord & that there are Sundays After Epiphany until Septuagesima Sunday on 01/31/2016, with the Final Christmas Cycle day of February 2nd, The Presentation of The Child Jesus In The Temple.

WE ARE ROMAN/LATIN RITE Catholics, NOT Presbyterians.


Kyrie Elaison

The Novus Ordo Mass Calendar Is

11 Jan

Reformed Protestant in Style, except for all The Added Saints.

The Presbyterian Style is where the term “Ordinary Time” comes from. From the Sunday after The Transferred Celebration of Epiphany, called “Baptism Of The Lord”, which is the End of The Octave of Epiphany(On The Tridentine Mass Calendar, Epiphany is still January 6th & Baptism Of The Lord is still January 13th), the 1st Sunday After Epiphany used to be Feast Of The Holy Family, and the Last Day of The Christmas Cycle(Tridentine) is Candlemas Day-The Feast Of The Presentation of The Child Jesus In The Temple.
But, in the Interest of The False Ecumenism, there is a Table where the Priest has his back turned away from God, toward the Congregation, and Ordinary Time.

Funny, but The Anglican Communion, The Lutheran Communion & The Methodist Communities all have Advent, Christmastide, Epiphany, Time After Epiphany, & Time After Pentecost, so the Cycles come together, Both Christmas & Easter. Instead the Roman/Latin Rite tries to be something it isn’t & that is all Flavors of Heretical Protestant.
And most Novus Ordo Catholics think Protestant Style. And the Catechisis is AWFUL.

The Next Neo Catholic Polemicist who says that Vatican II has nothing to do with the Novus Ordo Mass, will be relieved of his hairpiece.


Kyrie Elaison

My Absence From The Novus Ordo Mass & Reason For It

30 Oct

Forget the “Four Hymn Sandwich”, which includes Muzak which is merely a Tribute to MAN(With The Possibility of Long Lines in a VOMITARIUM, with Parish Waiting Times Varying). Forget that the Priest is treated as a mere “Master Of Ceremonies”, or “Assembly President.” The Mass is NOT MERELY “A Sacred Meeting.”
It is NOT “For Mere Spiritual Eating.” With The Priest facing the People, The Mass closes in on Itself, as if MAN is The Object of Worship, instead of GOD.

This Rendition of The Sacred Liturgy is geared towards MAN, with GOD “In The Background.”
This Rendition of The Sacred Liturgy, does not present THE DOCTRINE Of The Mass, to make Reparation for our Sins, with The Priest, “In Persona Christi”, offering Sacrifice to God The Father, as “Another Christ”(Alter Christus).
If One owns an Old Roman Missal, one then owns a True, Catholic Treasure. In what is the Current Version of The Offertory, it is MERELY a Passover Table Blessing, one not of Making Reparation for Sin. The Novus Ordo Mass does present Offering, but NOT as Sacrifice For The Remission of Sins of The Priest & Faithful, both Living & Dead. The Apostate Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer, said of The Table as opposed to The High Altar, “A Table Is For Preparing & Serving a Meal, While an Altar is For Sacrifice.”
Apostate Augustinian Archabbot Martin Luther, complained that “The Mass Stinks of Oblation” & proceeded to eliminate the Offending Offertory, which was offered For The Remission of Sins, making Satisfaction to God The Father, in Adoration of The Blessed Trinity.
For Luther & Cranmer, Sacrifice was Repugnant to Both of Them. Both taught the PROTESTANT HERESY of “Universal Salvation”, a Heresy CONDEMNED by The Popes, especially before The Second Vatican Ecumenical Council. To Luther & Cranmer, Prayers For The Dead are “Romish”, with their Version of Scripture, denying the Catholic Doctrine Of Purgatory, which doesn’t exist according to these “Revolutionaries”, & I emphasize “REVOLUTIONARIES”, because they rebelled due to The Sin Of Pride, Against The One, True Church, The One Ordained By Christ as His Holy Bride.
For these Revolutionaries, there is NO Sacred Priesthood, since The Priesthood stands for SACRIFICE.
Rather, in WHAT amounts to, in Reality, the Utter Denial Of The Social Kingship Of Christ The King & of HIS Apostles, it is the Priesthood of The Laity, with a Presiding Minister, “A Little More Man Than The Rest”, who worship God, though NOT in The ONE, TRUE CHURCH, but in an “Ecclesiastical Community”, which is Truly NOT The Church Ordained By Christ. 40K Ecclesiastical Communities Later, I believe that one “Gets The Picture”, of “The Brotherhood Of Man”, as opposed to “The Fatherhood Of God.”

So, WHY are we Imitating Heretics in Our Most Sublime Worship?

Fortunately, The Tridentine Latin Mass has been freed from the Bondage of Conferences of Roman/Latin Rite Catholic Bishops, who spent their time suppressing what works & going with “The Primacy Of MAN”, rather than “Of God.” Just look at the Desolation with Closed Parish Churches & Closed Parish Catholic Schools. I believe that one “Gets The Drift.”
Go to The Tridentine Latin Mass. You will find “WHAT IS TRULY CATHOLIC” in The Roman/Latin Rite. If that Mass is not close to where you live, but have an Eastern Catholic Church near you, The Sacrifice Is Offered To God, NOT Man, Hence, One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church.

Vivat Christus Rex!


Kyrie Elaison

The Mass Of The Glory Of MAN-Novus Ordo

27 Jun

The “Community of Believers At An Assembly” versus “The Sacrifice and The Social Kingship Of Christ.”

If one can look back to the Mid 1970s, with the Tabernacle disappearing from the Old, High Altar, there was a Replacement. It was in the form of Three Chairs, with the Highest Chair reserved to ” The Presider” of the New Order of The Mass.

The Alignment of the insides of Post 1970s Catholic Churches, were aligned in order to make welcome those Rationalists, commonly called Protestants, to an atmosphere familiar to them.

Three Chairs and A Table is an alignment which is most comforting to those who do not believe in the Unbloody Sacrifice of Christ, but, rather, since these Rationalists deny Sacrifice, it reminds them of whom they offer their Platitudes.
The Highest Chair is for the Priest who is now treated as a Delegate of The Assembly. On his right and left would be Deacons.
But THIS Alignment is familiar to the Rationalist Protestants(As Well as to the Many Jews who belong to it), as it is the Alignment of The Religion of MAN called Freemasonry, where the Social Kingship Of Christ The King is on a par with the Pagan Demons.
For in the Chair of the Presider is one called The Worshipful Master, with Senior and Junior Deacons on his right and left. The Table of what is called the Altar in the Novus Ordo Mass, is also the Altar in Freemasonry, where the Volume of Sacred Law from any of the Three Monotheistic Religions is placed.
Hence, “The Community of Believers” is into attending a Sacred Assembly Meeting, often to tell God just how great the Community is.

And it is reflected in the Syrupy Liturgical “Muzak”, being offered to “The Deity Called SELF.”

The Author of This Tribute of SELF in what is called the Novus Ordo Mass, reputedly was a Freemason, who worked with other “Rationalists”(Protestants).

And we pray like Rationalizing Protestants.

And The Modern Catholics of Roman Rite, look at Holy Communion as a ” Meal”, as if they are Protestant Rationalists.

Liberalism Is Error, is Modernism and is Sin.

And the Churches are empty.


Why A Protestant Version Of Sunday Readings

7 Jun

According to The Roman Rite Mass in 400 AD, the Readings were Old Testament, Responsorial Psalm, Epistle, Responsorial Psalm, Alleluia or Tract and Gospel.
But, when Pope St. Gregory The Great did liturgical reform at the end of the 6th Century, he copied from the Greek Liturgy and followed with Epistle, Gradual, Alleluia or Tract and Gospel.
The Format was Dead until the 16th Century when Luther and Cranmer began to use the Discarded Form, without the extra Responsorial Psalm Format.
He Wanted People to listen to The Word and be awake for it, and for The Sacrifice of The Mass.
Good Change!

Luther and Cranmer, both of them Heretics and Apostates because of their change in belief in the Holy Eucharist and the Sacred, Sacrificing Priesthood, believed in Extra Readings of Scripture in their Liturgies, so they went with a format discarded some 900 Years before, minus the extra rounds of Responsorial Psalms between the Epistle and Gospel.

Fast Forward to Sunday, November 30th, 1969 and the official excuse given was that extra scripture is good. But the Protestants at the same time, reject the Sacraficial Priesthood and Transubstantiation in regards to The Eucharist.
I recall being at a Byzantine Ukrainian Catholic Divine Liturgy the day before and the whole Gospel Passage was proclaimed. The Next Day, same Gospel Passage was read but it was an “Omit Parts In Brackets” reading at a Novus Ordo Mass. This was almost two years ago. So much for more scripture! This Format was done in the Name of Ecumenism(False of course).

This Format Change was suggested by an Anglican “Bishop”, whose Holy Orders were declared by Pope Leo XIII, to be as valid as a $200 Transportation Pass on the Staten Island Ferry(NOT).

More Novelties To Come!


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Tradwriter 27: Inculturation: Isn’t it great?

18 May

“Inculturation”, a Vatican II Term of of The Modernist ” Novelty Experts”, who could write comedy for the US Television Networks but not Liturgy, is the adding of Regional Customs to the Liturgy. Often it entails Pagan Customs such as Smoking a Peace Pipe or some Native Dance.

Imagine Polynesian Dancers for a Polynesian Mass. Dancing is prohibited under Liturgical Law. In the R C Archdiocese of Buenas Aires, Argentina, the Metropolitan of The Nation authorized a “Pinocchio Mass” for the young people(I wonder if Gary M. Voris will deny this). This Mass had Disney Characters at that Mass, held in a Futbol Stadium.(Note that this Archbishop’s Family Name is Bergoglio & the Video is on You Tube).
Instead of calling the current Mass the New Mass or New Order of Mass(Novus Ordo Missa), a number of Traditionalists call this the NO Mass. NO simply means Novus Ordo and one group even has a battle cry of “No NO.”
Another name which is appropriate for the NO Mass is NOAM(No Order At Mass). Noam is a Jewish Male name and pronounced “No Ahm”. NOAM will be pronounced the same way.
The Halloween & Clown Masses are basically Low Grade Entertainments, with a NO Mass in the Middle of the Theme. Not only that, they are Blasphemous Liturgies, often using Illicit Bread, such as Doritos Chips or in the case of one Clown Liturgy, Pizza Bread(It is in photos on the web).
One Priest in the Diocese of Orange County, California, donned a ” Barney The Dinosaur ” Costume and offered Mass(On You Tube).
If I want a Cabaret Act, I will head to a Club in Astoria, Queens or Williamsburg, Brooklyn. If I want Clowns, I will head to a Circus.
Someone dressed as “Dracula” should NOT be proclaiming The Epistle. The So Called “Ordinary Form of Mass”, written to make PROTESTANTS(Heretics)feel at Home, with an ” Offertory” which is NOT in the Least Bit the Propitiary Sacrifice, where the Priest offers Prayers for his sins and the sins of the Faithful, while offering the Hostia (Victim) to God The Father.
An “Offertory” Prayer in the NO Mass, written not to offend people who look at The Eucharist as a “Memorial Meal”, comes from The Talmud, which Blasphemes BOTH Jesus and The Blessed Virgin Mary.
Like WHAT Flavor of Hashish were these ” Liturgical Reformers” smoking?
I don’t think that the NO Mass is bringing in The Faithful. The Music, by and large, is the type which leads to Long Lines in Toilets, where much Vomiting occurs. The “Reformers” may claim that Psalms are being sung, but WHY are these Psalms always geared towards MAN? If “On Eagles Wings” is ANY Indication, we will have sung this song, based on Psalms, merely for our SELF Edification, not for worshipping God In Three Persons.

As far as the NO Mass is concerned, I agree wholeheartedly with Louie Verrecchio, Michael Matt, Christopher Ferrara & John Vennari, it is time to END this hideous experiment. Say “No” to “The NO.”
Return to the Tridentine Form of the Mass to reorient the Faithful, with some Latin added gradually. Return to the One Year Cycle of Readings, as it is in both the Tridentine Latin Mass & Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgies of St. John Chrysostom & St. Basil The Great.
No Girls as Altar Servers, as they cannot be ordained as Priests. This Mass prohibits Holy Communion A Mano(In The Hand). The Priest should pray Silently at the Offertory and at The Canon of The Mass. Kneeling at The Altar Rail should also return.

Junk The NO Mass, which has NOT worked since November 30th, 1969.

The Return of The Faith, demands it.

Kyrie Elaison


After Traditional Catholic Liturgies, This Felt Strange

15 May

I was at the Vigil Mass for Ascension Thursday at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs(Ascan Avenue and Queens Boulevard in the Forest Hills Section of Queens). I will state this in this way:
For all of the Eastertide Catholic Sunday Masses in both the Tridentine Latin Masses & Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgies of St. John Chrysostom, where the Priests face “Liturgical East”, practicing like the Congregations ” Ad Orientem “, I found myself in ” Novus Ordo Land” with the Priest offering The Sacrifice while facing the Congregation, with the practice of “Versus Populum”.

Last Year, the crowd was substantial. This year, it was not as large. It is as if People are forgetting about Ascension Thursday, as many parts of the USA are transferring this Ancient and Venerable Feast to the Following Sunday. NOT GOOD!
There appears to be something wrong with the Organ in the Choir Loft. There was even a ” Byzantine Rite Moment” where the Organ malfunctioned for a moment, while the Litanies of Supplication were being prayed(Prayers of The Faithful). The Cantor sang a Litany unaccompanied by the Organist. To compare this moment to the Litany in a Byzantine Divine Liturgy, actually either the Priest or Deacon sings the Chanted Prayer, and the Cantor sings the response. In the case at the Mass of Holy Thursday Vigil, Veteran Cantor Joseph Annese, sang the Litany, then led everyone in the response, Joe could do the singing at a Divine Liturgy quite well.
All of the Hymns were Traditional, Pre Vatican II and were singable. The Classic, “O Jesus We Adore Thee”, was the Communion Hymn. It sings of Adoring Jesus in The Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. It is NOT a modernistic, False Ecumenical ” Bread Song.” This is NOT a Hymn which can be sung by Protestants. It is a CATHOLIC Hymn.
I have, however, found that I am much more comfortable with the Priest facing East than I am with the Priest facing the Congregation. Since Protestants either believe in either a Truncated Belief in The Holy Eucharist or no belief in it at
all, THAT is WHY they endorse “Versus Populum.”
We Catholics of The Roman Rite have the TRUE EUCHARIST and belong to the TRUE CHURCH, Ordained by Christ Himself. We must return to “Ad Orientem”, to give Thanks to The Triune God, ” For His Great Glory.”

Otherwise, we appear to be giving that “Great Glory”, sadly, to Ourselves instead of Our Creator, God.

Name One Thing you have Created ” Out of Nothing.”

Kyrie Elaison!


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