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E. Michael Jones, G. Michael Voris & The SSPX

5 Jul

Tends to be in agreement with G. Michael Voris. E. Michael Jones attacks the SSPX.
E. Michael Jones lives in South Bend, IN, Home to University Of Notre Dame, a CINO University(Catholic In Name Only).

Mr Jones, a Convert originally from Philadelphia, PA, publishes “Culture Wars Magazine.”

Also located in South Bend, IN, is a Member of Opus Dei, who is a Moody’s Investor called Marc Brammer.

Brammer is planning to set up a Catholic Think Tank, bringing with him Messsers G. Michael Voris & E. Michael Jones. How much of this “Think Tank” will be mostly the “Thoughts of Chairman Marc”, mostly the thoughts of Opus Dei, the Precursor of Vatican II and anything but Traditional Catholicity?

Kyrie Elaison


“Veritas Voriscum”

20 Jun

I did subscribe, at least for one month to¬† the Site called, which originates from the “Warehouse In Detroit”, a Sarcastic way of saying that, comes from studios in the RC Archdiocese of Detroit from a Homosexually Inclined Suburb called Ferndale, where the Face of The Operation of Church, the Mop Haired Mr Voris, rules the roost. It may as well be originating from a Former Warehouse in the Quasi Artistic Williamsburg Section of Brooklyn, NY.

His Report from St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City, was a most worthy ” Suck Up” Job. It was as if, in the Musings of Canada’s Resident Curmudgeon on “CBC News The National”, Robert Rex Raphael Murphy, better known as Rex Murphy, had referred to “Starbucks Coffee” as “Suck Up Coffee”, well Mr Gary Michael Voris(Gary From Westchester, You” re Next on SportsRadio 66 & 101.9 FM, WFAN), sounded like a “Suck Up” on the NY Yankees Television Network, called YES(Yankees Entertainment Sucks), mostly owned by FOX, by the way(Da, Da, Dot, Da, Da, Dahhh).

“Bad Advisors”, O Great Garoo from Croton On Hudson? Do consider the days of the Rule of Buenos Aires, Argentina, when the Seminary was almost Bare and an Order of Traditional Nuns were kicked into the street including a couple of Young Postulants, in regards to “Humbleganda” Cardinal Bergoglio.
His Eminence finding ways of keeping “Summorum Pontificum” out of Buenos Aires, with a Hybrid Tridentine and Novus Ordo Mass, which folded in a few months? Oh, Wait! He never offered the Tridentine Latin Mass, as his 1st Mass was a Novus Ordo Mass.
Then, as Pope, the Ordered By Him utter destruction of the Quasi Traditional Franciscan Friars Of The Immaculate, an order with a Waiting List to join, your UTTER SILENCE amazes me in the SENSE OF JUSTICE.

You, Gary Michael Voris, are a PAPOLATRIST. If The Current Occupant of The Chair of Saint Peter was to OUTLAW the Tridentine Latin Mass, you would blame Fr Thomas Rosica The Canadian(Born in Rochester, NY, USA in 1959) for a BAD TRANSLATION of such Declaration. You would immediately find a way to pin this action on one Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, who, no doubt, feels the pain of the previous “New Ones” you have ripped him without Anesthetics.
No doubt, you blame all of this on Michael J. Matt, Christopher A. Ferrara(Who Like You Was born in an Archdiocese Ruled by Francis Joseph Cardinal Spellman, which is the RC Archdiocese of New York, which in your case is Westchester County), John Vennari, The Late Fr. Nicholas Nightingale Gruner, and Louis Verrecchio. They are NOT PAPOLATRISTS like Yourself.

Is Marc and his network of “O. D’s” still making you their “Marionette” when the Message needs to be Webcast to The World? Thursday’s “Dog & Pony” Performance was nauseating to the Umpteenth Degree.It’s like passing wind after someone had consumed the beverage called Cerveza and eaten juevos in more than moderate amounts, while on a packed IND Queens Blvd Subway Train speeding into Manhattan. For those of you who don’t read Spanish, Cerveza is Beer, while Juevos are Eggs.

You once stated that you worked for FOX News. That report of yours was anything but “Fair & Balanced”.

And Papolatry violates The 1st Commandment.

Kyrie Elaison


“The Vortex” Now On Church

25 Oct

For every Video to come out of “Church”, now called “Church Milquetoast”, because of The Censoring of The Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke Story, replaced by two “Mea Culpa” videos called “Let’s Just Say” & “Clarification”, and the latest one, called “Kasper The Friendly Liar”, all three hosted by Michael Voris, are hypocritical because Michael Voris is portrayed as “Mr Muscular Catholicism”, when in practice, this whole thing is a Facade.
How does Church get to ripping Bishops and Priests to shreds, while giving a Possibily Modernist Pope a Free Pass? Ripping Middle Management for what the CEO is commanding, is most disingenuous. That has the ability to cause for the lack of Credibility in an organization which has High Visibility.
And with Two “Mea Culpa” Videos, which make the whole “Church” operation look like a Censorious Freak Show, making Soviet Union Television and the YES Network look like Amateurs.

When Church came up with a Manifesto, which classified such Fine, Real Catholic Apologists such as Michael J. Matt, Christopher A. Ferrara, And John Vennari as “Hard Sedevacantists”, who preach “Spiritual Pornography”, and referring to the Socoety of St. Pius X, as “Soft Sedevacantists”, with this Manifesto, unsigned, which makes Church, an organization which is “Out of Control.”  “The Cheque Writer”, whoever he is, is a Coward without Credibility. And if Michael Voris says nothing, he too has no credibility.

Canada’s Favorite Curmudgeon on “CBC News-The National”, the Redoubtable Mr Rex Murphy, referred to Starbucks as “Suck Up Coffee.” Well, Church is “Suck” No doubt that the actual owner of Church is “Sucking Up” to The Holy See, for whatever honors he seeks. By hiding his identity, while propping up a Mop Haired Propagandist, one who may be afraid of his own shadow while calling other people all kinds of names, which doesn’t seem to bother the Propagandist in the least, the Secretive Backer is as if, “The Wizard of Oz”, hiding behind gadgetry. By production of “The Vortex-Kasper The Friendly Liar”, the latest video from Church, may have crossed the line in the Proverbial Sand, by criticizing “The Pope’s Theologian”, an indirect attack agaimst the Pope.
Never mind knocking out “The Straw Man”-be true to your apostolate’s mission, or shut up.

M, Eh!

“Let’s Just Say…” (M Voris Mea Maxima Culpa)

23 Oct

Let’s Just Say…:

As if a “Contrite Cocker Spaniel”, Michael Voris, made a “Mea Maxima Culpa” Video & posted it on CMTV and You Tube. He doesn’t sound in the least like “Mr Muscular Catholicism.” Rather, he is being emasculated by Someone with the “Big Bucks.”
Voris sounds like a kid on a bicycle with Training Wheels.
Church sounds like a place which is more like Pravda than like Catholic Independent New Media. Voris is a mere “Mouthpiece”, answering to someone who seeks Honors of the Papal Kind, all while “Ripping Catholic Church Middle Management a ‘New One'”,while letting the Mastermind of The Confusion have a Free Pass.

That is “Doggie Doo”, to quote a Close Friend of mine.

M, Eh!

Michael Voris, Meet Michael Kay-YES!

21 Oct

Let’s Just Say…:

I Watched Michael Voris’ “Brammer Culpa”

21 Oct

Pathetic! Michael Voris sounded like a Stooge. It was as if, according to the Legend of The YES Network, that George Steinbrenner stood outside of The Television Booth with an AK 47, aimed at the head of Michael Kay.
Voris sounded almost as if he was Michael Kay.
Church, meets the YES Network.

M, Eh!

Censorum Vorisum(Michael Voris Censored)

21 Oct

Michael Voris ran afoul of that Brammerian Rule, “Thou shalt not criticize Il Papa, even if he is a Heretic.” Mind you, Michael crossed the line in the Proverbial Sands of The Vatican, by broadcasting to the World that Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, my idea of a Real Loyal Son of The Church, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic, that His Holiness Pope Francis I is harming The Church by manipulating of The Extraordinary Synod On The Family. Trust me, when one knows of Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio in Argentina, one comes to the Conclusion that he is way less than Orthodox. Receiving “Blessings” from Pentecostal Ministers, says to The Catholic Faithful, that The One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church is only one of many paths to Heaven, despite the Sacred Doctrine of “No Salvation Outside of The Church.” That is part of The Philosophy of Freemasonry.

Marc Brammer, a Member of Opus Dei, is Michael’s Backer. Brammer is of The Opus Dei Philosophy that The Pope is exempt from Any and ALL Criticism. With The Threat to cut off Support for Church, Voris caved in and that Voris News Report was yanked. Is Brammer looking for a Papal Knighthood? I suspect that he is.

So Michael Voris will sound like any Neo Catholic Video and Blog Service put together by some Teenaged Kid. It is a shame. Michael has much to say. Trouble is, he will appear like a Hypocrite 1st Class, especially when Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan is “RIPPED a New One”, on “The Vortex.”
And it will be on “The Vortex”, where Michael Voris will be “Trapped and Exposed.”

I have No Backers. And Opus Dei cannot do a thing. Brammer does NOT own me, nor does he own Louis Verrecchio, John Vennari, Christopher Ferrara nor Michael Matt and John Salza.We are Free to speak and write The Truth.

Kyrie Elaison!