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HOF For Mike Piazza-Catholic

7 Jan

Mike Piazza was elected to The National Baseball Hall Of Fame at Cooperstown, NY for Year 4 Of his eligibility with 83% of Eligible Voters voting.
Ken Griffey Jr had over 90% of Eligible Voters. Congratulations to both Fine Men.A NY Mets Cap will appear on Mike Piazza’s Plaque.

William Roger Clemens is in his 4th Year of Eligibility, but managed just 45%. His #s are dropping. I guess that when he fired a 100 MPH Fastball at Mike Piazza’s Head while “Juiced”, in July, 2000, that Roger The Texas Conman might lose popularity.
His being called before The US House of Representatives & doing “The 5th Amendment Dance” didn’t help his cause. But throwing Roy Halliday “Under The Bus”, shouting “Steroids”, was not too cool. Neither was playing around with a 15 Year Old Country Singer for a few years, a smart move on his part.
By 2007, with a Rapidly Fading Career, and going down with a “Muscle Pull”, while behind in a game on his last team(Clue-The Club is located in The Melrose Section of The Bronx), it was time for The Texas Conman to hang it up.
You didn’t need Chemicals, Roger. It cost you Cooperstown.
Mike? Congrats again.


Kyrie Elaison

He Directs The Big Game & Now He’s Seriously Ill

27 Oct

Unlike much of Red Sox Nation, I grew up hating the NY Yankees like you do, but I grew up in Brooklyn.
And there was a great place to hate the Yankees, namely WOR TV Channel 9, then NOT the Property of The FOX Broadcasting Company.
And in 1970, a new Television Director painted the word picture on Channel 9. His name is Bill Webb. I was in my Middle Teens then.
People who Bill Webb has directed on Baseball Telecasts since 1970:
The List is Extensive;
Lindsey Nelson, Bob Murphy, Ralph Kiner, Steve Albert, Steve Zabriskie, Gary Thorne, Tony Kubek, Dwayne Staats, Curt Gowdy, Tim McCarver(On WOR, WWOR, Sportschannel NY and FOX), Joe Buck, Kenny Albert, Chris Myers, Erin Andrews, Gary Cohen, Howie Rose, Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling, Jerry Remy, Fran Healy, to name a few.

And Webby will be MISSED. He has Stage 3 Cancer.

Keep him in your Prayers, Mets Fans & all of MLB, as he has directed The World Series & The All Star Game. He will be MISSED.


Kyrie Elaison

On TBS Via RSN Via Ustream

22 Oct

Never did the NY Mets trail in a Game at any time during the National League Championship Series versus the Chicago Cubs. They even beat Jon Lester, once of the Red Sox under Theo Epstein. Epstein is now the Cubs General Manager.
Even Theo Epstein had no more Tricks Up his sleeve. This wasn’t the NY Yankees & Boston Red Sox in 2004 in the ALCS. This was Reality. The Chicago Cubs have not been to the World Series since 1945. The Cubs haven’t won the World Series since 1908. TBS, FOX, ESPN & RSN didn’t exist then, either.
And I was able to watch THIS 4th Game of The NLCS on my Mobile Smartphone, viewing Canada’s Rogers Sportsnet’s carriage of the TBS Coverage via

NY Mets 8, Chicago Cubs 3 was the Final Score. Funny but the Mets were 0-7 versus the Cubs in the 2015 Regular Season. But, the Cubs totally choked.

The World Series is NEXT On FOX(ESPN & RSN in Canada). Joe Buck, as always, will be his annoying self.

Da, Da, Dot, Da, Da, Dahhhh!


Kyrie Elaison

Headline In NY Post

16 Oct


NY Mets take LA Dodgers on Left Coast. NLCS On TBS At 7:30PM ET, 6:30PM CT, 4:30PM PT on Saturday at Citi Field.

Larry King Will have to watch THIS On Television.

Kyrie Elaison

Paul Andre Durocher Inspired My Latest Passion Pour Baseballe

16 Oct

French Canadian Archbishop Paul Andre Durocher is the Bishop who called for Female Deacons in The Catholic Church. If the Russian Orthodox Churches can have them, Durocher says, as if he was Curt Schilling, “Why Not Us”(2004 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox).

My smart alecky comment of The Day in regards to “The Synod Of Doom(Credit Christopher Ferrara for this appropriate title)”, is “Throw Durocher Out.”

Only, that back in Brooklyn, NY, Durocher was NOT pronounced “Du Roe Shea”, but as “Daroshuh” and THAT Durocher was the Legendary Manager with the 1st Name of Leo, a Man of Considerable Ill Temperment, who had a Talent as Manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, NY Giants, Chicago Cubs, & at the back end of his career, the Houston Astros, of arguing with Umpires & getting kicked out of Ballgames. He did manage the Brooklyn Dodgers to a couple of National League Pennants & the NY Giants to a couple of NL Pennants, including the 1954 World Series Championship, taking the Cleveland Indians in 4 Straight Games.

So, in between Catholic Church Articles, some Baseball will appear here. It has to. The NY Mets are now in the NL Championship Series. And they are facing the Chicago Cubs, who were once managed by Leo Durocher.

Play Ball!


Kyrie Elaison

Well, So Much For Orel Hersheiser

16 Oct

Kirk Gibson wasn’t Available. And The Dodgers will stay home and watch Mets Cubs on TBS,7:30PM ET, 4:30PM PT.


Kyrie Elaison

MLB Texas At Toronto Via Ustream Y Canal 6 Nicaragua

14 Oct

The FS1 Coverage with Kenny Albert & Harold Reynolds was viewed throughout Canada on Rogers Sportsnet. And I was viewing it via Ustream on my Mobile here in Queens.
And Now(Y Ahora) FS1 Es En Vivo desde Canal 6 Nicaragua al Ustream on The Mobile. Since the Rogers Sportnet Feed Went Down, Canal 6 Nicaragua took over to carry the Game.
All this for MLB Postseason! All without a Package! What a way to watch MLB Postseason On FOX!

Kyrie Elaison

“Who Are The Cardinals You Spoke To, MR Voris?”

22 Aug

In the case of Michael Voris, he claimed that he spoke to Cardinals in The Vatican, who told him that the SSPX are in Schism.


Are they as follows:
Ozzie Cardinal Smith, currently in Baseball’s Hall Of Fame;
Louis Cardinal Brock, currently in Baseball’s Hall Of Fame;
Robert Cardinal Gibson, currently in Baseball’s Hall Of Fame;
James Timothy Cardinal Mc Carver, in the Broadcasters’ Wing of Baseball’s Hall Of Fame;

Wait! These are former St. Louis Cardinals.
There is even an Actual Cardinal, a Jovial Cardinal Prince Of The Church, whose 1st Name is Timothy & he grew up in the RC Archdiocese of St. Louis. I know that he & you haven’t been on “Speaking Terms” since March 17th, 2015.

What other sources do you have?

Are they the assorted “Rocket Scientists” who call into SportsRadio 66(& 101.9 FM), WFAN in New York?

Keep this up & you’ll have all the Credibility of Al Sharpton in the Tawana Brawley Caper;

And THAT will be NONE;

For your Penance, may you be seated BETWEEN Joe Buck & Tim Mc Carver on FOX Saturday Baseball & forced to listen in SILENCE.

Kyrie Elaison!


MLB At Bat App

18 Jul

Got a Look in at Dodgers at Nationals.
Nice Clear Video and Picture in fact the clearest feed ever viewed.
Video on Android Lollipop is the best I have ever seen.
Nice to hear Charlie From Malverne Steiner in the Dodgers TV Booth.
Well Baseball via Mobile is back.


Planned Buys For Entertainment

14 Jul

MLB At Bat and Skype are my Choices at $2.99 per month. Major League Baseball is entering the Second Half of The Season and it would be a good idea to follow Radio of Red Sox and Mets Games again. Besides I miss the Radio Calls of Joe Castiglione and Howie Rose. Then there is always live telecast feeds on MLB At Bat.

Skype is the next buy, also for $2.99 per month, giving me extra communication power.

Two Bargains!