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“Buy A MetroCard, You Rocket Scientist”(And A Divine Liturgy)

10 May

I had just disembarqued from the Q54 MTA NYCT Bus @ Metropolitan Avenue & Lefferts Blvd in Kew Gardens, Queens. I thenĀ  hopped on the Q10 MTA Bus.
Then a delay ensued. A Woman got on the Bus and delayed the trip by the Only Means Possible & that is the Inevitable “Search For Change.” Not Only That, she kept talking to the Bus Driver.
This threw my trip plans off for Mass at St. Agnes on East 43rd Street(Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Place) in Midtown Manhattan, by Grand Central Terminal.
Then I spied that this woman was lugging around what appeared to be legal folders in a wheeled pull me bag.
This action added 15 Minutes to the trip, if not more. Combined with a Sunday Subway Schedule, including underground delays involving the IND F 6th Avenue Train, both involving delays entering both 71st Avenue and Roosevelt Avenue, my plans to be at a Tridentine Latin Mass, in Ma’s Memory, were delayed for want of a MetroCard, by someone who prefers to pay bus fare, by searching for exact fare.
Thanks to this Inconsiderate Person, I am probably going Byzantine again, which means that I will remember Ma, in a majestic setting as this is “One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church.”

At 4PM, I will remember Mom at the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, in the Glorious Easter Version at St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church on East 7th Street in Manhattan’s East Village. According to the Old Julian Calendar, this is the 4th Sunday After Easter.

Kyrie Elaison et Deo Gratias