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The Gall of Sprint’s Boost Mobile

28 Oct

US$60 for Unlimited Data on Boost Mobile? Switch? WHAT?
Sorry Dudes & Dudettes, but as I best remember, Boost Mobile is a Prepay Brand of Sprint.
And Sprint SUCKS! I had Virgin Mobile, another Sprint Prepay Brand. Data on there was limited at 4G LTE. And since it is Sprint, it SUCKS. And the Network is quite limited.
So I had a choice between Cricket Wireless(AT&T) & Metro PCS(T-Mobile). Both are better networks, but Metro PCS(T-Mobile)has UNLIMITED 4G LTE at US$60 so I cannot complain. At an extra US$10, I get to text the world & still save on T-Mobile’s Simple Choice Plan.
Switch to Boost Mobile? Are you nuts. It’s just Sprint with another branding & it would still suck.

I am NOT Switching.


Kyrie Elaison

Switching Mobile Phone Companies Paid Off

21 Jul

For two years, I had Sprint’s Virgin Mobile. It was also my introduction to the Android Operating Systems, a form of LINUX.
I like Google’s Names for each system. Android 4.0.4 was called Ice Cream Sandwich, which unified use on Tablets and Mobile Phones.
Eventually, the Opportunity came for an Upgrade of Phone to the LG Tribute. Android 4.4.2 is called KitKat. The LG Tribute operated on the 4G LTE Network of Sprint, via Virgin Mobile, but, at times it was the Slowest, Spottiest Network on many an occasion.
So, I shopped around. Sprint’s Network is horrible. 2.5 GB of High Speed Data before reverting to 2.5 G Speed is good reason to switch.
So there are the Subsidiary Companies of AT&T and T-Mobile and I looked at both. I also looked at T-Mobile and the AT&T GO Phone. But the Subsidiary Non Contract Companies looked so much better, especially in the Network and Data Departments.
Verizon Wireless, for all their vaunted network, as a Prepay option, was out of the question. They act too much like the Old Ma Bell.
AT&T Mobility via the GO Phone, as far as Data is concerned, is of the Ma Bell Mentality, though not as bad as Verizon Wireless. $45 buys 1.5 GB of 4G LTE Data. $60 buys you 4GB. But they have Rollover Data Plans. Be prepared to Spend Time at Starbucks or Mc Donald’s.
So I looked at Cricket Wireless, now owned by AT&T Mobility. It is now on AT&T Mobility’s Extensive Network and is a Bargain Service.

US$25 buys you Unlimited Talk & Text. US$40 buys Unlimited Talk, Text & Data at 4G LTE Speeds, but only 2.5 GB of 4G LTE, before being throttled. US$50 buys the same but with 5 GB of 4G LTE.
US$60 buys 10 GB of 4G LTE. Good Phone Selection includes the Nokia Windows Phone & the iPhone, as well as Android Phones. Comparably a bargain by comparison to GO PHONE.

Metro PCS was once a carrier with its own CDMA Network, operating like Sprint & Verizon Wireless. AT&T Mobility and T-Mobile use a network called GSM which is huge in Europe. Metro PCS is a Susidiary of T-Mobile and operates on the T-Mobile Network.
Their plans are quite Good. And by switching from Virgin Mobile by Sprint, I got a new LG Leon 4G LTE Phone for Free. And the US$60 Plan gives me UNLIMITED 4G LTE at all times. And I keep my Mobile Phone Number. There is a fee for the switch but I can’t complain. And the Service on T-Mobile is better than ever.
Both Metro PCS and Cricket Wireless allow you to bring your Unlocked GSM Phone to their companies and you buy a SIM Card to put in your phone. SIM is Subscriber Indentification Module.
On T-Mobile, the Unlimited Plan is US$80, so I saved a few dollars.

Today, My Phone received an Over The Air Upgrade in regards to the Android Lollipop Operating System, from 5.0.2 to 5.1.1. It was a good thing to switch over to Wi Fi to do it. My phone is recharging here at Starbucks on Queens Boulevard. The next upgrade should be to Android M.
The last Over The Air Phone System Upgrade was with the T-Mobile Sidekick several years ago.
And via T-Mobile, I have no complaints. During the 2003 Northeast Blackout, only T-Mobile had both data and voice service on Mobile Networks. AT&T did not. Nextel had phone service but no walkie talkie service nor data service. I should know from calling a friend in Colorado, who put on CNN. He info’d me that the Northeast was blacked out. What a night!
The AT&T Mobility Phone was a Night Light.


Whilst At Coffee Still On 4G LTE & Catholicism

3 Jul

You may have guessed it that I am in Laptop Central, also called Starbucks, religiously mocked by Canadian Curmudgeon, The Redoubtable Mr Rex Murphy, who once asked one night on “CBC News-The National”, whether any self respecting Canadian would care to be served one’s “Cuppa Joe” by a “Barrista”, a Fancified Term for Coffee Server.

At Tim Horton’s, it is the Strong Brew, whilst at Starbucks, it’s Atmosphere and a Wireless Fidelity Connection. Why? It seems that in the Interest of those with Data Plans on their fancier than average mobiles, the Data Packages for their iPhone 6S, is a huge sum for Paltry Service. Who knows just how much Verizon Wireless, said to be the Best Service since the coming of Television, will charge for 10 GB of Data. Do the words “Arm & A Leg” mean anything to you?

For I remember Bluetooth Connections between a Palm PDA and a T-Mobile Feature Phone. AT&T Wireless, when seperated from the Main Company, played like it was Ma Bell with loads of fees & Limited Text Messaging. T-Mobile treated Texters properly while AT&T Wireless found ways to hold everything to 100 Text Messages per user.The Young liked Text Messaging, which led them to T-Mobile.

Currently, I am breaking my fast after receiving Holy Communion at Mass on the Feast of St. Thomas Apostle, The Apostle who Brought Christ’s Church to India. He was the Easternmost of The Twelve Apostles. Two Eastern Catholic Churches were brought to Fruition in India. Thomas(Didymus), which means Twin, in The Upper Room, was told by Jesus, to put his hands into The Wounds of The Lord and Savior. Thomas exclaimed “My Lord and My God”(Dominus Meus et Deus Meus).
This is a Short Ejaculation Prayer acknowledging The Corporeal Real, Substantial Presence of The Christ In The Eucharist, in Body & Blood, under the APPEARANCE of Bread & Wine.

The Word Of One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church must go out there, that Christ’s Church does NOT SUBSIST in The Catholic Church.

Hence, as to all this extra data being required, Christ’s Church, The Bride Of Christ IS THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. NO Ifs, Ands or Buts.

Dominus Meus Et Deus Meus


The Parent Company & Subsidiary

2 Jul

T-MOBILE has built a great network. In fact that Metro PCS is fully part of it, means one can really get a real bargain. Whereas T-MOBILE is the “Uncarrier”, and having gone to No Contract Service, well I was able to look at bargains online. Sure as anything, $80 buys unlimited 4G LTE with The Parent Company, but their bargain carrier, Metro PCS, sells unlimited for $60.
It works similarly on AT&T, under Cricket Wireless. At $60, 10GB is High Speed 4G LTE. Yet, on AT&T GO Phone, $60 buys 4GB of 4G LTE.
This got me a chance to get away from Sprint’s Virgin Mobile, though at $35 and 2.5 GB, the signal from towers, is horrible. I had thought about Sprint’s Boost Mobile, I realized that Sprint’s Service just blows. It was just time to go.
And Starbucks will see less of my money. And isn’t that a Great Thing.


“Sprint”ing To T-Mobile Via Metro PCS

2 Jul

Now I know WHY I fled Sprint’s Virgin Mobile…Virgin Mobile Service was as slow as Molasses if not slower.
I downloaded WordPress and Skype rather rapidly, all without having to expend cash for a Coffee at Starbucks, which was rapidly becoming my Data Centre.
I can now go anywhere on unlimited 4G LTE.

And Starbucks can keep their overrated Coffee.


Like the NY Mets, Someone Please Buy Sprint

30 Jun

The Coffee at Starbucks is fine, but most people are at Starbucks, more for the Mobile Data. And with One’s Mobile Data Service coming from Sprint via Subsidiaries called Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile, may mean evenings in Wireless Fidelity Locations. And I would rather enjoy Fresh Air than Mechanically Cooled Air, though in polluted and humid air, “Laudato Si” will not apply here.
And in the case of Sprint, I do notice that as much as you advertise over the US Television Networks, you guys don’t really have much of a National Network, let alone one which can be utilized in Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Richmond Hill and Woodhaven in the NYC Borough of Queens. This is NOT FUN.
My Immediate Suggestion is for Softbank to either “S–t or get off the pot”, in regards to Sprint. You gotta do something to prevent Customer Defections.
As for The Wilpons In Regards to the NY Mets:


Paying The Bill Differently From Before

13 Feb

It used to be that I would tap in my “Top Up” Card Personal ID Number on the Phone Pad and I was credited with having paid my Virgin Mobile USA bill. But with a new phone, it is not the case.

Now I have to go to the “My Account” Section to enter the “Top Off” Code # and my bill would be paid.
Initially, I did it the old way, but then I  changed to the online form. And it works just fine. The switch confirms this phone as a mobile computer and this
Is how I will take care of payments from now on. One doesn’t NEED to carry the laptop with them with this arrangement.


M, Eh!

Two Best Monthly Phone Plans

31 Jan

Neither is a Contract Plan. Both are plans from a Sprint Subsidiary. And you will get plenty for your money.
In both those plans, you will buy your phones. But you will save over that Contract Plan, where the phones come with the contract, but you save on all those annoying fees and taxes, like the MTA Tax.

I have Virgin Mobile, part of Sprint. I didn’t buy into it for Rock Music. But I do like it for pretty good service plans. Virgin Mobile has two of the best plans for what one may need.
The 1st Plan is for US$20, giving the customer unlimited calling minutes and unlimited text messaging. But to use the web, one must go to a place with Wireless Fidelity. The Only thing here added on is Sales Tax to the monthly fee. But one has to buy a wireless phone, like Android, iPhone or Windows Phone. The phones aren’t subsidized like the Contract Phones are. But you do get a plan comparable to a contract plan.
Another rather good plan is for US$35 where one has a choice between 2.5GB of 4G LTE High Speed Data, plus Wireless Fidelity at your favorite coffee shops and book stores, Unlimited Texting, 300 Calling Minutes and Unlimited 3G Data. The 2nd US$35 Plan is for 500MB of 4G LTE Data, Unlimited Calling, Text and 3G Data.
In NYC, the Sales Tax is added on, so the $20 Plan is $21.80, while the $35 plan is $38.11.
Not bad, in fact, it’s Great.

M, Eh!