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Explosively Too Cold To Do Anything

15 Feb

Will take it easy and stay warm, staying off bad left leg.
Normally, February show temperature moderation, but not this winter of 2015. It didn’t really become cold until a week and a half ago. Conditions are Arctic Like with Fierce Winds, causing the Cuurent 10 Degrees Fahrenheit to feel like -11 Degrees Fahrenheit. The Sun is going down. It will be colder later, here in Forest Hills, Queens.


M, Eh!

The Maritimes Are Facing The Brunt Of The Blizzard

28 Jan

Dear New York Metro Area:
With only a foot of Snow, you got off easy.
But New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, well they are getting Walloped by this storm.
One wonders if this is a foretelling of what may occur at Super Bowl XLIX, score Wise.
About a Metre and One Half is expected in those areas.
New England got walloped today. Is this a sign that Belichik and Company will meet a Similar Fate?
The answer is Sunday at 6pm(7:30pm in Newfoundland)until the end of the game.
Meanwhile, New Yorkers got off easy.


“Go Buy A Quart Of Milk. You’ll Find Out Later”

26 Jan

I was at The 1PM Mass at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs R C Church in Forest Hills, Queens, NY.
It was at The “Parochial Announcements”, when Parish Administrator, Fr. Frank Passenant, ma de a most unusual announcement:
“Go buy a quart of Milk. You’ll find out why, Later.”
I sensed a Weather Event.
It was on WKTU-FM, when news of a Super Blizzard came. Imagine 4′ of snow by Tuesday.
I am about to buy a few supplies and stay home.
Ahhh, but the Milk Advisory was most interesting. It was 48 Degrees F, when Father gave his Milk Advisory.
Never fully trust mild weather in January, or you may be up to your pippicks in Snow.


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