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Frank Cavellaro Called This One Correctly, Eh!

23 Jan

Frank is Weather Forecaster for CBC Owned CBMT Channel 6 in Montreal & heard on CBME FM 88.5 FM in Montreal(104.7 FM In The West End of Montreal).  Since I have the Tune In Radio App for the Android Mobile Phone, I do tune in to CBC Radio One in Montreal.
Outside of WCBS Newsradio 880AM here in the 5 Boroughs, where “Traffic & Weather Together On The Eights” gives me the NYC Weather Forecast, and is rather reliable, Montreal is where I get the “Fore Forecast”, as I find that what occurs 36 to 48 Hours before in Montreal, is what occurs here in The Five Boroughs of NYC.
And Frank called this storm over 24 Hours Ago. It’s -4°C with 8 CM on the ground here.
Thanks, Frank!


Kyrie Elaison

NYC Spring Time In About 3 Hours

20 Mar

At least it’ll warm up tomorrow.
The Last Vestiges of Another Bad Winter will fade away EVENTUALLY.


One Metre Of Snow @ 120 KPH

26 Jan

That is the above Weather Forecast for the New York City Area, from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation or CBC.
It translates to 3.28 Feet of Snow at 79.2 MPH.
A good day to stay off the road as Visibility will practically be nonexistent. Bus, Railroad and Subway Service may be suspended.
As far as that Litre of Milk that Fr. Passenant at Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs R C Church, suggested that everyone purchase yesterday, I may get 1 Extra Litre of Coconut Milk for next 36 hours. Maybe two would be better.
Thank You Father and CBC for this useful information.

M, Eh!