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“24”Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship Round III

14 Jan

This will NOT be a Live Streaming Time. And it will be on 1st Class Video Networks Vimeo &, in HD 720p.

I choose NOT to utlize “The Clown Car” called You Tube. After attempting a Live Streaming Web Telecast on You Tube, I switched over to, who are pros when it comes to this & we were on for one Three Minute Round. If Veetle had straightened out the problem of the Android 5 & 6 Systems, it would have been streamed there, live.

And broadcast quality on You Tube is never really that good. Besides, on You Tube, too many morons patrol the comboxes. I never have that Problem on Dailymotion. I never had that problem on Vimeo, though some brat in Middle Village, Queens bragged that she had my 1st Vimeo Account canceled. That 2011 Coverage can still be seen on Dailymotion.

In fact, the Vimeo Portion will be a Classic Black & White webcast, as an Artistic Experiment. will be crystal clear & in Colour.

You might say that Catholic Apologists Louis Verrecchio & Michael J. Matt, serve as examples of utilizing Platforms other than You Tube. I plan to do this. The last time it was done was in 2011. It was successful outside of You Tube.

Here we go again, except that it’ll be a 1 Hour Webcast on both seervices.


Kyrie Elaison

Summer Ends At 4:21AM EDT On Wednesday, 09/23/2015

21 Sep

But the Comfortable Weather Is beginning to come in. In short, it is Jacket Weather. And it feels good as the Mosquitos are not making their appearance.
Just last week, there was heat & it was rather uncomfortable. Even Air Conditioned Buses were a bit too warm.
It felt like The Summer That Would NOT Go Away. It was NOT unlike The Winter of 2014, that Winter had a Blizzard which arrived after a 60°F Day, which was during Super Bowl XLVIII. There was enough Snow to donate to the Sochi Winter Olympics from that Snap Blizzard.
The Fall Equinox, the point where the Sun passes over The Equator, brings us to the Realization that Winter is not far off & a New Year is Nigh. And, as it has occurred in the Fall of The Year in New York, The Pope is coming to New York. Blessed Paul VI came in October of 1965. St. John Paul II came in October, 1979 & October, 1995, while Pope Francis I comes here in a few days, as Fall has begun. Only Pope Benedict XVI has come in April, 2008.

Deo Gratias!


Kyrie Elaison

Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy @ St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church In New York City – Video Dailymotion

4 Jul

From about two years ago.

Harpist Tomina Parvanova(Live From Our Lady Of Mercy RC Church Forest Hills, NY)

29 Dec

My Most Dear Friend and The Live Broadcast From East Glendale, NY

27 Jun

This was an Historical Evening and it was Live on The Live Streaming Telecast came from the Parish Hall of Sacred Heart of Jesus R C Church in East Glendale, Queens, a Stone’s Toss away from Forest Hills, somewhere across the Great Divide called Woodhaven Boulevard.
But, during my great crisis of 2013, a Woman who is a Convert to the Catholic Faith, noticed that I was in great pain from Bursitis. She approached me and said “Jesus Loves You-Jesus Wants Us to be Friends.” She supplied me with something to relieve the pain. It was a Homeopathic Remedy which worked.  This grew into a Friendship and many intelligent CATHOLIC DOCTRINAL Discussions, as She is a Convert from Greek Orthodoxy.
But last year, She spoke on my behalf to the Brother Knights, who I once led as Grand Knight from 1996 to 1998. The Knights of Columbus at Msgr Sherman Council 5103, in cooperation with Ancient Order of Hibernians Division 14Queens County, aided in setting up a Fund to aid a Distressed Brother.
They aided me with $100 for my personal use. Two Days later, the Woman, now known as My Most Dear Friend, handed me extra money and spoke these very words:

“Go Buy The Phone.”
For Members of Msgr Sherman Council Knights of Columbus 5103, My Most Dear Friend was given the title of “Guardian Angel of Past Grand Knight Michael Leggett.” Something was beginning to click.

So, on Tuesday, June 24th, 2014, History was made when the Camera on the Android Phone synced with the App and Station Square Studios transmitted the 1st Live Broadcast from East Glendale, which lasted for 43 Minutes. The 1st Guest to appear was the Pastor of Our Lady of Mercy, Reverend Msgr John A. Mc Guirl, currently a member of The Council followed by a Group of Council Honorees.

But, had this extra money not been given, there might not be the Classical Concerts From Forest Hills Our Lady of Mercy Parish on Station Square Studios One(Veetle) or the Recognition Night Live Broadcast on Station Square Studios 2(

To My Brothers Knights and Hibernians and To My Most Dear Friend, a Parishioner of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs-Forest Hills, I say these words in Gratitude;

Ad Multos Annos;
Deo Gratias!

M, PGK, Eh!

Tomina Parvanova on Harp in Concert – Live Video Stream on Veetle

23 May

stationsquarestudios – La Boheme Opera Short Sequence

21 May

Crybaby Sidney Crosby-How Appropo

15 May

Have you been watching too many videos of Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez? Do you think that you are named Madonna? Are you a Diva like Lady Gaga? Do you relish the mere thought of being the target of a Rex Murphy Rant on “CBC News-The National”? Are my critiques going to be of a Genteel Sort? Frankly, my rants are along the lines of Mother Angelica, while she is ripping Bubha Clinton “A New One.” Just ask Roger Cardinal Mahony, how she has the ability to lay it on the line.
Whining about a Goaltender’s Water Bottle being too close to You? Are you trying to steal screen space from “Derek Jeter’s Farewell Tour?” Why is the NHL going along with a Penalty being called? Is it to rescue what is left of CBC’s Ratings? Why am I ripping you “A New One”, this way? Perhaps, you should ask Rex Murphy about “The New One”, he will rip you on “CBC News-The National.”
To the Guys on FOX News Show, “Red Eye”, I introduce you to the New North American Sports Diva, Sidney Crosby. He puts Jeter and A-Roid to Shame.
“Rip Sidney Crosby ‘A New One’, but good.”

M, Eh!

Williamsburg, Hipsters, 3AM

10 May

They’re armed with Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee, an Android or iPhone, a MetroCard and the NYC Bus Time app on the Phone.
One lassie, she was on the Q54 Platform at Williamsburg Bridge Plaza, waiting for the Q54 Bus. She has the iPhone and Bus App. She told me that she’ll walk to Graham Avenue and Grand Street. It was around 2:15AM.
At one time, like 20 Years Ago, one would be afraid of Williamsburg In The Daytime, let alone the Middle of The Night. But by 2000, Things began to change and Williamsburg, which is old and gritty, had a Youthful Invasion.

I will Drink to That.

M, Eh!

Fr. Frank Passenant Called This Right

9 May

I was at Mass at Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills, Queens, and it was the 1st Day of Spring, which was as cold as the “Winter which did not want to go away.”
He cracked “See you in May, when we get the 1st Beautiful Weather.”

Over the next week, there will be temperatures in the 70°s F(20°s C), here in NYC.  Showers which began in April, continue with a Vengeance in May.

Father Passenant Called This Spring Right.

M, Eh!