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September 11 & Byzantine Catholics

10 Sep

For those of you who are Ukrainian Greek Catholic and are on the Traditional Julian Calendar, tomorrow is The Feast & Fast of The Beheading of St. John The Baptist. It is a Day of Liturgy(Holy Day of Obligation) & a Day of Abstention From Meat. According to the Traditional Julian Calendar, September 11th on the Gregorian Calendar is August 29th on the Traditional Julian Calendar.

But, I doubt that any of you have forgotten Tuesday September 11th, 2001 when at 8:46 AM ET, a Plane was crashed into the North Tower at the World Trade Center Complex, followed by a second Plane crashing into the South Tower of The World Trade Center Complex at 9:03AM ET. The South Tower collapsed at 9:59AM ET, with the North Tower collapsing at 10:29AM ET.

Do this day as one of Prayer & Penance. Also do abstain from Meat. This is for all Catholics, East & West.

Ad Aeternam Et In Paradisium, Orate Fratres.


Kyrie Elaison

Doing Things Differently Today

4 Apr

Why shouldn’t I do things a bit differently on this Good Friday? It is a day Where one abstains from Meat. It is a Day of Prayer & for me, Catholic Commentary to be written. It was a Day to discover Catholic Faith Traditions & Locations.
Last Night I prayed the Joyful Mysteries of The Rosary. Early This Morning with Threatening Weather, I prayed The Sorrowful Mysteries of The Rosary.
It has been said that one’s attitude changes with praying The Rosary. It is as if Our Lady is There with You in your quarters.
I then spent some time writing & reading some rather snarky political commentary by Ann Coulter in the online edition of Human Events. Then I digitally penned my blog “A Roaming Catholic & went out to eat.

I am an Honorary Hoosier. Christian Civilization is under attack from Extremely Humanistic Practitioners of Acts from Sodom & Gomorrah. Some of these Practitioners of Sheer Evil, are threatening to annihilate Christian Businesses in Indiana. The State of New York, Home to Il Supremo Due, Governor Andrew Cuomo(Pronounced as Cumo by Rush Limbaugh), is boycotting Indiana, much to the Delight of Certain Residents of Greenwich Village, Jackson Heights and Kew Gardens. But, here is something strange & hypocritical, as Il Supremo Due is headed to Cuba, where Homosexuals are a persecuted minority, which will not look good in Greenwich Village. Il Supremo Due is looking to drum up business for New York State. If he is looking for tourists from Cuba, he has all the chance of a Snowball Fight in Miami Beach at Noon on July 4th. What a Rocket Scientist!

Lord Have Mercy(Kyrie Elaison)!

So with Prior Years, I had marched between St. Thomas Apostle and Holy Child Jesus Parishes in Woodhaven & Richmond Hill, Queens.
There was always the Stations Of The Cross at Holy Child Jesus and have recorded the March for viewing on Vimeo & Dailymotion. There was even Live Coverage on Ustreamtv, not that anybody watched.
But on Good Friday, The Rosary in The Sorrowful Mysteries was done early in the morning.
I decided not to head to Our Lady Queen of Martyrs at Ascan Avenue and Queens Boulevard. I knew of a Small Catholic Parish on Van Wyck Boulevard a few yards away from Hillside Avenue, on the Cusp of Kew Gardens and Briarwood, Queens.
I knew a couple of Priests from there who have since passed on. One of them was Chaplain of Morris Park 566 Knights of Columbus and passed away in the Early 1990s. One of them served at St. Thomas Apostle in Woodhaven, Queens until he was named Pastor of St. Cecelia Parish on the Williamsburg & Greenpoint Order in Brooklyn. He died near the end of 2013 at age 88.

I picked up a Copy of the Bulliten from Our Lady of The Cenacle, which still has a Parochial School attached to the Rear of The Church. The Parochial School was once staffed by the Sisters Of Charity Halifax, an Order which once taught me at St. Sylvester School on Grant Avenue in City Line, Brooklyn. The School was in existence from 1950 until the last decade of this century. The Old School Building is leased to a Special Needs type of High School.

In reading the Bilingual Parish Bulliten, I read the name of the Parish Administrator. This Priest is also familiar To me as he also served at St. Thomas Apostle in Woodhaven, Queens, before being named a Parish Administrator in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Fr Robert Morales is the Parish Administrator. He offered the Mass Of The Presanctified yesterday at 5PM at Our Lady of Cenacle in English. I had called the Rectory and inquired as to when a Good Friday Liturgy would occur.
There was the Reading of The Passion of Jesus Christ according to St. John, Veneration of The Holy Cross & then Holy Communion.
This lasted about an hour.

I was on my way To Moose Lodge 1642 when I stopped at Acey Ducey’s Pub on Metropolitan Avenue at 71st Avenue and partook of some grub and refreshment. And then I headed home.

One can say that I was content to changing the routine a bit.

Una Buena Pascua!


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