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This Is NPR-Normal Puke Radio(Censored)

28 Oct

Normal Puke Radio, also known as NPR, is controlled by Liberals and use the power of utter Soviet Style Censorship, to put over someone’s Leftist Agenda.
Michael Voris asked a long question of Archbishop Bruno Forte in regards to the section of the Relatio Document of the Extraordinary Synod On The Family, about What Gifts do Homosexuals have to offer The Catholic Church.
NPR reported this in censored form, while making it out to be that Catholic Independent Media are merely activists and not Journalists.
Archbishop Forte danced around the question, yet the NPR reported only the words that matter to the Left, that Forte mentioned giving respect to all people.

M Voris called for an Independent Catholic Media, not attached to the Catholic Church Establishment.

I also recommend that at the next PBS NPR pledge drive, that PBS and NPR be ignored.


M, Eh!

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