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F Train Normal Again, Yes?

1 Jun

Taking it W34th Street/6th Avenue for heading to St. Francis Of Assisi RC Church on W32nd Street for Sacrament Of Penance.
What will be done after the Sacrament, will be essayed here. I am headed to the Sacrament because I let Temptation overcome me.

Kyrie Elaison


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M X W57 For This & Next Weekend – I Confess

9 May

I like riding above ground on an Elevated Line in Brooklyn on Broadway. The M Train, whose Trunk Line is the IND 6th Avenue Subway Line is operating into Midtown Manhattan. I get to see assorted “Hipsters” in both Bushwick and Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Middle Class Soccer Children, coming from Metropolitan Oval in Maspeth, rode back to Manhattan on the M 6th Avenue Weekend Train, with their Fathers. Hipsters got on at Myrtle Wyckoff, Knickerbocker & Central Avenues and all along Broadway in Brooklyn.
Headed over the Williamsburg Bridge(The Hipster Highway), with the M heading underground at Essex Delancey Street Station. Noticed all the people playing with their Smart phones, even underground. I went as far as W34th Street. I had to attend to private business in a Transcendent Atmosphere.
So on W32nd Street between 6th & 7th Avenues. I went down the steps of the Place of Transcendence. The Lower Level was quiet. I then went into a small room & locked the door.

I went to the Sacrament of Penance for this location was St. Francis of Assisi R C Church in Midtown Manhattan. This was the place of Transcendent Quality which was implied above. I confessed my sins & prayed for several people, living & dead.
It was my parents (Ma, D.1994, Dad, D. 2000), who liked going to the Franciscans for the Sacrament of Penance. I drove them there even though I utterly despised driving in Midtown, a place which can unnerve people over several years. They Also introduced me to Our Lady Queen of Martyrs in Forest Hills, several years ago.

I decided to head home via Q32, Q53, Q60, Q23 & Q54 Buses. I didn’t want to stay underground. In fact I used the Q54 Bus to Metropolitan Avenue M Terminal to catch the M Train to Manhattan.

And to The Lord God In The Trinity, for all those people mentioned and unmentioned:

Deo Gratias!


EWTN “Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom at the 2013 Napa Institute Conference” on YouTube

2 Apr

Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom at the 2013 Napa Institute Conference:

This is a major Conference of the Catholic Church, Predominantly in the Roman Rite, this Byzantine Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom(Bishop, Confessor, Doctor of The Church, Tridentine Calendar Feast is January 27th in keeping with the Celebration of The Three Holy Hierarchs of The Eastern Catholic Churches of One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church and in the New Liturgical Calendar of the Ordinary Form Mass on September 14th)was offered at the Napa Institute Conference to show the Diversity of Expression in the Liturgies of The Church.
With a Choir, this Timeless Liturgy which is over 1600 Years Old & Older than the Tridentine Latin Mass, is one of Wonder & Awe.
Even without a Choir, it is a Liturgy of Wonder & Awe, for from November 2013 to October of 2014, I went to 23 Ukrainian Byzantine Divine Liturgies offered in English at St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in the East Village In Manhattan & Holy Cross Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Astoria Queens.
I have to go back to Mass in both locations. I an awed by that Liturgy.
Deo Gratias


The Weekend Of Catholic Church Perspective

7 Apr

The Weekend Of The Triune Liturgies has taught me about how One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church teaches Her People through Her Liturgies.
I have an idea what you may be thinking. There is your local Latin Rite Catholic Parish. You usually gather together for the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass because of the Mandate that this is The Lord’s Day. You are there for 40 to 50 minutes and then go out into the World. You listen to the Readings and the Gospel and Subsequent Homily. The Priest offers the Sacrifice of Unleavened Bread and Wine to become The Body and Blood of The Christ. You receive Him at Holy Communion. You sing Songs, much of which is, while based in the Psalms, is Self Based and NOT God Centered. And you do this Week After Week.

You are NOWHERE NEAR THE Church, except from an entirely Parochial Perspective. The Ordinary Form Mass of Venerable Paul VI is Not the entire show of The Catholic Church in The Americas.
Did you ever go to a Holy Qurbano? That is the Mass in the Antiochan Rite Maronite Catholic Church. This Eastern Catholic Church never separated from The Vatican. The Italo-Greek-Albanian Catholic Church of The Byzantine Rite, has never separated from The Vatican.
The Byzantine Rite Catholic Churches have their own Ethnic Churches. The Byzantine Rite is mostly associated with the Eastern Orthodox Churches of the Patriarchate of Constantinople(Modern Day Istanbul Turkey).
The Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom is the most commonly used Liturgy in the Byzantine Rite Catholic Churches. St. John Chrysostom was Patriarch of Constantinople, at a time of the Heresy of Arius, who taught that Jesus Christ is only a Super Human and Not Divine. St. John Chrysostom coined the Phrase “The Road to Hell is paved with the Skulls of Bishops.” St. John Chrysostom is a Bishop, Confessor and Doctor of The Catholic Church.
For on this past Saturday at the Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, at 5PM called the Vigil Liturgy, I went to Holy Cross Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Astoria, Queens, and prayed this Holy Mass in English.  What this Mass taught me is of our Sinfulness and NEED to Repent of The Sins we have committed. Like in the Latin(Roman)Rite Tridentine Latin Mass of 1962 & Before, the Priest and Parishioners face East, as if awaiting the Return of Christ. Even the Cantor and Lector, when reading the Epistle and Singing the Gradual as it is called in the Latin(Roman)Rite, also face East.  This Liturgy is One of Penitence, calling for the Remission and Expiation of Sin. This is also a chance to sing Hauntingly Beautiful Byzantine Chant. There is intense devotion to Mother Mary Theotokos, She who bore Christ The Son of God written in this Liturgy. All of this is sung without Musical Instruments. So, in this part of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, you will hear NOTHING which is composed by the St. Louis Jesuits including Dan Schutte, Nothing from Marty Haugen, David Haas, Bernadette Farrell, Owen Alstott or Hymns like “Table of Plenty”and “Anthem.”
If you prefer staying in the Latin(Roman)Rite, there is the Tridentine Latin Mass of The Roman Missal of 1962, which is both Truly International, Awesome and Beautiful, and entirely in Latin. And you will kneel at the Communion Rail. Nothing is ever received in one’s hand.
The Byzantine Rite Catholics receive while standing up, by tilting their heads back and receiving both the Body and Blood of Christ by Intinction, via Holy Communion Spoon.
There is a Diversity of Solid Catholic Liturgy across the 23 Sui Juris Churches of The Catholic Church. Even in the Ordinary Form Mass of The Latin Rite, there is a Byzantine Touch to it, whether it is the Epiclesis(The calling down of The Holy Spirit to Sanctify the Bread and Wine so it will become the Body and Blood of Christ), to the Prayers of The Faithful, to the chant of “The Kyrie”(Lord Have Mercy), to the reception of The Body and Blood of Christ, to the Standing for Holy Communion.

For The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church is called to make Disciples of All Nations. It was The Case from The Time of Christ, unto the End of Time. To Truly Know The Church is to Truly Know Christ.

Pax Tecum, Pax Domini Sit Semper Vobiscum, Amen!


The 3rd Mass And Penance After This Message From Deacon Greg Kandra & A Word From Your Local Parish

7 Apr

The 3rd Mass was at 1PM EDT(6PM GMT) @ Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills, Queens. The Celebrant was The Most Reverend Paul Sanchez, Pastor with Deacon Greg Kandra, of the blog, “The Deacon’s Bench” on

In the Gospel, proclaimed by Deacon Greg Kandra, this is the story of Lazarus, in the tomb, dead for 4 Days. Jesus meets Martha and Mary. Jesus is moved to Tears over the Death of Lazarus. He orders the stone rolled back & commands Lazarus to rise from the tomb.
This foretells Jesus’ Own Death and Resurrection. For The Christ is on His way to Jerusalem, where He would go through His Passion, Death and Resurrection.

In Deacon Greg’s Homily, we are reminded that we, too, are like Lazarus, in that one day, we will face The Just Judgement. We must be Ready.
For Deacon Greg Kandra spoke of the days when he rarely darkened the doors of The Confessional. So he told those who were at the 1PM Mass about going to Confession, which in his case was for the 1st Time in years. So he went to St. Francis of Assisi on W31st Street. He went through the Entry Rituals and the Franciscan Priest told Greg “Welcome Home.” Now I knew why my Dear Parents loved going to the Franciscans for the Sacrament of Penance(Reconcilliation).

After Mass, I headed by Bus to St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church in Midtown Manhattan. Confessions were heard at 4:30PM until 6PM. I waited for a brief period in the queue. I then confessed my sins, which were in need of being forgiven.
Yes, Greg, I was made to feel Welcome.

This was something of a Penitential Weekend, beginning with the Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, where when one prays in this Mass, you become so aware of one’s Sinful Ways. It is a POWERFUL Liturgy.
Then, one becomes more aware during the Tridentine Latin Mass of 1962 of one’s NEED for Repentance.
Still again, it took the Coaxing of Deacon Greg Kandra to head to Confession, for he mentioned about Pope Francis going to Confession, as seen on Television and The Web. The Holy Spirit moved me with His Wisdom, away from Sin to the Sacrament of Penance(Reconcilliation), Quietly and Mysteriously. He gave me Courage to confess my sins, Face To Face with the Priest. It made for a Better Confession.

Deo Gratias!


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