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Of Awe & Of All Souls

3 Nov

I have been to All Souls Day Masses in The Ordinary Form of Mass, where the Names of The Faithful Departed would be read in the Litany of The Faithful. I have been to the Mass of The Resurrection(What the Novus Ordo Mass Name for Requiem Mass is called). Protestantism has affected The Sensus Catholicus in such a way that Death, Judgement, Heaven & Hell, are rarely spoken about. Purgatory, in Novus Ordo Land, is almost never spoken about, which Fr Villa Preached in a Brief Homily.
Fr Leonard Villa offered the Mass, aided by The Deacon, Fr Christopher Salvatori, who it has been said, taught many a Priest in The RC Archdiocese of New York, including Fr Villa, to offer The Tridentine Latin Mass. The Subdeacon was an Altar Server named Eddie. In The Roman(Latin) Rite, Subdeacon was an Ordained Order until 1968 when the Sacraments underwent changes.

This is called “Missa Memorium Pro Defunctis”, or Memorial Mass For The Dead. We get the word Defunct from Defunctis, so in reality, the Tridentine Latin Mass is not all that difficult to follow.

There are many chants including “De Profundis”, which the chant “Out of The Depths I Cry Unto Thee, O Lord.”
On the Catervault, a Coffin, covered with a Black Cloth with Religious Marking, is displayed. There were Rites for the Dead, chanted in this ceremony.
At the Conclusion, there was a Procession to the Sacristy.

As This Missa Solemnis occurred The Epistle, Gradual, Tract & Gospel are chanted in Latin, as is the case of the Normal Tridentine Latin Mass.
So to conclude this Mass, the Epistle & Gospel were read in English & the Brief but Incisive Homily was given by Fr Villa. And then we were dismissed. The Theme of November is Prayer For The Souls In Purgatory.

On the way out, I met a Three Compatriots from The Queens Latin Mass Group. It was Grand to meet up with them. One of them brought her son. Last Year at Douglaston, that woman drove me to Woodhaven Blvd and Jamaica Avenue.

A Blessing of a Holy Water Dispenser and Font took place, with Fr Christopher Salvatori celebrating The Blessing, done in Latin, followed by Hyssoping those Present, in the Foyer of Holy Innocents RC Church in Midtown Manhattan on West 37th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue.

It was a Night Of Awe & Prayers For The Dead.

Pray For The Souls In Purgatory, that they be admitted to The Beatific Vision of Heaven.

Deo Gratias!


Kyrie Elaison

September 11 & Byzantine Catholics

10 Sep

For those of you who are Ukrainian Greek Catholic and are on the Traditional Julian Calendar, tomorrow is The Feast & Fast of The Beheading of St. John The Baptist. It is a Day of Liturgy(Holy Day of Obligation) & a Day of Abstention From Meat. According to the Traditional Julian Calendar, September 11th on the Gregorian Calendar is August 29th on the Traditional Julian Calendar.

But, I doubt that any of you have forgotten Tuesday September 11th, 2001 when at 8:46 AM ET, a Plane was crashed into the North Tower at the World Trade Center Complex, followed by a second Plane crashing into the South Tower of The World Trade Center Complex at 9:03AM ET. The South Tower collapsed at 9:59AM ET, with the North Tower collapsing at 10:29AM ET.

Do this day as one of Prayer & Penance. Also do abstain from Meat. This is for all Catholics, East & West.

Ad Aeternam Et In Paradisium, Orate Fratres.


Kyrie Elaison

A Broadcast Monitored In Windsor, ON

2 Sep

“Dear Anchor”, operating from a Warehouse In Detroit, MI, USA, while Weeping, Moaning and Criticising The Man in The White Cassock, under the Code Name of “Roma”, was knocked off the air after using words containing the letters “S, P & X.”
According to a Ms Denial, “Dear Anchor” is in seclusion for using “The Dreaded Four Letter Word, SSPX” and is on “Re-Educational Retreat”, somewhere under the Jurisdiction of O. D. Nichols, unbeknownst to Nichols ORDINARY.

Callers to SportsRadio 66(& 101.9 FM), did react “With Much Joy.”



Fifth Sunday After Pentecost(Tridentine Latin Mass)

28 Jun

The Epistle is from The 1st Book of Saint Peter, Chapter 3, Verses 8 through 15.
There is a touch of the Beatitudes here and for people not to return Evil and Insults nor to speak Falsehoods. One must return from Evil and Do Good & revere the Lord Christ in one’s heart.

In The Holy Gospel According to Saint Matthew, Chapter 5, Verses 20-24, Jesus Christ is NOT all Warm and Fuzzy. He “Raises The Bar” and warns of being reconciled to One’s Brother or one will end up Fiery Gehenna(Not Miami at 12Noon on July 4th, but something worse).

On “Gaytrimony”, which may have Man’s Legal Standing but NOT GOD’S Grace, there may be(Will Be)a Time of Persecution of Christians, particularly Catholics. It can take any form, especially in the form of Homofascists hiring Unscrupulous Barristers.

Mass was at Saint Agnes on E43rd Street in Midtown Manhattan at 1100 EDT(1600 GMT).

Pray For The Pope’s Conversion and for those who are active Homosexuals.

Kyrie Elaison


At 12:05 PM THIS Will Be An Unusual Sight For Me

26 May

As To those of us who usually assist at the Tridentine Latin Mass and the Byzantine Catholic Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, This Liturgy will look a bit strange as will the Calendar Orientation. For what is called “Ordinary Form Liturgy”, practicing “Versus Populum” will seem strange after one’s “Holiday Time Of Ad Orientem.”

Yes, I am going to a “Missa Novus”, where the Priest faces ” Liturgical West”(Towards Portofino Ristaurante in Forest Hills, Queens) instead of “Liturgical East”(Jerusalem).

This I do realize that most Roman/Latin Rite Catholics either only know this form of Mass by years of conditioning, not realizing that there are other forms of Catholic Church Liturgy, whether in the Roman/Latin Rite(Tridentine Latin Mass), or The Eastern Catholic Churches, particularly in the Byzantine
I am heading to Mass the way people have worshipped for the past 45 Years. It is still The Mass. The Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ is made manifest to us, whether on a High Altar or a Freestanding Table Altar. The Priest is validly ordained.
It is, sadly the ” Music”, which is capable of causing “Intestinal Distress”, Nausea or other maladies such as headaches. Heading to the 12:05 PM Mass on a Weekday will spare my ears of ” Musically Inclined Flatulence.”

Nevertheless, Christ comes to us in The Eucharist with His Grace poured out at Holy Communion.
And if you have the Sacrament of Penance before Mass, please utilize it for the Forgiveness of Sin, especially if one is not sure one is in.

I never made it to the 12:05PM Mass, rather I went to the Tridentine Latin Mass at 6:00PM at Holy Innocents in Midtown Manhattan.

Pax Vobiscum


M X W57 For This & Next Weekend – I Confess

9 May

I like riding above ground on an Elevated Line in Brooklyn on Broadway. The M Train, whose Trunk Line is the IND 6th Avenue Subway Line is operating into Midtown Manhattan. I get to see assorted “Hipsters” in both Bushwick and Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Middle Class Soccer Children, coming from Metropolitan Oval in Maspeth, rode back to Manhattan on the M 6th Avenue Weekend Train, with their Fathers. Hipsters got on at Myrtle Wyckoff, Knickerbocker & Central Avenues and all along Broadway in Brooklyn.
Headed over the Williamsburg Bridge(The Hipster Highway), with the M heading underground at Essex Delancey Street Station. Noticed all the people playing with their Smart phones, even underground. I went as far as W34th Street. I had to attend to private business in a Transcendent Atmosphere.
So on W32nd Street between 6th & 7th Avenues. I went down the steps of the Place of Transcendence. The Lower Level was quiet. I then went into a small room & locked the door.

I went to the Sacrament of Penance for this location was St. Francis of Assisi R C Church in Midtown Manhattan. This was the place of Transcendent Quality which was implied above. I confessed my sins & prayed for several people, living & dead.
It was my parents (Ma, D.1994, Dad, D. 2000), who liked going to the Franciscans for the Sacrament of Penance. I drove them there even though I utterly despised driving in Midtown, a place which can unnerve people over several years. They Also introduced me to Our Lady Queen of Martyrs in Forest Hills, several years ago.

I decided to head home via Q32, Q53, Q60, Q23 & Q54 Buses. I didn’t want to stay underground. In fact I used the Q54 Bus to Metropolitan Avenue M Terminal to catch the M Train to Manhattan.

And to The Lord God In The Trinity, for all those people mentioned and unmentioned:

Deo Gratias!


Removed Altar Rail-“Ouch, My Knees”(Commentary)

4 Nov

The Tridentine Latin Mass meets the NO:
It is interesting when one kneels on a marble floor with NOTHING to push back from. With the “De-Romanizing” of The Roman Rite(29/11/1969), the Altar Rail, which separates the Sanctuary from the Nave, has become as rare as NY Jets Victories in 2014(Now that is rare).
In the effort to make the Roman Rite Catholic Mass feel comfortable to Liturgical Protestants such as Lutherans and Anglicans, since neither has a valid Priesthood, the Roman Catholic Elements of The Liturgy were removed and replaced with such elements as a portable altar with no Saint’s Relic, Mass offered “Versus Populum”(Facing the Congregation, Oh, So Protestant) Standing for Holy Communion(Byzantine Rite Practice), Vernacular Use(both Byzantine Rite and Protestant), Collective Confiteor(Lutheran Version, Romanized, as one of a # of options), Holy Communion Under Both Kinds(Romanized Version of Byzantine Rite Practice), Laity for Sacred Readings(Byzantine Practice, though Reader is not in the Sanctuary in Byzantine Rite), Offertory Prayers not meant to Anticipate the Sacrifice of The Mass by substituting a Passover Table Prayer(Jewish upon Protestant Consultation As Well as Consulting Books by the Catholic Heretic, the Jesuit Teilhard De Chardin),Readings of Three Readings of Old Testament, Responsorial Psalm, New Testament, Psalm and Gospel(Anglican Structure From Anglican “Bishop”), General Intercessions/Prayers of The Faithful(Based on Great Litany of The Byzantine Rite), Opening Prayer of Mass(From Byzantine Rite Opening to Eucharistic Anaphora), Multiple Eucharistic Anaphoras(Byzantine and Antioch Formulae, Romanized), Sign of Peace(Abandoned Roman Rite Practice, mimicry of Byzantine Rite Practice on Forgiveness Sunday just before Great Lent) and the Deletion of The Last Gospel, the Story of The Incarnation. In short, the Roman Rite is practically nonexistent. There is no “Hermeneutic of Continuity.”And the Modernistic “I Love Me” Music, is the kind of Music which you might “Throw Up To.”Gregorian Chant is in Very Few Parishes. The Misuse of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, is a Novel Roman Rite Addition, as are Female Altar Servers. Female Altar Servers are used by the Lutherans and Anglicans, who actually ordain Female Ministers.

Hermeneutic of Continuity? Try Hermeneutic of Modernist Mindset Confusion. The Novus Ordo Mass is certainly NOT Roman. It is a New Rite of Worship, called NOVELTY.Where is Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke when you need him?

And so there was no Altar Rail. My right knee aches. I thank that kind woman, a regular at the Tridentine Latin Mass at St John’s Cemetery Chapel in Middle Village, Queens, for helping me to rise to my feet.
But, all is not lost, for a Corporeal Work of Mercy was done. As this is a Penitential Day, as the Tridentine Calendar calls Monday, November 3rd, 2014, All Souls Day, I offered up the pain in my knees for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. For The Christ suffered on the Cross unto Death, what is a little pain in my knees.

Kyrie Elaison!

M,  Eh!

The Novus Ordo Mass Free October

31 Oct

This has not been done since October, 1964. With the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom added to the equation, this has been nothing like this month in 50 Years.

For I was 9 Years Old in Cypress Hills-City Line Brooklyn, NY, and the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass was in Latin. I was in 4th Grade. This was the last month in Church History where the whole month had regularly scheduled Masses in Latin. It was in 2nd Grade when I learned to read Latin in 1962.

It is also 45 Years since the Promulgation of The New Roman Rite Catholic Mass and, since attending the Roman Rite Catholic Mass of The Truly Roman Rite Form, one wonders if the Two Roman Rite Catholic Liturgies are even remotely related or similar. From what I gather by observation, it looks as if the Roman Rite is dead in the water, replaced by a mixture of Lutheran and Anglican Elements, as well as Byzantine Practice(Not Very Well Done, Either).

The Tridentine Latin Mass is NOT the Priest turning his back on the Congregation. Rather, the Tridentine Latin Mass shows the Priest, “In Persona Christi”, leading The Church Militant(Those who live Their Lives in Daily Struggles & NOT the Internet Television Service of The Same Name) in a Bloodless Representation of The Sacrifice of Christ at Calvary. The Prayers of The Sacrifice in both Offertory and Consecration speak of The Supreme Sacrifice which Christ Offered to His Father.

For as the Hostia(From where we get the word Host, which means Victim, which speaks of The Sacrifice of Christ at Calvary) & The Wine, which speaks of Blood to be shed at Calvary, there are Propitiary Prayers of Sacrifice and of Penance offered by The Priest for his own Sins and for those of The Faithful Christians, Living and Dead. He offers the Victim to The Father. He cleanses his hands for the Sacrifice which comes in a short time. The Priest does this inaudibly. God can hear this Great Supplication along with the all male Altar Servers. This more than suggests Sacrifice.
At the Sanctus, bells are rung and the Prayer is offered. The Eucharistic Anaphora called The Roman Canon is offered. The multiple genuflections done by the Priest, speak of Sacrifice.
The Seeming Silence of theĀ  Offertory and Consecration is a time to pray and Contemplate the Mystery of Christ’s Redemption of Humanity.
Receiving The Body, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, kneeling at the Altar Rail is Key here in the Tridentine Latin Mass. One is acknowledging that Christ, Consubstantial with The Father, is WHY we of The True Roman Rite Catholic Church, kneel before The Triune God.
And in this True Roman Rite Catholic Mass, we are reminded in The Last Gospel of The Incarnation, that “The Word Was Made Flesh.”

In the Old Testament, in Genesis, two of Adam and Eve’s Sons, Cain and Abel, offered Sacrifices to The Lord. Abel, offering an Unspotted Lamb, immolated the Lamb, which was pleasing before The Lord.
Cain, on the other hand, only offered Fruits of The Earth. This did not please God.

Cain slew Abel.

This foresees, as I look at this, a War in Christ’s Church, between the Truly ONE Catholic Church and the one the Modernists want.
The Modernists who brought us a Manufactured Liturgy of Mechanical Worship, left out the Contemplative Beauty of The Mass. It becomes nothing more than Clanging Cymbals, making an annoying noise.

I have not been to the Ordinary Form of Mass since September of 2014, with one a Funeral Mass(Missa Requiem), where the Responsorial Psalm was sung to the Accompaniment of a Guitar, though “Pie Jesus” was gloriously sung in Latin by a Dear, Lovely Young Woman(She did have a problem with the Marty Haugen “Hit”, “All Are Welcome”[An Anthem of The Modernists], which I also dislike, as it does sing of Oneself). The Second Ordinary Form Mass, as part of a Knights of Columbus Council Installation Ceremony, was a collection of Modernist Music of SELF, most nauseating,  which could have caused a case of “Auricular Diabetic Syndrome”, as well as for what a Most Dear Friend would call this Liturgical Muzak, “Vomit, Barf, Puke, (Bleep), Gross, Sick, Stupid and Pathetic.”

Where would you rather Worship The Triune God:
@ a place of Clanging Cymbals, or a Place of Devotion and Contemplation?
Take that 2nd Option for You will be Happier. Your Soul and The Souls in Purgatory will thank you and so will God.

Deo Gratias!


Deo Gratias For The Order St. Francis Of Assisi Founded

29 Aug

If there is a couple of things I have learned, it is that the Latin and Byzantine Rites do complement one another, Liturgically.
This is especially true when the Ordinary Form of The Mass is offered. The Prayers of The Faithful-General Intercessions are variations of the Litanies of the Antiphons in the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom and the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St Basil The Great, both of which are variations of The Divine Liturgy of St James The Apostle.

The Latin(Roman)Rite tends to be more Legalistic, as the Extraordinary Form of The Mass, called The Tridentine Latin Mass(Eastern Term is the Divine Liturgy of St Pius V), shows with two recitations of The Confiteor & More Formula in the Prayers, while the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy is more Litany and Antiphonal in approach.
As the Good Franciscan Priest put it to me after the Sacrament of Penance, that while the Latin Rite is the Legalistic Approach, the Byzantine Rite takes a more Holistic Approach.
I believe that I will continue to worship in both Rites.

Credo In Unum Deo
Kyrie Elaison


Heading To Penance & To Mass In Latin

28 Aug

I need it and need it BADLY.
1st is the Sacrament of Penance, then a trip to Holy Innocents R C Church on W37th Street for The Venerable Practice of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass.
It should keep me away from the Nasty Temptations which one suffers through, including anything Erotic.

I read today’s Gospel as this is the Feast of Saint Augustine, Bishop, Confessor and Doctor of The Church. The Gospel According to St. Matthew says it all as The Christ says that a City on a Mountain cannot be Hidden, that a Lit Lamp gives Light and should not be Hidden under a Barrel. Those who violate even the smallest law will be Least in the Kingdom of Heaven.

St. Paul in his Epistle to Timothy, writes of Preaching The Word In Truth. He also speaks of his own demise, which is imminent.

Santa Maria, Madre De Dios, Ruega Por Nosotros Peccadores!