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The Novus Ordo Mass Free October

31 Oct

This has not been done since October, 1964. With the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom added to the equation, this has been nothing like this month in 50 Years.

For I was 9 Years Old in Cypress Hills-City Line Brooklyn, NY, and the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass was in Latin. I was in 4th Grade. This was the last month in Church History where the whole month had regularly scheduled Masses in Latin. It was in 2nd Grade when I learned to read Latin in 1962.

It is also 45 Years since the Promulgation of The New Roman Rite Catholic Mass and, since attending the Roman Rite Catholic Mass of The Truly Roman Rite Form, one wonders if the Two Roman Rite Catholic Liturgies are even remotely related or similar. From what I gather by observation, it looks as if the Roman Rite is dead in the water, replaced by a mixture of Lutheran and Anglican Elements, as well as Byzantine Practice(Not Very Well Done, Either).

The Tridentine Latin Mass is NOT the Priest turning his back on the Congregation. Rather, the Tridentine Latin Mass shows the Priest, “In Persona Christi”, leading The Church Militant(Those who live Their Lives in Daily Struggles & NOT the Internet Television Service of The Same Name) in a Bloodless Representation of The Sacrifice of Christ at Calvary. The Prayers of The Sacrifice in both Offertory and Consecration speak of The Supreme Sacrifice which Christ Offered to His Father.

For as the Hostia(From where we get the word Host, which means Victim, which speaks of The Sacrifice of Christ at Calvary) & The Wine, which speaks of Blood to be shed at Calvary, there are Propitiary Prayers of Sacrifice and of Penance offered by The Priest for his own Sins and for those of The Faithful Christians, Living and Dead. He offers the Victim to The Father. He cleanses his hands for the Sacrifice which comes in a short time. The Priest does this inaudibly. God can hear this Great Supplication along with the all male Altar Servers. This more than suggests Sacrifice.
At the Sanctus, bells are rung and the Prayer is offered. The Eucharistic Anaphora called The Roman Canon is offered. The multiple genuflections done by the Priest, speak of Sacrifice.
The Seeming Silence of theĀ  Offertory and Consecration is a time to pray and Contemplate the Mystery of Christ’s Redemption of Humanity.
Receiving The Body, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, kneeling at the Altar Rail is Key here in the Tridentine Latin Mass. One is acknowledging that Christ, Consubstantial with The Father, is WHY we of The True Roman Rite Catholic Church, kneel before The Triune God.
And in this True Roman Rite Catholic Mass, we are reminded in The Last Gospel of The Incarnation, that “The Word Was Made Flesh.”

In the Old Testament, in Genesis, two of Adam and Eve’s Sons, Cain and Abel, offered Sacrifices to The Lord. Abel, offering an Unspotted Lamb, immolated the Lamb, which was pleasing before The Lord.
Cain, on the other hand, only offered Fruits of The Earth. This did not please God.

Cain slew Abel.

This foresees, as I look at this, a War in Christ’s Church, between the Truly ONE Catholic Church and the one the Modernists want.
The Modernists who brought us a Manufactured Liturgy of Mechanical Worship, left out the Contemplative Beauty of The Mass. It becomes nothing more than Clanging Cymbals, making an annoying noise.

I have not been to the Ordinary Form of Mass since September of 2014, with one a Funeral Mass(Missa Requiem), where the Responsorial Psalm was sung to the Accompaniment of a Guitar, though “Pie Jesus” was gloriously sung in Latin by a Dear, Lovely Young Woman(She did have a problem with the Marty Haugen “Hit”, “All Are Welcome”[An Anthem of The Modernists], which I also dislike, as it does sing of Oneself). The Second Ordinary Form Mass, as part of a Knights of Columbus Council Installation Ceremony, was a collection of Modernist Music of SELF, most nauseating,  which could have caused a case of “Auricular Diabetic Syndrome”, as well as for what a Most Dear Friend would call this Liturgical Muzak, “Vomit, Barf, Puke, (Bleep), Gross, Sick, Stupid and Pathetic.”

Where would you rather Worship The Triune God:
@ a place of Clanging Cymbals, or a Place of Devotion and Contemplation?
Take that 2nd Option for You will be Happier. Your Soul and The Souls in Purgatory will thank you and so will God.

Deo Gratias!


Deo Gratias For The Order St. Francis Of Assisi Founded

29 Aug

If there is a couple of things I have learned, it is that the Latin and Byzantine Rites do complement one another, Liturgically.
This is especially true when the Ordinary Form of The Mass is offered. The Prayers of The Faithful-General Intercessions are variations of the Litanies of the Antiphons in the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom and the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St Basil The Great, both of which are variations of The Divine Liturgy of St James The Apostle.

The Latin(Roman)Rite tends to be more Legalistic, as the Extraordinary Form of The Mass, called The Tridentine Latin Mass(Eastern Term is the Divine Liturgy of St Pius V), shows with two recitations of The Confiteor & More Formula in the Prayers, while the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy is more Litany and Antiphonal in approach.
As the Good Franciscan Priest put it to me after the Sacrament of Penance, that while the Latin Rite is the Legalistic Approach, the Byzantine Rite takes a more Holistic Approach.
I believe that I will continue to worship in both Rites.

Credo In Unum Deo
Kyrie Elaison


Heading To Penance & To Mass In Latin

28 Aug

I need it and need it BADLY.
1st is the Sacrament of Penance, then a trip to Holy Innocents R C Church on W37th Street for The Venerable Practice of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass.
It should keep me away from the Nasty Temptations which one suffers through, including anything Erotic.

I read today’s Gospel as this is the Feast of Saint Augustine, Bishop, Confessor and Doctor of The Church. The Gospel According to St. Matthew says it all as The Christ says that a City on a Mountain cannot be Hidden, that a Lit Lamp gives Light and should not be Hidden under a Barrel. Those who violate even the smallest law will be Least in the Kingdom of Heaven.

St. Paul in his Epistle to Timothy, writes of Preaching The Word In Truth. He also speaks of his own demise, which is imminent.

Santa Maria, Madre De Dios, Ruega Por Nosotros Peccadores!


The “Fun” Mass Of Memory

15 Aug

Joe: “Frank? Who’s the Biggest Schmoozer In The Brooklyn Diocese?”
Frank: “Why, You Are, Joe!”

Thus was, on The Vigil of The Feast of The Assumption, at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs R C Church in Forest Hills, NY, at the corner of Ascan Avenue and Queens Blvd, a Commemorative Celebration of The Life of Monsignor Joseph Angelo Funaro, Onetime Pastor of The Parish, Onetime Director of Communications for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn & Longtime Director of The Brooklyn Diocesan Theater Guild. Let me say that it was memorable, in the same way as Monsignor’s Installation Mass in April, 2000.
After the Readings of Old Testament, Psalm Chants, Epistle, Alleluia and Gospel, came the Celebratory Homily from The Quasi Official Historian of The Funaro Administration, The Redoubtable Fr Francis Passenant.

I have Two “Fun” Moments which I will be only too glad to share with you:
It was in July, 2000. It was at Holy Communion Time when Monsignor Funaro was standing at the foot of the St. Joseph’s Shrine, when he was distributing Holy Communion. I approached him to receive the Body of Christ. He warbled “On Eagles Wings”, as I stood before him, his eyes were closed as he sang “The Snare of The Fowler Will Never Capture You.”
It is as if this happened yesterday instead of 14 Years Ago.
But it would be almost 13 years later. I had finished the Sacrament of Penance, as he had heard my confession.
For he said to me that he is old, cannot get around like he used to, so I let him know that in mind and heart, he still gave a great homily. This story I have never told anyone before today. I am glad to have written this today so you may read it. For he also said that there is no such thing as a Small Miracle, as all Miracles are equal in The Eyes of God.

Deo Gratias Pro Monsignor Joseph Angelo Funaro!


“All Are Welcome?” Naaaah, Not Truly, Eh!

3 Jul

Just ask Michael Voris about his sojourn to the “Ground Zero” of the Annual Gay Pride Parade in Midtown Manhattan. He entered St. Francis of Assisi R C Church on West 31st Street. An usher suddenly appeared & warned Voris not to proceed any further, as he is not welcome, in a Parish Church where their motto is “All Are Welcome.” Voris told off the Usher that he would proceed into Mass to worship God.
After Mass, two Franciscans told Michael Voris that he is not welcome at St. Francis of Assisi on West 31st Street.
Now, I know WHY My Most Dear Friend stopped going to Confession, there. That The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass, was about to be turned into a Sacrilegious Event to Celebrate a Community of People who utterly reject Catholic Church Teaching.
Ironically, the Marty Haugen Penned “Treacle Classic”, “All Are Welcome”, served as the Opening Hymn at the Saturday Vigil 5:15PM Mass. Just the thought of this Treacle would utterly ENRAGE My Most Dear Friend. It would never see the light of day on East 43rd Street(Archbishop Fulton J Sheen Place), at St. Agnes RC Church, a Church noted for Catholic Tradition.
For the 5:15PM “Pre-Pride” vigil Mass, a little bit of St. John Chrysostom is appropriate here, as he once said these words:
“The Road to Hell is Paved with the Skulls of Bishops.”
This also applies to holding Celebration Masses for Those Who Utterly REFUSE to obey Church Teaching.
Apostasy is what applies here.

M, Eh!

Spy Wednesday Ends Lent In The Latin(Roman)Rite Ordinary Form Calendar

14 Apr

This Is The Day When Judas, Son of Simon The Iscariot, Betrayed Jesus for 30 Pieces of Silver, the Price of a Slave.
On Holy(Maundy)Thursday, The Easter Triduum Begins. During The High Mass of The Lord’s Supper, “Gloria In Excelsis Deo” is sung and bells are rung, then The Church Falls Silent. There’s no Final Blessing. This is the Procession of The Body of Christ to a place of Repose, signifying the Beginning of the Parts of The Three Days of The Christ in The Tomb.
On Holy Saturday Evening, the Church is in Total Darkness. Candles are lit. Readings of Antiphons and Epistles are done here. The Proclamation of Easter is Chanted. The “Gloria” is Intoned.
Just before The Gospel is proclaimed, the “Alleluia”, for the 1st Time in the Latin(Roman)Rite, is chanted. Easter begins at this point.
Catechumens are Baptized and Confirmed and will later receive their 1st Holy Communion. Others who received valid Baptism will receive Confirmation and Holy Communion. Those coming from Orthodox Churches, who received Baptism and Confirmation, called Chrismation, but not receiving Holy Communion, will Make a Profession of Faith and Receive 1st Holy Communion. Those Orthodox who did receive Holy Communion in the Byzantine Rite Orthodox Churches, will make a Profession of Faith. My Most Dear Friend made both a Profession of Faith and received her 1st Holy Communion at this Easter Vigil in 2012.
For on Easter, it is not the Bunny. Rather, The Christ Is Risen.

Deo Gratias!


They Asked God To Stop With The Serpents, But…

9 Apr

Moses leads His People, but they hit a proverbial “Bump in the Road.”
The Whining starts about everything. This is not something that God wants to hear, so He sends Serpents who bite and poison the Whiners. Some of the Whiners die. So God orders Moses to put up on a Seraph, a Bronze Serpent, so that those who gaze upon the Bronze Serpent, who were bitten, may live.

The Question is, were they Sorrowful for their Sin of Gravely Doubting The Almighty?

This is a question asked at the 12:05PM Mass at Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills, Queens. Asking that question is The Redoubtable Father Francis Passenant, Administrator of The Parish.

Whereas Jesus was in an Argument with the Pharisees, still He speaks of Penance(Reconcilliation). People were coming to believe in Him. But, He gives the Pharisees dire warnings about their Immortal Souls.
But, were the Whiners Sorry for their Sins? From what Father Passenant was saying, no Contrition was shown, hence no Grace was given by The Lord.

Very Good Homily was Given. He then finished Confessions after Mass.

We are in The Passiontide.

Pax Tecum!