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Two Rites, Two Liturgies=One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church

30 Mar

Pray For Ukraine.
For at 1PM Mass today at Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills, Queens, NY, the Pastor, The Most Reverend Paul Sanchez offered the Ordinary Form of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass. The Deacon who read The Gospel was Deacon Greg Kandra.  For this Gospel, a Blind Man was cured of his blindness by Jesus. Yet, the Pharisees, whose modern equivalent today would be Lawyers in Civil Practice(1-800- LAWSUIT), decried The Christ on the Basis of believing that He committed a Shabbos Violation of performing work on The Sabbath.  The cured man testified that The Christ Petformed the Miracle. The Pharisees then told the Cured Man to get out of their sight.
In the case of the Blind Man, it was discovering his Faith. The use of water symbolized Baptism, which cleanses from Sin. The Pharisees, who thought they knew everything about God, but were stubborn and blind when it came to Jesus Christ in performing His Miracles, were truly not the Holy Men they were purported to be.
At the Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom at St George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in the East Village at 4PM, the Gospel centeted on a Christ Miracle, this time curing a Mute, possessed by a Demon. Jesus ordered the Demon out of the man. Yet, like with the Pharisees before, certain Jealous types(Pharisees Alert), tried to claim that Jesus Christ is from Satan. Some people are jealous, who refuse to see and hear the good.
The Sacrament of Penance(Reconcilliation) & The Eucharist were preached about by the Very Reverend Canon Bernard Panchuk OSBM Superior and Pastor of St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.
Grace and Salvation was the Order of the day in Two Catholic Church Rites, Two Liturgies in One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

In Memorium of My Father, who would have been 94 On March 29th, Ad Aeternam Et In Paradisium, Amen!


Now I Know Why Tim Mc Carver Also Flubbed A Lot

7 Feb

Tim was in The Mets Television Booth with Baseball Hall of Famer Ralph Kiner for 16 Seasons. Ralph once said “Now Here’s a Word from Manufacturers Hangover.”

On a FOX Telecast in 2007, Tim was paired one more time with Ralph on Dodgers at Mets, for one inning of memories . Tim on Play By Play with Ralph as Analyst was like old times. But there was a “Mc Carverism” when Tim mistook Russell Martin for Sandy Alomar Jr. A “Mc Carverism” is like a “Kinerism”, in short, pretty funny.


Tim is retired & Ralph is “Gone, Goodbye.”


Baseball Hall Of Famer Ralph Kiner, The Last Broadcast Link To My Childhood, Passed On Last Night

7 Feb

He is The Last of an Era.
He was the ONLY One Who Made it into Citi Field.

For Ralph Kiner was noted for this one statement that “Home Run Hitters Drive Cadillacs”, but he backed up those words by leading the National League in Home Runs, mostly with the Pittsburgh Pirates, then a chronic cellar dweller. He also spent time with the Chicago Cubs, before being traded to the Cleveland Indians for a Pennant Drive.

But, it was his 54 Seasons in the NY Mets Radio and Television Booth which we in New York most remember. From a period of 1962 until 2013, Ralph graced the New York Airwaves, although on a Limited Basis these past few years.
For he broke in Tim Mc Carver as a Play By Play Host on Mets Telecasts on WWOR Channel 9 in the 1980s & 1990s(Tim was Superb as a Play By Play Host-The Networks miscast him in the Role of Analyst).
But Ralph Kiner with Bob Murphy(The Voice Of Summer In New York) & Broadcast Legend Lindsey Nelson, kept Mets Fans entertained for lo these many years. Those were great summers.

And Now They’re, as Ralph Kiner would say “Gone, Goodbye.”

Kyrie Elaison!


I Didn’t Know That NelsonMandela Was A Parishioner Of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs In ForestHillsNY

24 Dec

In the Bulliten for Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs in Forest Hills, Queens, for The Week of Sunday, 12/22/13, there was a list of those Parishioners who passed away within the past two weeks. It is on Page Two of the Newsletter
The Third Name listed?
Nelson Mandela is THAT Third Name.
As is said in the Old Testament Second Book of Maccabees, “It Is a Wholesome Thought To Pray For The Dead, that They may be loosened from their Sins.”
But, when did Mr Mandela ever worship at Ascan Avenue & Queens Boulevard? I cannot say that I remember that.
But, he is remembered through Maccabees II.

Pax  Domine Sit Semper Vobiscum!


The Wake, The Requiem Mass & Farewell

24 Dec

While in Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and The Atlantic Provinces of Canada, a wild Ice Storm had clobbered these regions, especially in Toronto, where in certain sections, power from Toronto Hydroelectric, may not be restored until St. Stephen’s Day, called Boxing Day in the British Commonwealth, on 12/26/2013. I have been relying on CBC Radio One for coverage of this storm up north.
Meanwhile, down here in Queens on Sunday, the temperature hit 71°F at Central Park, but was damp.
I went to a Friend’s Mum’s Wake in East Glendale on Sunday, 12/23/13.
It was time of warm talk & old friends.
The Requiem Homily, given at both the Wake Service & Requiem Mass, was sound, theologically & spiritually. The Chaplain of Msgr Sherman Council is also The Pastor Of Sacred Heart in East Glendale. Fr John J Fullum is quite excellent at these homilies.

The Requiem Mass was at Sacred Heart in East Glendale. There was GregorianChant at the Mass. Various Members of Msgr Sherman Council were at the Mass.

Life Is Not Ended, Just Changed.

Ad Aeternaum Et In Paradisium!

Pax Domine Sit Semper Vobiscum!


Watch “Angelis – Pie Jesu (Latin & English Lyrics)” on YouTube

19 Dec

The Nelson Mandela Funeral Is OVER

15 Dec

After a week of both Mourning & Celebration, his body has been laid to rest.
He died on December 4th.
The Funeral of US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was much shorter.
Still, in South Africa, the Celebration of Mr Mandela’s Life continues.
But, with his ascent to power, came liberalised Abortion.
Nothing is there to celebrate for “This Man Of Peace”, because, you see, The Marxist African National Congress supported Death for Those who could not defend themselves.
Nevertheless, may Nelson Mandela rest in peace.
But, let it be known, Not All Had Rights under The ANC, now being investigated for Massive Corruption.
My Thanks to CBC News via Radio in St. John, Newfoundland, Montreal, PQ & Toronto, ON, for quite excellent coverage, daring to ask questions about Nelson Mandela’s Activities of being an armed revolutionary. Those Questions had to be asked.
And to Michael Voris on Church Millitant.TV, for asking the questions about Abortion, which indicates to me that South Africa is a Nation, not truly all that civilized with Abortion being part of Mr. Mandela’s Legacy.


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