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I Don’t Recognize Ordinary Time As Catholic

11 Jan

For One Should see the Real Roman Latin Mass Calendar & realise that we are still in The Christmas Cycle.
Wednesday Is Still Baptism Of The Lord & that there are Sundays After Epiphany until Septuagesima Sunday on 01/31/2016, with the Final Christmas Cycle day of February 2nd, The Presentation of The Child Jesus In The Temple.

WE ARE ROMAN/LATIN RITE Catholics, NOT Presbyterians.


Kyrie Elaison

The Presbyterians In The USA, Who Must Like Movies

21 Jun

Have voted by a Huge Margin to allow “Chuck And Larry” Weddings to be performed.
This is not a movie-it is Real-& SAD.
Then again, this is what happens, when there is a Lack of Authority.

M, Eh!

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