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Establishment & New Media

1 Aug

The Establishment Media is busy with Cecil The Lion:
The New Media covers the Planned Parenthood Scandal;

Since WHEN is a Lion’s Life more important than a Human Life?

Kyrie Elaison!


March For Life & New Media

23 Jul

The Web has changed the News Game. And over the past few years, the Smartphone has changed the way News is transmitted.
One no longer has to rely on local newspapers or Radio and Television Networks to cover a story.
It is DYI Time. It is YOUR Story. In short, YOU Are Your Own Media Outlet. You are The Content Provider. And I have a few tips for you.

You Tube is OVERRATED. You read me correctly. It seems that people are under the misconception that because one uploads a Video to You Tube, one is already famous.

You must be reading too many editions of “You Tube For Dummies” if you fall for the line that you’ll be famous. Please! You Tube is often a Ticket to Utter OBLIVION. Zero is a Number and that is often what occurs on that service unless you have $$$ to shell out for a Viewing Number Enhancement Service. So unless you’re Justin Bieber, you can forget it. Ditto, Alex Jones!

If you must shoot a 15 Minute Video, there is Dailymotion. It is the World’s Second Largest Video Site and chances are quite Good for receiving recognition for your time you put into making that video. I received recognition for recording the 2nd Round of the 2011 Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship with the Video Coverage on Dailymotion, being carried over the Belgian Website of Europe’s Largest Privately Owned Broadcaster, RTL. Your chances are better than shooting video and uploading it to You Tube & besides, your High Definition Video will actually look like a High Definition Video, in short, will look Professional.
And it is a much better audience, as there aren’t the usual moronics watching Dailymotion.
Vimeo, provided that you have a $9.95 per Month account for Vimeo Plus, is a great option and you also will not have a moronic audience here.

Both Dailymotion and Vimeo upload videos quickly. I recommend either of these two services. In case of uploading to You Tube on the day of the March For Life, expect long waits because of huge numbers of uploaders, which may take awhile.
So forget You Tube if you want your work to be recognized.

We are in the Era of Live Video over the Web. One no longer has to hook a Video Camera to a Mac, PC or Chromebook present live video. One can do this via Smartphone or Tablet. And there are Apps for this function.

There is the Ever Ubiquitous, the Best Known Live Video Streaming Service, which is on iPhone and Android. It may not be good for Local Pro Life Rallies but CBS News and NBC use this service, so you might not be recognized, though it hooks into Facebook.
An Alternative is internationally known Bambuser, based in Sweden and Finland. The Associated Press is aligned with them and the App is nice and light, not eating up Megabytes. The AP may show interest in your coverage.
Still, another good alternative is in the USA. There is a good audience on this channel and one may hook into Facebook and Twitter as well as paste code into Blogs. iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android are the Platforms here for Smartphones.
Protestant Evangelicals are using Veetle, so I encourage Pro Life Catholics at these Rallies to use Veetle aggressively, as this is Free and an Alternative to You Tube, as is Bambuser.A 3rd Service called Streamera(Streamago) is another thought and is live, though 4G LTE and Wi Fi.

Have A Skype Account handy, as someone may want to plug into your Live Video Streaming Coverage. Also, make sure to have an Unlimited Data Plan. I have Unlimited 4G LTE Coverage on T-Mobile’s Metro PCS, which doesn’t strain the phone the way Sprint’s Virgin Mobile 2.5 GB 4G LTE did. In fact with Unlimited 4G LTE, all will be smooth.

For those who prefer short videos, Vine and Instagram will have your short videos hooked into Facebook. Also, Google+ is good along with Twitter.

Socialcam, on both iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8.1 is hooked into Facebook and You Tube as well as Instagram. Video is uploaded quickly. This was founded by the founders of the pioneering
Another is Keek, with ability to do short video coverage. iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8.1 and BlackBerry Platforms & a younger audience.

Pro Life Catholics must become more adept at using the New Technology and it is intuitive. There is more to it than You Tube.
iTunes is available for putting your coverage out there.

Get a CNN iReport Account and upload your Videos there. You really get exposure on that site. Vine and Instagram are great for short coverage, picked up on Facebook and Twitter.
Tumblr is great for short videos and Younger Catholics go there more often now.

This is my list of March For Life New Media Services for Catholics. We must use these Services to get the Pro Life Movement Message out there.
For outside of FOX News, we could be forgotten.

Vivat Jesus!
Vivat Christus Rex!


ABC, NBC & CBS-March For Life(Humorous)

23 Jul

About 1 Minute on the Nightly Newscast.
They are waiting for the Next Day for the 6 Person Protest at the Japanese Embassy over Baby Seal Hunts.

And That’s The Way It is!


BREAKING: Undercover video catches Planned Parenthood selling aborted baby body parts | News | LifeSite

14 Jul

Planned Parenthood or “Feminazi Central”

Dear Pro Life Brethren, Who Needs The US TV Networks?

24 Jun

YOU can send the Story of Your Mission To The World.
And You Will do a much better job at it as it is from the Heart.
And now, YOU can do it all LIVE.

And your web broadcast area will not be limited to just the USA. It will be seen
In many parts of the world.

If you look at it, the US Television Networks will be airing about a Minute in the Evening Newscasts.
Though I will say this about FOX News, with Exceptional Coverage including Commentary Piece by Brit Hume, their coverage was Par Excellence. It is the Standard “Big Three” Television Networks who will lead with “The Great Toronto Shark Hunt”(With a Nod to ” Rick Mercer Report” on CBC Television, Canada’s Public Broadcaster), as Lead Story, which in short, means forget about your message being heard.

But, more people are watching and reading the News online these days. There are people avoiding the Networks these days such as “The Big Three” and their Cable and Satellite Networks and CNN.
More are watching Videos. Now there is the Live Option.
An Interestingly good option is called Bambuser. It is easy on your Mobile Phone’s Storage. One can transmit live wherever there is either a Wireless Fidelity Node or from the Mobile Phone’s Data Package.
Bambuser has connections to Associated Press. Useful and Simple.
One can also use Veetle, which is good for picking up an audience, which tends to be a younger audience.
If one remembers Qik, now it is Skype Qik and Webcast the Story Live.

Particularly during the Pro Life March on Washington DC in January, live mobile transmission will be most effective.

The Best 2014 Coverage during the Deep Freeze Winter was done by Michael Voris. I wholeheartedly endorse his Coverage.

And You Will be Making History.And The Web is The Way To Go.

Vivat Jesus!