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Gary Voris & Fr Paul Confused By X & V

3 May

Am I saying that Gary M. Voris & Fr Paul Nicholson, from The R C Diocese of London, ON, Canada, are illiterate?

No, but their Mathematical Skills are a bit off. And they call themselves Traditionalist Catholics? What?

Fr Paul Nicholson is the Mission Preacher of the R C Diocese Of London, ON, Canada. Father is Spiritual Advisor To Gary Michael Voris. Father is based in Windsor, ON, just across the Detroit River from The City of & R C Archdiocese of Detroit, MI, USA, a Metropolitan Area which watches The Olympics on CBC Television rather than on NBC Sports(Mansbridge over Costas, Anyday, Eh).

The Letter X stands for the Roman Numeral meaning #10. The Letter V stands for the Roman Numeral meaning #5. Now what am I getting at?

In the case of X, both Gary M. Voris & Fr Paul Nicholson are running off at the mouth about X because it is in regards to their Extreme Dislike of SSPX, Or the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X. This duo, in the quest for Viewing #s on You Tube, report without accuracy that The SSPX are excommunicated.
Gary M likes to say that the SSPX are “Soft Sedevacantists.” From what I can see, I have never heard the term. He has actively accused Michael Matt(The Remnant Newspaper & Remnant TV), Christopher A. Ferrara(Same as Michael Matt & John Vennari’s Catholic Family News) & John Vennari of all being “Hard Sedevacantists.” Gary M accuses this group of trying to steer People away from One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church, just for being critical of certain Papal Decisions.
Gary M also stated that he spoke to 5 Cardinals in Rome who told him that the SSPX are excommunicated. Gary M refuses to name the 5 Cardinals.

“You Want Sedevacantists, Gary? I’ll Give You Sedevacantists. Their Order Ends With V”:
The Society of St. Pius V is a Sedevacantist Order of Priests, who like the Society of St. Pius X, offer the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass, who broke away from Archbishop Marcel LEFEBVRE, a number of years ago. The reason for this was that this group would not accept the validity of the 1962 Roman Missal, because of alleged Modernist Tendencies in that Missal. Sedevacantists believe that the Last Legitimate Pope, Venerable Pius XII, was the Last Pope and that his successors are all Antipopes.

I will say this to Gary M, that Michael Matt, Chris Ferrara and John Vennari are not Sedevacantists. They do hard hitting things including Asking questions which need to be asked. Meanwhile, all you do these days is complain about Timothy Cardinal Dolan cutting the cheese on a Subway Platform, as well as ripping a good many Bishops “A New One”, forgetting totally about the Pope, whose Agenda that the Bishops are following. You have little consistency. You act as if you are Pope in your mind.

In regards to Father Paul Nicholson, Mission Preacher, within the two hours of hearing about the Death of “The Fatima Priest”, Father Nicholas Gruener, himself born in Montreal, PQ, Canada, Father Nicholson, as if he was Gary M, went totally Ballistic, savaging Fr Gruener’s Name, in the way that Mr Voris savages the American Prince of The Church, Timothy Cardinal Dolan. It was As Charitable as force feeding a constipated human with Immodium.

Fr Nicholson, you belong on “JERRY SPRINGER”, just for your lack of Charitable Temperament.

Kyrie Elaison!


A masterstroke of evil genius | Harvesting the Fruit of the Vatican II

10 Apr

The Novus Ordo Mass & So Called “Inculturation”, is really nothing more than presenting “Entertainment”, with a Mass included.
One can almost envision a “Chuck Barris” Style to The Sacred Liturgy, perhaps in the form of “The $.99 Beauty Pageant” or “The Gong Show.”

As a Dear Friend once called it, “Bad Yogurt which sits in the Sun for 3 Days, is pretty bad.”
Actually, that would be “Rotted Milk”, which would cause massive nausea+Other Maladies. So imagine a Mass of assorted(& Sordid)”Entertainments”, and what they would do for(& TO) Your Soul.

It ain’t Pretty & is Blasphemous.


3S1 & 3S2 Nets of Station Square Studios: Ready

16 Aug

On Veetle, Station Square Studios is now 3s1net. On Bambuser, Station Square Studios is called 3s2net.
These Networks will be used for diverse programming. 3s1 will be for events of a Concert or other locally produced entertainment, while 3s2 will be used for backup of 3s1 & for Local News Events, as well as for documentary programming.
If this is successful, 3s3net will be done over WatchMyPeer. Purpose is undetermined until Network testing is done on 3s1 & 3s2.



NBC BRAVO & “Girlfriends Guide To Divorce”

21 Feb

To think that 25 Years Ago, BRAVO was a Pay Channel, noted for Classical and Cultural Programming, is just another Channel with Programming of the “Gossipy, Whiny Washwomen From East Glendale, Queens” variety. As “Seinfeld” would utter “Yadda, Yadda”, at least that show was actually FUNNY and Satirical in being “A Show About Nothing.”

I utterly DESPISE “Reality TV”, unless it is of the Live Type like a Sporting Event or a News Documentary. I once did a role of a ballplayer, warming up as a Left handed Softball Pitcher in a Reality Show about Men Cheating on their Girlfriends. For me, I did discover that I was a Lefty Softball Pitcher. This was to be on Discovery Owned OWN.
What’s Next? A show about Whiny Princesses called “Princesses-Great Neck”, where these Whiny Princesses wander around a Suburban New York Community, deprived of their smartphones and laptops for two weeks. Think “Princess Vespa”, the “Druish Princess” in “Spaceballs” & you get my drift as to where this is headed. People who are voted off the show are given Long Island Railroad tickets to get out of that town, plus their next month’s smartphone and Cable/Satellite Packages paid for. That is WHY They are Princesses, as there is a price to pay, if these whiny ones don’t kill each other first.
But Divorce is cruel and Sad. Children of Divorce suffer great stress such as ridicule. They often are bitter about this.
Yet, Bravo will premiere a show in the Fall. Believe me, the way Morality has gone low, there will be viewers of this crap.
What does that say about US?