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Close Of High Concelebrated Mass Honoring Bishop James Massa – Video Dailymotion

3 Aug

Gospel By Deacon Greg Kandra & Homily of Bishop James Massa – Video Dailymotion

3 Aug

Welcome Mass of Most Reverend James Massa – Video Dailymotion

2 Aug

Fr Robert Barron Elevated To The Episcopacy

26 Jul

This is interesting. This should be a cause for Fury and Nausea at the Warehouse Studio in Metro Detroit, In Beautiful Downtown Ferndale, MI.
For Fr Robet Barron, whose Video Series “Catholicism” is rather popular within The Catholic Church in The USA, is being made an Auxiliary Bishop for the RC Archdiocese Of Los Angeles. This means that his Consecration to The Third Level of The Sacrament of Holy Orders, will occur at the “Taj Mahony”, a Building which is called The Cathedral Of Our Lady of The Angels, which resembles more of either an Abstract Art Museum or Shopping Mall, a Monument to Modernism which Pope St. Pius X preached against in “Pascendi”.
Add The Most Reverend Robert Barron to the List of Members of The Catholic Episcopate, to be savaged unmercifully by The Mop Haired Visage of The Warehouse Studio in Metro Detroit.
In Short, Pray For The Most Reverend Robert Barron. He needs the Prayers, as does every man who receives the Sacrament of Holy Orders.

Deo Gratias!


At 13 Hours GMT A Most Rare Of Catholic Sitings

11 Jul

Which for those of you in the Eastern Time Zone in the United States, in the Roman Rite Catholic Church, in a Neighborhood once known for the Sporting Expression, “Six Love”, I did witness a Roman Rite Catholic Bishop with Three Priests of Senior Rank, act as Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion at Mass. As this was the case being this rare that what I call “The Armada Of The Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion” did not manifest themselves.
Then again, this appearance of The Sacred, Sacrificing Priesthood, which I usually witness at a Holy Communion Rail in a Very Crowded Tridentine Latin Mass, is a Most Rare Sight during the Ordinary Form of The Mass.

I know that I am writing as if I was listening to either the BBC or LBC(Leading Britain’s Conversation). In fact I was listening to both Radio Services on my Mobile Service, powered by T-MOBILE.

There was a fairly good crowd for Mass, who witnessed a touch of Tridentine Practice. There was also a touch of Byzantine Catholic Practice where the Epistle was led by a Layman. Unlike the the actual Byzantine Practice of The Layman reading from the Nave and facing Liturgical East, the Layman was in the Sanctuary.

If you must know and do know of The Reverend Deacon Greg Kandra, well, this is his Parish of Practice. And yesterday at Mass, this is one for the Memory Books with No Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. It had that little Touch of My Native Land, which is Brooklyn, NY.

Deo Gratias
Vivat Jesus


The Young Girl & The Litanies Of The Faithful

30 Jun

I know what “Culture Shock” is, especially when I go from the Tridentine Latin Mass over to The Novus Ordo Mass. In regards to Novelty, this is associated with the Missa Novus Ordo (Or Might that be Opus Dei, I am not sure).
So at The Litany of The Faithful, a 6 Year Old Girl read the Litanies Of The Faithful, perhaps a  Guinness Book Record for Novus Ordo Liturgical Novelty.
So, unless this Child was Baptized, Chrismated and Received The Precious Blood of Christ via Holy Communion Spoon in a Byzantine Rite Catholic Church(The Eastern Orthodox Churches also administer the Sacraments (Mysteries) of Initiation), I suspect that this Child may not have received even 1st Penance, let alone Holy Communion in the Roman/Latin Rite.
In the case of this Solemn Mass Of Thanksgiving for a Newly Ordained Priest, who will now act as this Queens Parish Administrator, this Parish Church was packed to capacity, with Reception and 1st Blessings by the Priest.

The Child was up in the Pulpit, perhaps standing on some form of platform. Then, listening to the Litanies, I recognized variations of Litanies which one responds to during the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.
It was hard to understand the “Wee One” but I did understand her.

And It Was Good.

Deo Gratias

Vivat Jesus


Live Video Stream on Veetle Remarks By Fr Christopher Heanue

30 Jun

Thanks were given to the 4th Degree Honour Guard of the Knights of Columbus and other Groups as Father spoke even of the Cloth used to wipe the Chrism from the Hands of the Newly Ordained Priest.

Vivat Jesus

M PGK 5103

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