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“Rear” Is A Double Entendre On March 17th

14 Mar

This appropriately is where “OUT@NBCUniversal” is marching in the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day Parade, at a part where the crowds are thinned out.

“Sorry, Ellen!”
That they’re at the Rear of The Parade, is appropriate, since this group knows the Other Meaning to Rear.

Of course, the Old Media will attempt to mainstream this group, is testament to the Old Media’s Survival.

Got that, CNBC?


On “The 2015 Saint Patrick’s Day Massacre”

7 Sep

Which groups will pull out? This may be what happens.
About “OUT@NBCUniversal”, how many of the group are of Irish Heritage?
Probably very few are at all.

It won’t be a real Parade, but only a Demonstration.

Kyrie Elaison!


(Bonne Fete De Canada)Happy Canada Day

1 Jul

It has been 147 Years Since The Confederation called The Dominion of Canada, began to rule Herself as a Nation, with certain permissions from Great Britain. It was in the 1930s when Canada no longer needed to send over to London certain legislation to be approved, but the Reigning Regent, also called The Crown, is STILL The Head of State, represented by Her Majesty’s Governor General, a Ceremonial Post.
Unlike the United States of America, where the President is Head of State, Queen Elizabeth II is The Head of State. The Authority is also Ceremonial. The Head of Government is The Prime Minister, Mr Stephen Harper. FOX News Viewers in the US will recognize Mr Harper as an Occasional Guest on “FOX News Sunday.”
Such as Hawaii becoming the Last of the 50 States in 1960, Canada received Her Last Province in 1949, called Newfoundland and Labrador. Ours are called States and Canada calls states, Provinces.
As I am listening to CBC Radio One Montreal(CBME-FM 88.5, 104.7 In The West End)via CBC Android Radio App, I learn more about the country every day. For those Yanks who don’t know about CBC, they are Canada’s Public Broadcaster, which traces their Roots to Canadian National Railways Radio Service. It was in 1936 when CBC, or Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, was chartered as a Crown Corporation, operating at Arm’s Length from the Canadian Government. Note that a Crown Corporation, also called a Statutory Corporation, operates like a Private Company, but is Government Owned. CBC in the early days, utilized the model of Europe’s Oldest Public Broadcaster, Radio Telefeis Eireann, Ireland’s Public Broadcaster, with both Government and Commercial Revenues.
And through the World Wide Web, I found that much of the 2008 US Presidential Election News Coverage and the 09/11/01 Coverage, was best viewed on CBC News-The National, hosted by Peter Mansbridge, who sounded somewhat like Walter Cronkite and like Walter Cronkite as Managing Editor of The CBS Evening News, Peter Mansbridge is both Managing Editor and Chief Correspondent of CBC News-The National.
Canada is Canada, the USA is The USA and share the World’s Longest Unguarded Border, where Communication and Goods flow freely. In the USA, the Resident Television Curmudgeon was the Late, Great Andy Rooney of CBS News. In Canada, the Resident Curmudgeon on CBC is the Redoubtable Rex Murphy. Both have spoken of memorable moments. Mr Rooney died 3 Years Ago. Mr Murphy can be accessed from You Tube and Dailymotion.

Canada? Enjoy The Celebration, Eh.

M, Eh!

CBC Up North “Cut”, Eh!

11 Apr

“Strombo”, he is gone after a 10 Year Run.
Does this mean that my favourite curmudgeon, the Redoubtable Rex Murphy, is in danger of becoming irrelevant?
Or, for that matter, Peter Mansbridge?
What about “Rick’s Rants?”

Rick Mercer once came up with an outrageously funny TV Special called “Talking To Americans”, showing just how rather ignorant Americans are about their neighbors from Up North.

“Up North”, in this case, does not mean The Bronx, especially since this Brooklyn Native who lives in Queens, is concerned. It is about a Country, especially in the Eastern Section, where the expression “Eh”, populates the speech. For I am speaking about Canada. Yes, “The Great White North”, land of Hosers called Bob and Doug Mac Kenzie.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, called CBC, is Canada’s National Public Broadcaster. They have sustained a major funding cut. A reported 657 jobs have been slashed over the next two years.
Now where are YANKS along the World’s Longest Underguarded Border going to view the Live Coverage of The Olympiad?
CBC has promised to continue to carry the Olympics. Ironically, the Vancouver Olympiad was carried on CTV and Rogers Cable, forcing Americans to make alternative viewing plans, such as viewing programming hosted by Commack, Long Island, NY Native & Mickey Mantle Poet Laureate, Bob Costas. The Americans by the US-Canada Border prefer CBC because of 24 Hour Live Coverage of The Olympics, as well as Objectivity shown by CBC Commentators.

CBC Radio and Television is about Canada. Their programming is Canadian in scope. They have a unique mandate to carry programming in regards to Canada. CTV and Global carry a lot of American Programming. Yet, this is what many Canadians tend to view. If they are close to the US Border, they tend to views stations from CBS, NBC, FOX and ABC.
At one time, CBC carried the CBS afternoon Soap Opera Schedule. It may explain as to why when the 50th Anniversary of The Assassination of US President John F. Kennedy was carried on CBC Television, that one saw and heard Walter Cronkite. Mansbridge does sound somewhat like Cronkite.

But The Market is gearing AWAY from CBC. Perhaps, as an American who has crossed the border in the 1960s and 1970s, I look at Canada as having much in common with the USA. When Canada was not the size in population which is much greater today and being more spread out, there may have been a need for a major public broadcaster. It was in 1960, with amendment to the Broadcasting Act during the Administration of Prime Minister John Dieffenbaker, which called for a Private Television Network to go into operation, and removal of The Licensing Authority of CBC.

At last, CBC had competition, beginning in 1961. And networks have shown that it is possible to compete for coverage of major sporting events. CBC has since lost Exclusivity over the National Hockey League, especially “Hockey Night In Canada”, which drove CBC in programming decisions.
One knew that when CBC lost the rights to the CFL(Canadian Football League including the Grey Cup, which is Canada’s version of the Super Bowl), the Era of The Public Broadcaster’s Dominance was coming to an end. It was when they lost the NHL, that CBC lost much public funding. Then again, when CBS lost the NFL to FOX in 1994, it began a new era. Now CBS has Sundays and Thursday Night NFL Football, Fox has Sunday NFL and still has MLB. The landscape has changed.
CBC once never had to compete for rights. Now it must compete. And they are not up to that. It may be time to privatize CBC, just like Air Canada is a Stock Company. Ditto, British Airways and Ireland’s Aer Lingus have privatized. Both are profitable.

But, this is a cycle. Maybe CBC will be back, but I think that it will be back as an enterprise, not under Government Ownership. It would be something if they were to be privatised. It wouldn’t have to run to Parliament.

Mr Murdoch, are you listening, eh?

M, Eh!

Underrated Television is From The Republic of Ireland

2 Apr

Let me say that RTE in Ireland, put out much more creative children’s programming than is done here in the States.
The Beo Show on Network 2, is children collaborating with performers to put on an Entertainment show. There is a block of more than cartoons, which is Yank Standard Fare. CBC Television in Canada have a block like this in the afternoons.

Knowing the Yanks, they will do a children’s “Reality Show”, called “Whiny You Tube Star Wannabes of Middle Village, Queens”, most likely on Tru TV or on Spike. Maybe MTV will do “Cugettes of Staten Island” to complement “Jersey Shore”. Note that Canadian Curmudgeon Rex Murphy will rip shows like those mentioned above a proverbial “New One.”

My advice is to download the RTE Video Player to your smartphone, head to a good wi fi hotspot and then view the shows on Ireland’s RTE. It will promise to be more educational and enjoyable than watching Snooki getting blasted.



The RTE Player On Android Is Available For Those of The Irish Diaspora

1 Apr

I am here in NYC in the USA. I am also of Irish Descent. I have an Android Smartphone.
To those of The Irish Diaspora, whether Native Born Irish or Heavily of Irish Descent and born elsewhere(Like Brooklyn, NY), the Television Player for RTE, Ireland’s National Public Broadcaster, is available for downloading and viewing. I was viewing “One News”, as seen on RTE One. RTE One is the Primary Network. The second channel, appropriately, is called Network Two. I was in Ireland and had viewed this system, funded by both Adverts and License Fees. Adverts, for you Yanks out there, are what you Yanks call Commercials, something you most enjoy during the Super Bowl, especially the last one.



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