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Starbucks App And The Young

1 Jun

I was watching a couple of “Tweeners”(Boy & Girl), with their Frappucini at the Order Pickup Station at Starbucks on Queens Blvd & Union Tpke. Tweeners are those between the ages of 10 to 12, just below 13.

To think that one used to go to an Ice Cream Parlor or wait for the Ice Cream Truck, tells one how times have changed. Now, an app on a Smartphone is used in a transaction.

To think that I used to think that Two Way Radios were the cool thing in the 1960s.
But, Nextel never really caught on the way Boost Mobile did, and that jammed the system.
Hence the Smartphone, which is a Mobile Computer on a Telephone.
And Text Messaging is still big.

So much for playing Dick Tracy!


“Meanwhile In D’ohland”

18 Dec

The question is in WHAT Country is Fr Peter Miqueli hiding?

Boy, Bill Donahue has been silent! He’s said NOTHING about Cardinal Dolan.


Kyrie Elaison

Mobile Coverage & Signals In Central Park

26 Sep

In Regards to MetroPCS:
It’s Wholly Owned by T Mobile & the T Mobile Signal & Data were strong 4G LTE. Hey, coverage via was strong.

Verizon Wireless:
Complaints from users in Central Park were rather numerous, as the Network may have been overcrowded. Trying to transmit Data from Central Park was a chore during the Papal Procession in Central Park. Then again, You Tube was overcrowded.

AT&T was busy. Sprint, well, STILL SUCKS. Text Messaging flowed all around the World from Central Park. I received a text from Europe & responded, as the Message came from AC 917.

This is the Big Difference between Pope Saint John Paul II’s Masses in both Aqueduct Race Track & Central Park. None of us had Smartphones, nor Text Messaging in 1995.

But, This Papal Visit is one for the books and one wonders just how did we do without these conveniences.

We just did!

Deo Gratias!


Kyrie Elaison

Text Across The Pond

15 Aug

84850 can be sent with message to LBC Radio.
Just sent message across the pond.


Skype Is The New AOL IM

17 Jul

If one remembers AOL Chatrooms & such, Skype is the New Way to do it.
Skype Members can chat for free, anywhere in the world.
Skype is also used by Internet Broadcasters around the world, including RemnantTV and “That Warehouse Studio in Detroit.”

You never know who wants to connect.

Streamera and Skype Qik Are Good News Tools

26 Jun

Both go on your Mobile Phone and in The case of Streamera, links with your Facebook account.
In the case of Skype Qik, Personal Announcements are videoed and sent to Friends and Family.


“Elton John & Timothy Cardinal Dolan May Like It But I Don’t”

27 Mar

This most recent St. Patrick’s Day Parade on 5th Avenue was, to the Delight of the Secularistic Media Minions, Sir Elton John, Ellen De Generes, Rosie O’Donnell, Neil Patrick Harris & Nathan Lane, as well as Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, a Day in which avowed Homosexuals marched behind a banner to celebrate Intrinsic acts of unnatural sexual behavior.

Timothy Cardinal Dolan was the “Star” of this show. Ed Sullivan he’s NOT.

Those other stars, In the Future, may appear.

Peptic Bismuth Anyone?


On The Parade Periphery & Texting

19 Mar

Because I have a bad neck, I now sit on the Parade Bus, relaying information to Hibernian Parade Marchers.
In ancient times, one took the Subway(MTA IND F Train) to West 46th Street and 6th Avenue to meet our marching contingents. But in later years, the group chartered a Bus to deliver us to that location, also called Little Brazil.
The Driver then went to a location & waited for his dispatcher’s Radio Call. The Group Leader would find a Phone Booth(You Remember those things in the days before Mobile Phones) & would call the Dispatcher. The Dispatcher would relay the Bus # & location of where the Bus was parked, to the Group Leader. After the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, we would gather together to either wait for the Bus to come to our Uptown Location, or find the Street where The Chartered Bus was parked.

That was about 15 Years Ago with having to telephone the Dispatcher. It was about 35 Years Ago with having to take the IND F 6th Avenue Subway to 47-50th Street/6th Avenue to arrive at the Marching Location on West 46th Street.

That was then. This is NOW. Bill, who hired the Bus to show up outside of St. Gregory The Great Roman Catholic School on the Cross Island Parkway Service Road in Eastern Queens, had a recent knee replacement. He and I manned the Bus. The Driver, a retired MTA NYC Bus Driver, knew his way around town. So we headed over to 8th Avenue and up Central Park West, to Adam Clayton Powell Jr Boulevard to West 116th Street, where a Right Turn was made and traveled to 5th Avenue, where a right turn was made. The bus stopped at West 110 Street(Central Park North) and 5th Avenue by Frawley Circle.

Thanks Be to God for the person who invented SMS(Short Message Service), also known as Text Messaging. A short silent message beats having to either stand in line at a Phone Booth or in the rain or both. As Bus Information Man #2, Texts came in from the Parade Route at West 46th Street & 5th Avenue, East 53rd Street & 5th Avenue, East 67th Street/5th Avenue, East 78th Street & 5th Avenue, with Parade Conclusion at East 79th Street & Madison Avenue. The next text was East 83rd Street & Madison Avenue.
Directions were given to turn left at East 86th Street and when one sees the 1st Double Parked Bus, one made it.

The Two Info Guys are real Parade Vets, remembering when the Parade turned down East 86th Street to its conclusion and breakup at East 85th Street and 2nd Avenue. The Parade is shorter today.
Bill took calls while I handled Texts.

I began texting in November of 1997. One knew sooner or later that Text Messaging would eventually be handy. The Point Man for the Queens County Ancient Order of Hibernians on 5th Avenue is the Friend who did this 1st, a couple of weeks ahead of me. In 1997, as Mobile Phones were starting to come into use to a greater degree, only OMNIPOINT Communications Phones had text messaging between phones and only on the OMNIPOINT Network. Then it was rare, unlike Today, to have Short Message Service, which then was much more common in Ireland & The UK where wee children sent many a text than here in the USA. OMNIPOINT is part of Today’s T-Mobile. Regular SMS began in 2000 on Sprint, AT&T Wireless & in 2002, on Verizon Wireless.

Today’s Parade required Digital Communication. But somehow one managed to get the message where to meet up to March up 5th Avenue in the days of Subway Tokens & before MetroCards.
This Parade existed before The USA came into being. And despite the various Political and Ecclesiastical Quarrels, like The Energizer Bunny, it keeps on going.

Deo Gratias!