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Skype Is The New AOL IM

17 Jul

If one remembers AOL Chatrooms & such, Skype is the New Way to do it.
Skype Members can chat for free, anywhere in the world.
Skype is also used by Internet Broadcasters around the world, including RemnantTV and “That Warehouse Studio in Detroit.”

You never know who wants to connect.

Planned Buys For Entertainment

14 Jul

MLB At Bat and Skype are my Choices at $2.99 per month. Major League Baseball is entering the Second Half of The Season and it would be a good idea to follow Radio of Red Sox and Mets Games again. Besides I miss the Radio Calls of Joe Castiglione and Howie Rose. Then there is always live telecast feeds on MLB At Bat.

Skype is the next buy, also for $2.99 per month, giving me extra communication power.

Two Bargains!


“Sprint”ing To T-Mobile Via Metro PCS

2 Jul

Now I know WHY I fled Sprint’s Virgin Mobile…Virgin Mobile Service was as slow as Molasses if not slower.
I downloaded WordPress and Skype rather rapidly, all without having to expend cash for a Coffee at Starbucks, which was rapidly becoming my Data Centre.
I can now go anywhere on unlimited 4G LTE.

And Starbucks can keep their overrated Coffee.


Via Skype

1 Jul

When the new Bishop of The Roman Catholic Diocese Of Albany, NY, Msgr Edward Bernard Scharfenberger held his 1st Press Conference with Reporters in Brooklyn, a Wireless Link was created from a MacBook Air, via a Service called Skype. While His Excellency was in Albany, the MacBook operated on Wireless Fidelity, and the Press Conference operated via Skype.

Michael J Matt and Christopher A Ferrara, on “The Remnant Forum” operate via Skype. So does Michael Voris when a Guest appears on “Mic’d Up” on, or when he is doing a report, live.

One can talk to an Associate via Skype from anywhere around the World. A Conference between His Holiness The Pope and the President of Some Nation, can be done via Skype.

Peer To Peer Communication can be done Live and Free. Landline calls are low cost over the Web. Can you dig it?

I Can Dig It, Especially when I go with Unlimited 4G LTE.

And to think I saw the Prototype with the 1st Video Phones at the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair, except that everything was hardwired in those days.

And Ma Bell doesn’t call all the shots anymore, as for many of us, we’ve “Cut The Cord.”


Streamera and Skype Qik Are Good News Tools

26 Jun

Both go on your Mobile Phone and in The case of Streamera, links with your Facebook account.
In the case of Skype Qik, Personal Announcements are videoed and sent to Friends and Family.


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