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So It Was 30″ Of Snow For The Mystical Body Of Christ

26 Jan

So my MTA Subway Connections via both the E & F IND Queens Blvd Line ran local & slowly, but I did head to Ascan Avenue & Queens Blvd, from Jamaica Avenue/Van Wyck Expressway, via the E Train to 75th Avenue. And I made it to Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Parish in Forest Hills, Queens, with time to spare, for the 1PM Mass. It was Septuagesima Sunday on the Tridentine Calendar, which means that Lent is near, and that Christmas Cycle has nearly ended, as Feast Of The Presentation of The Child Jesus & Purification of The Blessed Virgin Mary on February 2nd, ends the Christmas Cycle on the Tridentine Calendar & Byzantine Calendar(Note That February 15th on the Gregorian Calendar is February 2nd on the Julian Calendar, so Christmas Cycle has a way to go). In effect, in the Authentic Roman/Latin Rite, which is the Tridentine Latin Mass & The Sacraments of The Church in the Tridentine Form, is in a period of overlap between the beginning of The Easter Cycle & the End of The Christmas Cycle. The Two Sacred Cycles do meet. One would never know this on the Novus Ordo Mass Calendar of The Roman Rite, where in the “Spirit of Dialogue & Ecumenism” that Time after Epiphany & Time After Pentecost were abolished and follow Ordinary Time, which the Presbyterian & Reformed Ecclesiastical Communities use.
Today is the Third Sunday of Ordinary Time in the Ordinary Form Calendar. The Mass Celebrant was Most Reverend Paul R. Sanchez, Pastor Of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs. The Deacon who proclaimed the Gospel & gave the Homily was Nationally Known Reverend Deacon Greg Kandra(Who resides in Forest Hills, NY).
To that young man who helped me up after I had slipped & fell in the Massive Snow,  Thank You for You are a Witness For The Mystical Body Of Christ.
Deacon Greg Kandra gave a Great Homily regarding The Mystical Body Of Christ, of which we The Baptized belong to, in relation to the Annual March For Life.
A group of Young Catholics got off the Buses, stalled along the Highways outside of Washington, DC, due to Winter Storm Jonas, taking Snow & Building an Altar. Next, many people joined in for Mass at that Snow Altar.
As many people were stranded in vehicles, these Young Catholics were their Aid & Comfort.
Great Catholic Action came forth from This Disaster.

God Supplied The Lemons of Winter Storm Jonas. These Young Catholics Made The Lemonade.

Heroic & Blessed, I Say!

Deo Gratias!

Christ Is Born!


Kyrie Elaison

Frank Cavellaro Called This One Correctly, Eh!

23 Jan

Frank is Weather Forecaster for CBC Owned CBMT Channel 6 in Montreal & heard on CBME FM 88.5 FM in Montreal(104.7 FM In The West End of Montreal).  Since I have the Tune In Radio App for the Android Mobile Phone, I do tune in to CBC Radio One in Montreal.
Outside of WCBS Newsradio 880AM here in the 5 Boroughs, where “Traffic & Weather Together On The Eights” gives me the NYC Weather Forecast, and is rather reliable, Montreal is where I get the “Fore Forecast”, as I find that what occurs 36 to 48 Hours before in Montreal, is what occurs here in The Five Boroughs of NYC.
And Frank called this storm over 24 Hours Ago. It’s -4°C with 8 CM on the ground here.
Thanks, Frank!


Kyrie Elaison

Something I Have Not Seen Since April, 2014

10 Dec

At least not since early April, well it’s back in December, 2014, it is Snow.
It is Late Autumn here in Queens and Winter 2014-2015 begins on Sunday, 12-22-2014. Day Light Wise, it will be the shortest day of The Year.
And so it snows, even just a little bit.


Fr. Frank Passenant Called This Right

9 May

I was at Mass at Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills, Queens, and it was the 1st Day of Spring, which was as cold as the “Winter which did not want to go away.”
He cracked “See you in May, when we get the 1st Beautiful Weather.”

Over the next week, there will be temperatures in the 70°s F(20°s C), here in NYC.  Showers which began in April, continue with a Vengeance in May.

Father Passenant Called This Spring Right.

M, Eh!

Uh, Oh, But The Winter which doesn’t want to go away, is making A Comeback

23 Mar

It is 59°F(15°C), right now in Queens. Tomorrow Night, it Will be 18°F(-7°C).
The New York City Winter which doesn’t want to go away, is returning by tomorrow night. And by Tuesday, 03/25/2014, we may be in for a Blizzard.
March often arrives like a lion and leaves like a lamb. This Time, the lion might hang around for a little bit.
It was in March, 1998, when the temperature soared to 95° F, it being Dad’s Birthday on Sunday, 03/29/1998.
But the funny moment of The Day came from a Catholic Priest. Asked why he wore a heavy jacket, he put it rather bluntly
“It’s March.”

M, Eh!

Instead of “Wearin’ O’ The Green”, It Might Be “Wearin’ O’ The Snowshoes”

14 Mar

Ocae(Gaelic for OK), temperatures in NYC on Monday March 17th will be rather Cold and Windy & Snowing.
Several years ago, I recall a Hailstorm, followed by a Driving Rain during the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on 5th Avenue, around East 72nd Street. Let’s just say, I got drenched as did everyone else. That was real fun(Like being in The Rockaways during a Hurricane).
There was one year when it was 73°F(24°C) & Gatorade was consumed at the end of the parade. To think that it was Hot that day, and I felt like I was wobbly was no fun on 5th Avenue.
But in 1966, while the Parade did march on, the Parade was cut short by a Blizzard.
And Snow in the NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade is not unheard of. The Weather on 5th Avenue can be treacherous, especially when Windy.
Yikes! Snowballs and Boots!
Oh, well!

M, Eh

Temperatures Rising

14 Mar

It will be 21°F(-5°C) over this night, but 42°F(5°C) by 6PM, E D T, this evening, so it will approach a bit of comfort.
The Winter which doesn’t want to go away, is beginning to fade away. But, over the next few days, there will be a few Wintry Days which are reminders.

Think Spring-Like Thoughts.

M, Eh