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The “Live Feed” Grows On The Mobile

15 Nov

One does NOT often think beyond You Tube. In fact some people are stuck in the Year 2005, when it comes to Video.
But, this is beyond the You Tube Era. Vimeo, Dailymotion, You Tube, BlipNetworks(Defunct) & Viddler & AOL Video are about Old Video.
However, Google’s You Tube does go into the world of Live Video Streaming. But there are other services which hook into Facebook & Twitter &, lately, Yahoo Owned tumblr.
On Saturday February 7th, 2015, from a Smartphone running on Sprint’s 4G LTE Data Network, the 2nd Round of The Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship From Glendale, Queens, NY, was LIVE over, making this the 1st Ever Live Telecast over the Internet of The Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship, an event usually confined to You Tube, though in 2011, under my then Production Company, it was seen on You Tube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, BlipNetworks, Viddler & Ireland’s This was a break with the New Broadcast Tradition ofTube Tube ONLY. The use of Dailymotion gave The Round Two Competition, exposure on the Belgian Website of Europe’s Largest Private Broadcaster, RTL(Radio Tele Luxembourg). Greater exposure was on Vimeo & Not You Tube in 2011.
So, the Era of The Live Feed is here. In fact the most original world news coverage of events is coming via Smartphones, such as what occurred in Paris, also the Middle East & in Ukraine. Even coverage of Pope Francis in NYC was covered live on Smartphones.

I have 5 Live Video Streaming Apps, which can be deployed within seconds for Instant Live Video Streaming Feeds, hooked into Facebook & Twitter, with one hooked into tumblr as well. This makes mere Video Sharing Services Obsolete. Ustream, Veetle, Periscope, Twit Casting Live, Bambuser & Livecast, make everything so immediate. So does I find the Paris Coverage on Bambuser, Twit Casting Live & Peruscope to be a Breath of Fresh Air.

The Story Continues & Times have changed.


Kyrie Elaison

The Gall of Sprint’s Boost Mobile

28 Oct

US$60 for Unlimited Data on Boost Mobile? Switch? WHAT?
Sorry Dudes & Dudettes, but as I best remember, Boost Mobile is a Prepay Brand of Sprint.
And Sprint SUCKS! I had Virgin Mobile, another Sprint Prepay Brand. Data on there was limited at 4G LTE. And since it is Sprint, it SUCKS. And the Network is quite limited.
So I had a choice between Cricket Wireless(AT&T) & Metro PCS(T-Mobile). Both are better networks, but Metro PCS(T-Mobile)has UNLIMITED 4G LTE at US$60 so I cannot complain. At an extra US$10, I get to text the world & still save on T-Mobile’s Simple Choice Plan.
Switch to Boost Mobile? Are you nuts. It’s just Sprint with another branding & it would still suck.

I am NOT Switching.


Kyrie Elaison

Mobile Coverage & Signals In Central Park

26 Sep

In Regards to MetroPCS:
It’s Wholly Owned by T Mobile & the T Mobile Signal & Data were strong 4G LTE. Hey, coverage via was strong.

Verizon Wireless:
Complaints from users in Central Park were rather numerous, as the Network may have been overcrowded. Trying to transmit Data from Central Park was a chore during the Papal Procession in Central Park. Then again, You Tube was overcrowded.

AT&T was busy. Sprint, well, STILL SUCKS. Text Messaging flowed all around the World from Central Park. I received a text from Europe & responded, as the Message came from AC 917.

This is the Big Difference between Pope Saint John Paul II’s Masses in both Aqueduct Race Track & Central Park. None of us had Smartphones, nor Text Messaging in 1995.

But, This Papal Visit is one for the books and one wonders just how did we do without these conveniences.

We just did!

Deo Gratias!


Kyrie Elaison

WTF On Windows Phone

17 Jul

I had actually considered buying a Windows Phone until one considers the Paucity of Apps. One of those Apps, Veetle, does NOT exist there at all as I do a good # of Live Video Shoots.

And it was part of my plan to swing away from Sprint’s Virgin Mobile to Cricket Wireless on AT&T Mobility. But, eying a better deal on T-Mobile’s Metro PCS, I discovered that I still like Android, especially 5.0.2 Lollipop, where Video is of much higher quality and that Metro PCS offered a better deal than Cricket Wireless. Unlimited 4G LTE is better than only 10 GB for the Same Price at Metro PCS & T-Mobile is a great network.
Strange but Microsoft Office is actually better on iOS and Android than on Windows Phone, makes me realize this One Thing and it is THIS:
Windows STILL Sucks!


For Tonight It Was A 1st Time Viewing

16 Jul

It was on the Veetle App that I was able to view Fr Christopher Ryan Patrick Heanue, Administrator of Holy Child Jesus Roman Catholic Church in Richmond Hill, NY, at his Solemn Mass of Thanksgiving the Day After His Priestly Ordination.

It feels good to have presented the Live Feed. It is quite good on Replay.

Deo Gratias!


The Parent Company & Subsidiary

2 Jul

T-MOBILE has built a great network. In fact that Metro PCS is fully part of it, means one can really get a real bargain. Whereas T-MOBILE is the “Uncarrier”, and having gone to No Contract Service, well I was able to look at bargains online. Sure as anything, $80 buys unlimited 4G LTE with The Parent Company, but their bargain carrier, Metro PCS, sells unlimited for $60.
It works similarly on AT&T, under Cricket Wireless. At $60, 10GB is High Speed 4G LTE. Yet, on AT&T GO Phone, $60 buys 4GB of 4G LTE.
This got me a chance to get away from Sprint’s Virgin Mobile, though at $35 and 2.5 GB, the signal from towers, is horrible. I had thought about Sprint’s Boost Mobile, I realized that Sprint’s Service just blows. It was just time to go.
And Starbucks will see less of my money. And isn’t that a Great Thing.


“Sprint”ing To T-Mobile Via Metro PCS

2 Jul

Now I know WHY I fled Sprint’s Virgin Mobile…Virgin Mobile Service was as slow as Molasses if not slower.
I downloaded WordPress and Skype rather rapidly, all without having to expend cash for a Coffee at Starbucks, which was rapidly becoming my Data Centre.
I can now go anywhere on unlimited 4G LTE.

And Starbucks can keep their overrated Coffee.


Via Skype

1 Jul

When the new Bishop of The Roman Catholic Diocese Of Albany, NY, Msgr Edward Bernard Scharfenberger held his 1st Press Conference with Reporters in Brooklyn, a Wireless Link was created from a MacBook Air, via a Service called Skype. While His Excellency was in Albany, the MacBook operated on Wireless Fidelity, and the Press Conference operated via Skype.

Michael J Matt and Christopher A Ferrara, on “The Remnant Forum” operate via Skype. So does Michael Voris when a Guest appears on “Mic’d Up” on, or when he is doing a report, live.

One can talk to an Associate via Skype from anywhere around the World. A Conference between His Holiness The Pope and the President of Some Nation, can be done via Skype.

Peer To Peer Communication can be done Live and Free. Landline calls are low cost over the Web. Can you dig it?

I Can Dig It, Especially when I go with Unlimited 4G LTE.

And to think I saw the Prototype with the 1st Video Phones at the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair, except that everything was hardwired in those days.

And Ma Bell doesn’t call all the shots anymore, as for many of us, we’ve “Cut The Cord.”


The “You Tube” Era Is So Passe’

7 Jun

The Era of “Farting Howard Stern Stars” is over. Taking Videos of Guys who want a whack on their butts for $40, is passé. Live is the way to go.
I knew that this landscape was changing back in 2011, with the Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship taking a turn at Vimeo & Dailymotion. It was the 1st Ever Time for that You Tube Staple to appear in HD 720p on a Video Sharing Service not named You Tube, as the Dailymotion Feed was carried over Radio Tele Luxembourg’s Belgian Web Service, a company which owns Fremantle, who owns such shows as American Idol and Britain’s Got Talent. Unfortunately, some smart alecky Brat with a You Tube Fixation, had the Vimeo Feed ripped down, but the fact that this competition got great exposure outside of You Tube, proves that You Tube is not the Only Platform.
Now one can telecast an event over the Web & Not Sweat It. One does not have to be one of the Four Big Television Networks to go worldwide. The K of C Free Throw went live on February 5th as experiment on the Web, originating from Queens, NY. Like the Dailymotion Feed, it came via smartphone and is fed to Social Media. That Live Feed is on stationsquarestudios on Veetle.
I just decided to think differently. Maybe THAT will catch on.


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Holy Innocents NYC Latin Easter Vigil High Mass(Vimeo)

5 Apr