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“The STAGS”(Live & Replay On You Tube With Simulcast)

21 Dec

A Three Part Special to be broadcast on The Web, initially Live Streaming on You Tube, within the Next Two Weeks.

It chronicles both St. Agnes Elementary & St. Agnes Boys Catholic High School at 156 East 44th Street, with visits to the Site of Immaculata High School at 317 East 33rd Street & 555 West End Avenue at West 87th Street, with both Immaculata High School’s Site & 555 West End Avenue, the Last Stop.

Live Streaming on You Tube will be Simulcast over Facebook, Google+ & tumblr. It will be linked to Twitter. Replay will be carried on Facebook, tumblr & Google+.

It’s The Stags own story & the New Media is a Great Place for the Story.


Kyrie Elaison

stationsquarestudios – STAGS Gone-Wrapup 2 Forest Hills Queens NY

14 May

stationsquarestudios – STAGS Gone-Wrapup From Forest Hills Queens NY

14 May

“STAGS GONE-An Essay-Pt 2” E 33rd Street By 2nd Avenue.

7 May

It will be on instead. It will be seen live and fed to Facebook, Twitter and Google+, as well as tumblr and Word Press.

So it will be seen on Veetle, also called Network I, where the 1st stationsquarestudios Channel is, Tomorrow at approximately 2:30PM EDT(1930 GMT).
Telecast will originate from the Site of where Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary High School was located, as from 1989 to 1992, this was the Temporary Site of St. Agnes Boys High School, prior to the Uptown Move to West End Avenue and West 87th Street. This is really the point where St. Agnes Boys High School, says Good Bye to the Longtime Queens/Brooklyn Crew which kept the School thriving.

Do check out the Video on Vimeo, in 720p HD, recorded at night about the Traditional East 43rd/East 44th Street St. Agnes Boys High School Neighborhood. It is at East 33rd Street and 2nd Avenue, when the School gets set to wave Good Bye to Midtown Manhattan.

It is appropriate with an Afternoon Time of 2:30PM, as that was Dismissal Time , after the 2:20PM Announcements on the School Public Address System.

M, Eh!

“STAGS Gone”Is Being Watched

2 May

Bambuser, a very interesting live video streaming broadcast network, was used in place of Veetle, when Veetle failed to connect to the web. While not spectacular, those Alumni who went to St. Agnes Boys High School, in the East 44th Street, East 33rd Street and West 87th Street Iterations of The High School, are now watching Bambuser via Facebook on the St. Agnes Boys High School page.

Viewership is growing nicely. I wonder just how well the coverage would be watched on

But, in this case, smaller is better. Another Video on Vimeo is in HD 720p. It entails the neighborhood around East 44 & East 43 Street and 3rd Avenue, in Midtown Manhattan. This is the area where the great majority of St Agnes Alumni went to the School.

Currently, The Parish Church of St. Agnes, is Home to a Burgeoning, Youthful, Tridentine Latin Mass Crowd. The Parish is 141 Years of Age & rocks to the hauntingly Beautiful Beat of Gregorian Chant.