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The Great Majority of The Mass Music Cannot Be Sung

2 Jun

Go ahead. Open up your Oregon Catholic Press Books for Hymns. Take a look at Hymns written from 1966, onward. What do you notice about these “Hymns?”

More often than not, they are NOT geared towards the Worship of GOD. More often than not, these are written in the form of Self Uplift of the Assembly, a form of the Secularism Heresy, which is the Belief that God is on a par with all philosophical opinions and Faiths. 
This “Music”, often called “Muzak”, because it is NOT directed To God, but AT God. Such Treacly Dreck as “The Anthem”, by Tom Conry, known to be a guest at “Call To Action” Events. Call To Action is an Heretical Group of Catholics who are not faithful to the Teaching Authority(Magisterium) of One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. If one joins this group in the R C Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska, consider yourself to be put on a par with Freemasonry, as pursuant to Code of Canon Law of 1983, Section 1374 & Section 1364, you are Laetae Sentiae Excommunicated from One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. 
Conry’s Signature “Hit”, a favorite “Hymn”, on the Newman Center Circuit, is one where the words “We Are” are emphasised. It is a song directed at God, not TO Him. There is no prayer nor supplication. It is a “Group Bragging Session.” It cannot be sung.
One Hymn, “Be Not Afraid”, while pleasant to listen to but not one to sing at Mass, especially at the Offertory, because in this Hymn, Jesus is the one in Monologue directed at the Congregation. It is a more of a Meditation Song. The song is not Eucharistic in tone.
As The Christ Himself is the one who is speaking, then WHY are we singing His Monologue? The Holy Gospel is proclaimed by a Priest, Bishop or Deacon. Advise not to sing it, as God is talking to us. This is Horizontal as opposed to Vertical. Prayer In Song does not exist here.
If you are wondering WHY I am undertaking this personal project, it is because I go to Sunday Mass, most often to Mass in the Latin(Roman)Rite, whether Ordinary Form or Extraordinary Form, or in the Byzantine Rite Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, where Antiphons are chanted and Real Prayer is sung. I cannot help it that Bad Music is purveyed by certain publishing companies.

When the Music in one’s Hymnal are Hymns which are mostly of the Horizontal Nature, that is, God speaking to us, with no prayer from us, it is NOT Sung Prayer. If it is a group “We Are”Song, in which we do this and that, it’s NOT Prayer but Bragging about how good we allegedly are. It is being a “Musical Pharisee.”

If the Song “Table of Plenty” is sung, it isn’t anything more than an Invitation to receive Holy Communion. The Song is actually God inviting us to “Feast of Heaven and Earth.” It is drawn from an Old Testament Reading.
The Song is Syrupy and Clunky and it is NOT Prayer, but Self Affirmation Group Therapy. We sing it to each other. We forget what The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass is all about, it isn’t a time of Campfire Songs, but Worship of The Lord Our God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

It was just after Vatican II, when in the USA, there was a tendency towards modernizing Music, due to Vernacularization of The Mass, essentially still the Tridentine Latin Mass Form. Experiments with Folk Masses began.

Then, with the Promulgation of The Mass of Paul VI, there were further changes. Mass was offered mostly in the Vernacular. And New Music was written. Sadly, it was of the Treacly Dreck Variety. Luckily, the 7:30PM Vigil Mass at a Northeastern Brooklyn Parish Church had Mass without Music, so I had no experience with the coming tsunami. It was when I moved here to Queens in 1982, when I got to hear some of The Treacly Dreck one hears at Mass on the Weekend. I also got a healthy dose of Gregorian Chant across the border to balance out everything.

The Modernistas Change of Music, coupled with Bad Catechises, has contributed in the Decline of The Catholic Church in America. Where once 80% went to Mass every Sunday, now only 30% go to Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation.

Music says a lot about the Theology and Doctrine and just how strong are both. If the Music is composed of Hymns of Majesty, Prayer and Supplication, chances are the Theology is strong and the Doctrines are truly in force and enforced.
If The Music has great Majesty, things are working just Fine in Theology and Doctrine. But if the Music is way less than Majestic, Theology is weak and Doctrine is next to forgotten. When was the Last Time you saw a Full House for the 3rd Sunday of Easter? Probably not in over 40 Years.
For it was The Great Saint Augustine who said “When You Sing, You Pray TWICE”, but with so much Non Prayer Music being played at the Ordinary Form of Mass, one can actually say that when one sings, one may not be praying at all.

And One Wonders WHY I prefer either the Tridentine Latin Mass of St. John XXIII or the Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom. In both cases, Singing is praying. It is built into the Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, in the form of Chant. Gregorian Chant is sung at the Tridentine Latin Mass. And in St. Agnes Roman Catholic Church on East 43rd Street where Venerable Archbishop Fulton J Sheen did both his Television Shows and Good Friday Sermons, the Ordinary Form Mass is where the Entrance Antiphon and Communion Antiphon are sung in Latin. The Kyrie is chanted in Greek, while the Gloria is sung in Latin. Regina Coeli is sung as a closing hymn in Latin. More people receive Holy Communion, kneeling at the Altar Rail than Standing. And St. Agnes in 1989, is where the 1st Tridentine Latin Mass of St. John XXIII, was offered, a sign that the Latin Mass had come out of the Proverbial Catacombs.

On Ascension Thursday at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills, Queens, people sang with enthusiasm an Old Time Classic at Communion Time, the Hymn, “O Jesus We Adore Thee”, which refrain is well known as “O Sacrament Most Holy, O Sacrament Divine, All Praise And ALL Thanksgiving, Be Every Moment Thine.” The Classics were sung. The Corny, Syrupy, Treacly Music is usually ignored, leaving the Cantor as the Solo Performer.

Music plays a Liturgical Role in the Life of The Catholic Church in all Her 22 Sui Juris Churches. Give Glory to God. Stop Singing Junk.And get the Guitars and “Glad Tambourines” out, as the Pipe Organ makes the music of The Latin Rite Catholic Church. This is The Mass, NOT A Greenwich Village Coffee House or “Life On The Rock” on E W T N.

Deo Gratias!

M, Eh!

It is Time for Catholics To Go Beyond You Tube

20 Apr

Years ago, it was Public Access Cable Channels. Eventually, it was the World Wide Web. Then came Vimeo in 2004, followed by Dailymotion and then You Tube. Then the Smartphone Revolution came and one could send a Video into Cyberspace from that Smartphone. Apple came out with the iPod Touch and iPad.
Then, Live Video Streaming Networks came into being. One can make a Good News Piece on the spot.
The Evangelical Christians are using Live Video Streaming Networks for their Wednesday Night and Sunday Services. I see this all the time on Veetle, Bambuser and Ustream.

I have yet to see Lay Catholics doing this. They usually head to You Tube as a matter of habit, though Vimeo is becoming a destination. On Vimeo, it is artists who comment, not imbecilic types who have trouble spelling a 3 letter word, though they have no trouble with the 4 letter kind.

But, one with a Smartphone and the right app, can broadcast any event imaginable.

On Holy Thursday, portions of The Catholic Mass of The Lord’s Supper, were telecast live from Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills, Queens, NY, over Veetle, an Easy to use Service. Views were not bad at all.
On Good Friday, Ustream was used to televise the St. Thomas Apostle to Holy Child Jesus Walk. But, Ustream, which the experts say is THE Place to get lots of viewers, only registered 11 Views in 25 Minutes of Transmission. Ustream is actually for the pros at the Traditional Broadcasting Networks, who may carry a story which is intended for web telecast only.
Easter Vigil at Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills Queens NY, was carried on Veetle and 31 views were registered. Part of the Tridentine Latin Mass of Easter Sunday, was carried by Veetle, as it handled a weak transmission signal quite well for 14 views in 11 Minutes. The Bambuser Feed failed twice and needs a stronger data signal to handle the transmission.
But two days before Palm Sunday, it handled the telecast of a portion of The Children’s Stations Of The Cross, Live from St. Pancras Roman Catholic Church in Glendale, Queens, NY. It lasted 3 Minutes and 11 Seconds, getting 18 Views.
Those of you who watch “”, the show “Mic’d Up” With Michael Voris, is carried Live on Wednesday Nights, with Live Feed on Livestream. Livestream like Ustream, caters to the Pros.

It is time to “Go Live” & preach the Good News. Many of The services are free. The Results will amaze you. You Tube is “So 2005.”

A Catholic Presence is needed.
You are The Media.

Pax Tecum!
Gloria In Excelsis Deo!

M, Eh

Two Live Video Streaming Networks New Functions

20 Apr

Veetle will be the Cultural, Religious & Entertainment Network, while Bambuser will be for news and public affairs Network.
For something outrageous.

M, Eh!

Live Video Streaming Networks Zones

18 Apr

Forest Hills in Queens NY:
All Coverage will appear on Veetle, where people do tend to actually watch the Broadcast as it occurs.

East Glendale and Glendale, Queens, NY;
Judging from the reception of a 3Minute, 11 Second Broadcast from St Pancras in Glendale, Queens, NY, Bambuser will be the Live Video Streaming Network.  It will serve as the East Glendale, Glendale and Middle Village, Queens, NY Live Video Streaming Network.

Ustream will be used occasionally for anticipated big events such as for some Eclectic Art Video Streaming Network Project.

Note that the April 27th and May 4th Concert Specials at Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills, Queens, NY, will be on Veetle. Corpus Christi Processions at Our Lady of Mercy and Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs will be on, simulcast on Facebook and Google+ and Twitter. Veetle looks to be the Forest Hills, Queens, NY Live Video Streaming Network.

Should the Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship ever be carried from Forest Hills, Queens, NY, it will be on Veetle. Any coverage in East Glendale and Glendale will be Bambuser. All coverage start times are ET and GMT, as it is Live Video Streaming Network Coverage.

M, Eh!

Good Friday Walk from Richmond Hill NY

18 Apr

The Weekend Of Catholic Church Perspective

7 Apr

The Weekend Of The Triune Liturgies has taught me about how One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church teaches Her People through Her Liturgies.
I have an idea what you may be thinking. There is your local Latin Rite Catholic Parish. You usually gather together for the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass because of the Mandate that this is The Lord’s Day. You are there for 40 to 50 minutes and then go out into the World. You listen to the Readings and the Gospel and Subsequent Homily. The Priest offers the Sacrifice of Unleavened Bread and Wine to become The Body and Blood of The Christ. You receive Him at Holy Communion. You sing Songs, much of which is, while based in the Psalms, is Self Based and NOT God Centered. And you do this Week After Week.

You are NOWHERE NEAR THE Church, except from an entirely Parochial Perspective. The Ordinary Form Mass of Venerable Paul VI is Not the entire show of The Catholic Church in The Americas.
Did you ever go to a Holy Qurbano? That is the Mass in the Antiochan Rite Maronite Catholic Church. This Eastern Catholic Church never separated from The Vatican. The Italo-Greek-Albanian Catholic Church of The Byzantine Rite, has never separated from The Vatican.
The Byzantine Rite Catholic Churches have their own Ethnic Churches. The Byzantine Rite is mostly associated with the Eastern Orthodox Churches of the Patriarchate of Constantinople(Modern Day Istanbul Turkey).
The Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom is the most commonly used Liturgy in the Byzantine Rite Catholic Churches. St. John Chrysostom was Patriarch of Constantinople, at a time of the Heresy of Arius, who taught that Jesus Christ is only a Super Human and Not Divine. St. John Chrysostom coined the Phrase “The Road to Hell is paved with the Skulls of Bishops.” St. John Chrysostom is a Bishop, Confessor and Doctor of The Catholic Church.
For on this past Saturday at the Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, at 5PM called the Vigil Liturgy, I went to Holy Cross Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Astoria, Queens, and prayed this Holy Mass in English.  What this Mass taught me is of our Sinfulness and NEED to Repent of The Sins we have committed. Like in the Latin(Roman)Rite Tridentine Latin Mass of 1962 & Before, the Priest and Parishioners face East, as if awaiting the Return of Christ. Even the Cantor and Lector, when reading the Epistle and Singing the Gradual as it is called in the Latin(Roman)Rite, also face East.  This Liturgy is One of Penitence, calling for the Remission and Expiation of Sin. This is also a chance to sing Hauntingly Beautiful Byzantine Chant. There is intense devotion to Mother Mary Theotokos, She who bore Christ The Son of God written in this Liturgy. All of this is sung without Musical Instruments. So, in this part of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, you will hear NOTHING which is composed by the St. Louis Jesuits including Dan Schutte, Nothing from Marty Haugen, David Haas, Bernadette Farrell, Owen Alstott or Hymns like “Table of Plenty”and “Anthem.”
If you prefer staying in the Latin(Roman)Rite, there is the Tridentine Latin Mass of The Roman Missal of 1962, which is both Truly International, Awesome and Beautiful, and entirely in Latin. And you will kneel at the Communion Rail. Nothing is ever received in one’s hand.
The Byzantine Rite Catholics receive while standing up, by tilting their heads back and receiving both the Body and Blood of Christ by Intinction, via Holy Communion Spoon.
There is a Diversity of Solid Catholic Liturgy across the 23 Sui Juris Churches of The Catholic Church. Even in the Ordinary Form Mass of The Latin Rite, there is a Byzantine Touch to it, whether it is the Epiclesis(The calling down of The Holy Spirit to Sanctify the Bread and Wine so it will become the Body and Blood of Christ), to the Prayers of The Faithful, to the chant of “The Kyrie”(Lord Have Mercy), to the reception of The Body and Blood of Christ, to the Standing for Holy Communion.

For The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church is called to make Disciples of All Nations. It was The Case from The Time of Christ, unto the End of Time. To Truly Know The Church is to Truly Know Christ.

Pax Tecum, Pax Domini Sit Semper Vobiscum, Amen!


The Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom Causes Me To Think

3 Apr

The Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom is one which drives my Intellectual Sense as well as my Spiritual Sense.
OK, since I do come from the Latin(Roman)Rite, I do go to both forms of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass. The Extraordinary Form Tridentine Latin Mass of The 1962 Roman Missal is what I 1st fully participated in, as a child. There would be that same Mass form in 1965, with some use of vernacular, while the Mass was offered Ad orientum, that is, facing East, in prayerful anticipation of the Return of Christ. The Offertory and Consecration continued to be offered in Latin. The Last Gospel, which is the Story of The Incarnation, which was read in Latin, was eliminated. It was in this 1965 update, when the Prayers of The Faithful, prayed after the Nicene Creed, were introduced. The Prayers of The Faithful are chanted antiphons with a response of “Lord Hear Us”(Deus Exaudinos), or “Lord Have Mercy”(Kyrie Elaison). 
It took an Ancient Catholic Liturgy to explain the Prayers of The Faithful, as well as the Communion Reception under BOTH Species, as well as the Gesture of Standing to receive Holy Communion.
But to those of the Ordinary Form of The Mass, in the Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgies of St John Chrysostom and St Basil Martyr, the Priest offers the Mass Ad Orientum, just like the Tridentine Latin Mass of The 1962 Roman Missal.
One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church truly breathes with both Eastern and Western Lungs & it took a journey Eastward to re discover the Ordinary Form of The Mass. It is a Fascinating Journey.

I pray that this clears up many years of misconceptions. The Catholic Elements are present, just that they have an Eastern Orientation.

Pax Domine Sit Semper Vobiscum!

M, Eh!

The Doxology At The End of The Lord’s Prayer, Is From The Byzantine Rite

3 Apr

I know it sounds unusual, but the Doxology At The End of The Our Father, which reads “For the Kingdom, The Power & The Glory are Yours, Now & Forever”, is from the New Testament Codex used by St. John Chrysostom, Patriarch of Constantinople, Bishop, Confessor and Doctor of The Catholic Church.
By the way, St. John Chrysostom was fighting the Heresy of Arius, called the Arian Heresy, where Arius, a Priest, taught that Jesus Christ had no Divine Nature.
So to my Brethren of The Traditional Tridentine Latin Mass of The Missale Romanum of 1962 Groups in Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan, the Doxology at the end of the Our Father is Catholic and not Anglican and Lutheran. It may be Byzantine Rite Catholic, but not Protestant. It is said at the end of The Our Father during the Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom. The Priest usually prays that aloud in the Divine Liturgy, while we pray it in the Latin(Roman)Rite Ordinary Form of The Mass. This is not an Heretical Form, just a form from the Byzantine Rite. You can breathe easier now.
But I say this, not with Sarcasm but with Love. The Ordinary Form of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass has taken a few hits. But it is legitimate. Much of the Liturgy has an ancient form from The Byzantine Rite. Whenever we pray the Nicene Creed, the Prayer of The Faithful which follows, is derived from the Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom. They are the Antiphons prayed, with the response of “Lord Hear Our Prayer”, or “Lord Have Mercy.” In the Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy, the response is “Lord Have Mercy.”
The Queue for Holy Communion is Byzantine Rite Catholic as well. Receiving Holy Communion in one’s hand, actually started with Arius The Heretic. This practice was resumed by Martin Luther, as he denied that the Mass was a sacrifice, and denied the Sacrificial Nature of The Catholic Priesthood.

But, there is a Latin Tradition of Kneeling for Holy Communion and Churches with Pews and kneelers. The Byzantine Rite Catholic Churches in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island & Bronx have that arrangement. It is said that Eastern Orthodox Churches don’t have that arrangement.  But, in the Byzantine Rite Catholic Practice, one approaches Holy Communion “With Fear of The Lord.”
The Byzantine Rite Catholic Practice of Standing, is a reminder of The Awesome Tribunal of The Day of Judgement before The Lord. This is their Customary Practice.  The Roman Practice of Kneeling at Holy Communion is keeping in the Practice of kneeling before The Lord in Prayerful Awe and Wonder.
In both cases the Priest is an “Alter Christus”, feeding His Sheep with the Body and Blood of Christ.
In Byzantine Rite Catholic Practice, the Faithful receive both the Body and Blood of Christ under BOTH Species. This is done by Intinction & one receives via Holy Communion Spoon by tipping one’s head back and the Priest or Deacon will serve the Communion by dropping the Consecrated Elements in one’s open mouth. Note that leavened bread is what is consecrated. This is Byzantine Rite Catholic Practice. There is a prayer the Priest offers while one receives Communion. A similar prayer is also offered by the Priest or Deacon in Latin during the Tridentine Latin Mass of The 1962 Roman Missal.
Only within the last 40 Years have those of the Latin(Roman)Rite been able to receive both Body and Blood of Christ at Holy Communion. Unlike the Byzantine Rite Catholics, we approach two Holy Communion Stations to receive both Consecrated Elements. Unleavened Bread is consecrated in the Latin(Roman)Rite.

Whereas the Latin(Roman)Rite Extraordinary Form of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass is distinctly Latin in practice, the Ordinary Form of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass has practises which come from other traditions both Catholic and Protestant. Much of The Catholic Practice is Byzantine. Much is still Latin Rite Catholic, but there are Protestant Practices, such as Old and New Testament Readings before the Gospel. Holy Communion in one’s hand is Protestant in Practice & also Arian. The Music in the Ordinary Form Mass, is too directed to Self.  It belongs in a part of the Latin(Roman)Rite Mass, called “Left Out.”

I wonder just how many from the Latin Rite even know about what this is all about. One could probably count that on One Hand.

Deum De Deo, Lumen De Lumine!

M, Eh!

Played With Ustream, Found More Simulcasters

3 Apr

It is more than Facebook, Twitter and Blogger, as tumblr, LinkedIN, WordPress and Google+are connectable  via Mobile.

Yes, you will have a Social Connection, even via Livestream, so Ustream is viable and quite good.

But, Bambuser will handle a lot more than planned as it is smaller in size, but one may get a more European Audience as Bambuser is based in Sweden and Finland. I think of them as a Live Version of Dailymotion.

But, there is a You Tube Option on Ustream and I will use it on Good Friday. It will show the coverage further.

Good Friday Walk will be on Ustream. This is the 1st Time in History that the Walk will be telecast live, from 9AM ET(2:00PM GMT) until 12Noon ET(5PM GMT). The channel is marshmactv on Ustream.
Any later coverage is on the stationsquarestudios channel on Bambuser. There will be simulcasts on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and tumblr, as well as Google+.

All Easter Triduum Coverage is available on the channels immediately after the broadcast is over. The World of Digital Media is that way.

Now THAT will be a memorable and busy weekend.

Deo Gratias!

M, Eh!

On The 1st Sunday After Easter, How The Catholic Church Will Do It

1 Apr

OK, on Sunday, April 27th, this is how One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church will handle this Sunday.
In the Latin/Roman Rite, there are two Liturgical Calendars, one for the Ordinary Form of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass & The Other is for the Extraordinary Form of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass. In the Ordinary Form, this is called the Second Sunday of Easter, and also known as Divine Mercy Sunday, which was established by Blessed Pope John Paul II The Great, during the 1990s. In the Extraordinary Form Tridentine Calendar, this is called the 1st Sunday After Easter.

Now, since I do worship Biritually, in that I also attend a Byzantine Rite Catholic Church called the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, the 1st Sunday After Easter is called the Sunday of St. Thomas Apostle, the Sunday after Easter Week, called Bright Week in the Byzantine Rite. In all cases, this is the Season of celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

On Sunday, April 27th, the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church will be canonizing Two Saints. They are very well known to All Christians, especially in the Catholic Church.
Blessed Pope John Paul II The Great and Blessed Pope John XXIII are being Canonized as Saints in Rome at St. Peter’s Basilica.  Pope John XXIII(Angelo Roncalli) began Vatican Ecumenical Council II in 1962. He was Pope from 1958 until 1963.
Pope John Paul II was elected in October, 1978 & died in April, 2005.

And Now, Papal Saints are being Canonized on Sunday, April 27th, 2014.

One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, in all Her Diversity as The Bride of Christ, is Truly One.

Gloria In Excelsis Deo!