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Starbucks App And The Young

1 Jun

I was watching a couple of “Tweeners”(Boy & Girl), with their Frappucini at the Order Pickup Station at Starbucks on Queens Blvd & Union Tpke. Tweeners are those between the ages of 10 to 12, just below 13.

To think that one used to go to an Ice Cream Parlor or wait for the Ice Cream Truck, tells one how times have changed. Now, an app on a Smartphone is used in a transaction.

To think that I used to think that Two Way Radios were the cool thing in the 1960s.
But, Nextel never really caught on the way Boost Mobile did, and that jammed the system.
Hence the Smartphone, which is a Mobile Computer on a Telephone.
And Text Messaging is still big.

So much for playing Dick Tracy!


On Gregorian Chant & Post Vatican II Muzak

20 Aug

I look at Latin as a Language of Both Precision & Music. What I do enjoy is Gregorian Chant.

What surprised me was that Christopher Walker, noted for the Famous Rendition of The “Celtic Alleluia”, and co authored with the Late Fintan O’Carroll, a chant which had been overplayed since the 1995 Visit of Pope St. John Paul II, wrote a Masterpiece in 1997 called “Laudate, Laudate, Dominum”, with the Refrain in Latin. I even have a download of it for free.

However the Original “Ubi Caritas et amor” works beautifully as chant. The Oregon Catholic Press version by a Mr Bob Hurd, is on my “Nyet, Nyet” List. The Chant is not the Original but with a couple of words changed (Es Vero, Es Vero)and then Hurd’s Treacly Lyrics, enough to cause one to head to the nearest Vomitarium(My Most Dear Friend came up with the word Vomitarium, as well as Nyet Nyet, to substitute for Si’ in the latest Papal “Recyclical”, called Laudato Si’, which is no Papal Encyclical in the True Sense of the word Encyclical).

Even in Latin, Marty Haugen’s Music would still be cause for Intervention by the Geneva Convention. Long Lines at Vomitariums would occur. It would be appropriate, in fact, mandatory to classify it as “Gagorian Chant.”

Gagorian Chant occurs in many Novus Ordo Mass Parishes on Sundays, especially in the Summer. It is Music which induces people to utter fury and is unsingable or sung by The assorted “Rocket Scientists”, who spend time at the Beach getting sunburned a bit too often. It is often “The Music you threw up to” after three too many cups of coffee, lukewarm at Starbucks. When someone calls “Gift Of Finest Wheat” an “Awe Inspiring Experience”, someone has had too many Espressos at Starbucks+refills. The Caffeine does it to that person. Somebody needs to detoxify.

Like Dennis Miller says and it is appropriate here, “I’m Outta Here.”

Kyrie Elaison!


Why Does Starbucks Support Planned Parenthood?

2 Aug

Actually, Starbucks doesn’t realize that by supporting an outfit that looks to decrease the Population, it will have THIS Effect:

There won’t be enough people to buy and drink their OVERRATED Coffee. And it is CHEMICALLY PURIFIED.

Kyrie Elaison!


Check this video! Test From Starbucks

28 Jul

Watching CBC News-The National & CBC News At 6

20 Jul

CBC News-The National was viewed with utmost clarity. CBC News Montreal At 6 was watched as well from a Cafe.
Only, I was nowhere near Montreal
but rather that cafe’ was on Queens Boulevard near Union Turnpike in Forest Hills. Yes, it is one of those ubiquitous Starbucks Locations.

CBC News The App is on my Android Mobile. So I was watching last evenings CBC News-The National, hosted by Mr David Common out of Toronto. I recall him as CBC’s UN Correspondent operating from New York City. I recall him doing a story from the Apple Store at East 59th Street and Fidth Avenue. I also recall him on CBC Radio One with the World Report, early in the morning.

CBC News Montreal At 6 is live, so I got to see Frank Cavallaro, doing the Weather for Montreal. I usually hear him on “Daybreak Montreal” on CBME FM 88.5 in the Early Morning.

It’s the Highly Improved CBC News App for Android, which works so much better on Android Lollipop(5.0.2), with an unlimited 4G LTE Connection.

It was almost as if I was in Montreal. My last time in Montreal was 1973. And CBC Television never looked this good.



Plans For LIVE HD Documentary Program

13 Jul

The Title is “Charity Was Here.”
“Charity Was Here” shows 4 Catholic Elementary Schools, with 3 in Queens and 1 in Brooklyn, though the Brooklyn School is about 300 Feet away from the Brooklyn Queens Border.
These 4 Schools have One Order of Nuns in Common, Namely the Sisters Of Charity of St. Vincent De Paul Halifax, NS, Canada.
And it is at these locations that will be focused upon.

The Video Sharing Service will be Veetle on the “aroamingcatholicny” Channel. I am using either of those services because Video Viewers on this service tend to be serious minded people and this service will be live on the web. And High Definition Video actually looks like HD and not like something posted to You Tube to be ignored in favor of both Sensationalism and The Utterly Silly.

It will be 5 Parts and Live and may run awhile.

Frankly, Vatican II had a major effect on the Catholic Faith and The Catholic Schools themselves. The Schools lost the Nuns and Brothers. At least two of the Schools are still Catholic Parish Schools. One is now leased as a high school for Special Needs Children, while one is abandoned(The One In Brooklyn).

It will all be covered here.

In this era of having HD Video Cameras which can fit In one’s pocket, it makes for a Nice, Low Budget Project.


The Parent Company & Subsidiary

2 Jul

T-MOBILE has built a great network. In fact that Metro PCS is fully part of it, means one can really get a real bargain. Whereas T-MOBILE is the “Uncarrier”, and having gone to No Contract Service, well I was able to look at bargains online. Sure as anything, $80 buys unlimited 4G LTE with The Parent Company, but their bargain carrier, Metro PCS, sells unlimited for $60.
It works similarly on AT&T, under Cricket Wireless. At $60, 10GB is High Speed 4G LTE. Yet, on AT&T GO Phone, $60 buys 4GB of 4G LTE.
This got me a chance to get away from Sprint’s Virgin Mobile, though at $35 and 2.5 GB, the signal from towers, is horrible. I had thought about Sprint’s Boost Mobile, I realized that Sprint’s Service just blows. It was just time to go.
And Starbucks will see less of my money. And isn’t that a Great Thing.