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On Gregorian Chant & Post Vatican II Muzak

20 Aug

I look at Latin as a Language of Both Precision & Music. What I do enjoy is Gregorian Chant.

What surprised me was that Christopher Walker, noted for the Famous Rendition of The “Celtic Alleluia”, and co authored with the Late Fintan O’Carroll, a chant which had been overplayed since the 1995 Visit of Pope St. John Paul II, wrote a Masterpiece in 1997 called “Laudate, Laudate, Dominum”, with the Refrain in Latin. I even have a download of it for free.

However the Original “Ubi Caritas et amor” works beautifully as chant. The Oregon Catholic Press version by a Mr Bob Hurd, is on my “Nyet, Nyet” List. The Chant is not the Original but with a couple of words changed (Es Vero, Es Vero)and then Hurd’s Treacly Lyrics, enough to cause one to head to the nearest Vomitarium(My Most Dear Friend came up with the word Vomitarium, as well as Nyet Nyet, to substitute for Si’ in the latest Papal “Recyclical”, called Laudato Si’, which is no Papal Encyclical in the True Sense of the word Encyclical).

Even in Latin, Marty Haugen’s Music would still be cause for Intervention by the Geneva Convention. Long Lines at Vomitariums would occur. It would be appropriate, in fact, mandatory to classify it as “Gagorian Chant.”

Gagorian Chant occurs in many Novus Ordo Mass Parishes on Sundays, especially in the Summer. It is Music which induces people to utter fury and is unsingable or sung by The assorted “Rocket Scientists”, who spend time at the Beach getting sunburned a bit too often. It is often “The Music you threw up to” after three too many cups of coffee, lukewarm at Starbucks. When someone calls “Gift Of Finest Wheat” an “Awe Inspiring Experience”, someone has had too many Espressos at Starbucks+refills. The Caffeine does it to that person. Somebody needs to detoxify.

Like Dennis Miller says and it is appropriate here, “I’m Outta Here.”

Kyrie Elaison!



Blue Moon Over NYC

1 Aug


The Silly Season Of The Utterly Unsingable(Table Of Plenty)

26 Jul

If you are Catholic of The Roman Rite, I trust that you know what I am talking about. This time of year, some of the Most Unsingable Liturgical Music is played.
Take “Table Of Plenty”. Please! I think that the Late, Great Henny Youngman, a Jewish Man of Cornball Humor, who grew up in Brooklyn, is appropriately paraphrased here. This Song is “Utter Schutte”, as it is choppy, off key and Fishwrap. It does NOT Allow one to offer Supplication to The Lord. It is, as My Most Dear Friend would put it, a “Bread Song” with overtones which may cause “Intestinal Distress”, which may lead to standing in Queue in a Place of Nausea Relief, called a Vomitarium.
Why do I say that this Song is “Utter Schutte”? Because former St. Louis University Based Jesuit Priest, Dan Schutte, now based in San Francisco, CA, as a Liturgical Music Writer and Consultant, wrote this Song, which could be used to torture Prisoners of War in any nation. IT IS THAT BAD.

I would sooner, listen to Tim Mc Carver, regaling us with Derek Jeter’s Accomplishments.

“Whatever That’s Worth!”(From a comment by Christopher Ferrara).


The Miracle Of The Loaves & Fishes

26 Jul

This is the Precursor to The Eucharist at the Last Supper, in The Gospel of St. John Chapter 6.

There are 5 Loaves of Barley Bread & 2 Dried Fish, so Jesus looked up to The Father and Prayed the Thanksgiving Prayer, & multiplied the Loaves and Fishes, Feeding 5,000 Men who reclined on the grass.
There were Leftovers to fill 12 Wicker Baskets. As This Is A Miracle, it is a Mystery, which ONLY God can explain.
In The Book of Kings, a Miracle occurred as Precursor to Christ’s Miracle.
In St. Paul’s Epistle, we are united by Baptism. For St. Paul is speaking of the Church founded by Christ.
As Members of His Mystical Body(One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church), we may, properly disposed of course in Grace, partake of The Eucharist(Great Thanksgiving) in Holy Communion.
He Is With Us In The Eucharist, Unto The End Of Time.

Deo Gratias!
Vivat Jesus!
Vivat Christus Rex!


Papa Bergoglio, Bill De Blasio, Global Warming & CBC News

22 Jul

In the case of the Anti Global Warming Movement, which would cause CBC’s Redoubtable Mr Rex Murphy a couple of minutes of Gastrointestinal Discomfort, followed by several minutes of thoughtful though snarky observations, His Holiness Pope Francis spoke about Global Warming.
So did a gent, who was born on the Island of Manhattan and raised riding the “T” in Boston, of Revolutionary Spirit, Warren William De Blasio Wilhelm.
It was “The Holy See Meets The Mayors of The Cities of The World In Regards To Climate Change.”

It was not unusual to see Papa Bergoglio on CBC News The National. It was a bit strange seeing NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio though. But then his City, which is where I was born and raised(Brooklyn), will be a site of a UN Meeting where His Holiness will address that August, Godless Body, a place on 1st Avenue in the East 40s by Tudor City, in a Neighborhood once called Turtle Bay. My Dad once recommended taking a couple of giant bulldozers and shoving the United Nations Complex into the murky waters of the East River, a Strait of Salt Water which is actually part of the Atlantic Ocean.
Pope Paul VI(Papa Montini) addressed the UN on October 4th, 1965. He later went to Yankee Stadium I to offer Mass. Vatican II was still in Session.

I hardly watch TV from New York City, but was watching CBC News The National “On The Mobile”, as the Redoubtable Mr Peter Mansbridge would put it. And it is there that I would see The Mayor of The City of New York.

It was the Hot Air of Global Warming which was discussed.

No doubt, Rex Murphy would wretch!


The Texas Fanboi Who “OWNS” Michael Voris

17 Jul

His name for purposes of This Blog is “Dr Strangedude.”

He’ll be the one “Riding The Bomb” over Detroit, shouting “Yeeeee Haaahhh”.

Oh, Well!


Sharing video Queens Boulevard Early Sunday Evening

13 Jul

The Visiting Priest II – Video Dailymotion

4 Jul

Like the NY Mets, Someone Please Buy Sprint

30 Jun

The Coffee at Starbucks is fine, but most people are at Starbucks, more for the Mobile Data. And with One’s Mobile Data Service coming from Sprint via Subsidiaries called Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile, may mean evenings in Wireless Fidelity Locations. And I would rather enjoy Fresh Air than Mechanically Cooled Air, though in polluted and humid air, “Laudato Si” will not apply here.
And in the case of Sprint, I do notice that as much as you advertise over the US Television Networks, you guys don’t really have much of a National Network, let alone one which can be utilized in Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Richmond Hill and Woodhaven in the NYC Borough of Queens. This is NOT FUN.
My Immediate Suggestion is for Softbank to either “S–t or get off the pot”, in regards to Sprint. You gotta do something to prevent Customer Defections.
As for The Wilpons In Regards to the NY Mets:


Rash Judgement On The Q60 Bus

23 Jun

Queens Blvd at Continental Avenue in Forest Hills, Queens, is a Bus and Subway Transfer Point in Forest Hills, Queens. About as the Q54 stopped a woman held up the Bus for Directions, which caused a  delay, I thought that I would miss my connection to the Q23 Bus to Queens Blvd and 71st(Continental) Avenue.
But, the Q54 Bus just made the Q23 Bus Connection in time with few seconds to spare at Continental and Metropolitan Avenues. The connection to the Q60 Bus was made but held up by the Off Loading of Cargo by an employee of a delivery company.
I rashly thought that the employee doubled as the driver. The delay was 10 Minutes.
The actual driver finally moved the truck. I finally arrived at Queens Blvd and Ascan Avenue. I headed into Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs RC Church at 1208 PM, thinking that I was late.

Mass began at 1210PM with Fr Frank Passenant, the Parish Administrator, offering The Ordinary Form Mass. Hence, I was not late.
I decided not to leave the Cool Building for over an hour. That time after Mass was spent in Prayer.

Rash Judgement:
I really NEED to work on that.

Kyrie Elaison

Vivat Jesus