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It Isn’t 33°C Here In Queens But It Is Uncomfortable

2 Sep

While Labour Day is the Unofficial End of Summer, Summer actually ends September 20th. It will cool off rather nicely by Sunday September 20th, this year. It has been a comfortable Summer, but there is always a reminder that Summer is Summer and currently due to all the Humidity, one can safely say that the 5 Boroughs is not Arizona’s Dry Heat. Rather it is more like Florida, a place colonized by “Snowbirds.” They are Ex NYC Residents who don’t like to shovel Snow and who can blame them.
It is 30°C, or 86°F, and Humid, hence uncomfortable to the core. Sometimes, the stores are so over air conditioned that muscles ache, which is Bursitis Pain and that is not fun.
Sunday, I was drenched from perspiring due to the Humidity, so I dried off by going to the Tridentine Latin Mass at St Agnes on East 43rd Street(Venerable Archbishop Fulton J Sheen Place). The Ecstasy was drying off. But there was the Agony of Bursitis, so I simply offered up the pain as a Suffering.

I wish that a Cold Front would come through. I like Fresh Breezes and Natural Coolness.

Kyrie Elaison!


Like CBC Radio And CBC Television, I Have Gone Metric

11 Jul

I have this habit of getting to know our Northern Neighbors. So, I have been tuning into CBC Radio One Montreal.
There the Weather Forecasts on “Daybreak Montreal” & “Home Run”‘are given in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit. For example 25°F is cold, but 25°C=77°F, which with Low Humidity, is rather comfortable.
It is another world. And for my Weather Channel Page, I like my temps in Celsius.
Got that, Frank Cavallero?

M, Eh!

It Is 0°C In NYC, Or The Winter Which Doesn’t Want To Go Away

16 Apr

Yes, it is Cold Again in NYC. Two days Ago it was 71°F.



iHeart Radio App Brings Me Up To Speed

30 Mar

Tune In Radio App was quite good, but, all of a sudden, both WOR 710 & WABC 770 were not there for me. I do like “Imus In The Morning”, “Rush Limbaugh”, “Sean Hannity” and certain good stations I remember.
My next maneuver is for MLB Radio Package so I can listen to both the Boston Red Sox and the NY Mets.
I do have a seperate Radio App to listen to CBC Radio One, Two and Three. Both of these apps use far less in MB than did The Tune In Radio App.
If I want the BBC, there is always an App for that.

M, Eh!

Rain Delay To Topple Citi Field Opener

30 Mar

The NY Mets are scheduled to open at Citi Field on Monday, March 31st. They face the Washington Nationals, the only team in MLB History, never to call a US State a Home State.
The Washington Nationals, you see, are the Old Montreal Expos. It is reflected in their Road Uniforms. Whereas they once called The Canadian Province of Quebec and for two seasons for part of the season, San Juan in the US Territory of Puerto Rico, Home Base, they now call the District of Columbia, Home, in the Nation’s Capital.
Oh, Well, there is always April Fools Day on April 1st to get the Season Opener played.
This is true about March, which usually comes in Like a Lion, but, this year, it will either go out like a Lion or just a big old Bear. The Weather may have gotten a bit milder, but it is raining Cats and Dogs. It is the latest reminder of “The Winter which doesn’t want to go away.”
There isn’t a hint of spring, as no flowers have even begun to bud.

M, Eh!

The Expos May Be Gone

25 Mar

But Olympic Stadium in Montreal is sold out for something called Major League Baseball.
The NY Mets are finishing their Preseason Schedule in a place familiar to them in their history.
For you see, Shea Stadium is gone for the last 5 years, but Olympic Stadium in Montreal will be hosting a two game series with the Toronto Blue Jays, under a Dome. Hey, it is cold in Montreal, so a Domed Location is not a bad idea at all. I found out about this “Metscapade” on Daybreak Montreal on CBC Radio One, 88.5FM CBME-FM. There was nothing said on the Station where NOTHING is said anyway, Sportsradio 101.9FM and Sportsradio 66 WFAN in NY, now the Home of The NY Yankees.

Montreal’s French Canadian Baseball Fans, were and are Thinking Fans. When MLB moved “L’Equippe Des Expos” to Washington, I had pleasure to talk to a # of these fans, as I left Shea Stadium. It still brings tears to my eyes.
For I remember Parc Jarry(Jarry Park), which held under 29, 000 Seats. It was an intimate place. I watched Baseball outside of the USA for the only time. It was two nights under the lights. Funny, but this was the 1st Time when I headed to a concession stand that a Television monitor was viewed so no one could miss the game. This I started seeing at Shea Stadium years later.
I was never in The Big O, but memories of Jarry Park are still around.
The Irony is the Blue Jays in this series. Montreal and Toronto are Rivals. As were Brooklyn and Manhattan with the Dodgers and Giants which carries on in Los Angeles and San Francisco, or The Boston Red Sox and the NY Yankees, this is Montreal and Toronto.
The Expos had Gary Carter. So did the NY Mets, who Gary led to the 1986 & Last World Series Championship. It is thus appropriate that the Mets finish in Montreal.

“Allons Les(Let’s Go)Mets”

M, Eh!

Mets open 03/31/14 at Citi Field. It will be Awfully Cold.


Uh, Oh, But The Winter which doesn’t want to go away, is making A Comeback

23 Mar

It is 59°F(15°C), right now in Queens. Tomorrow Night, it Will be 18°F(-7°C).
The New York City Winter which doesn’t want to go away, is returning by tomorrow night. And by Tuesday, 03/25/2014, we may be in for a Blizzard.
March often arrives like a lion and leaves like a lamb. This Time, the lion might hang around for a little bit.
It was in March, 1998, when the temperature soared to 95° F, it being Dad’s Birthday on Sunday, 03/29/1998.
But the funny moment of The Day came from a Catholic Priest. Asked why he wore a heavy jacket, he put it rather bluntly
“It’s March.”

M, Eh!

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