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My Most Dear Friend “Gets It”.

27 Mar

My Most Dear Friend realizes this fact, whenever she is at Daily Mass, as well on Sundays & Holy Days of Obligation:

Since Jesus is in The Tabernacle on what is supposedly the High Altar, under the Appearance of Bread in the Form of a Host(From The Latin Hostia which is Victim), & since He IS God The Son, My Friend asked “WHY Does The Priest Have His Back turned AWAY From God.”
That is a question with an answer in the form of an explanation:
During the Protestant “Reformation”, which is nothing more than Heresy in the form of a Revolution, with some Arianism thrown in to flavor it, Luder(Who changed his name to Luther, because Luder means Beast), supposedly “Reformed” The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass, by declaring that there is NO Sacrifice(Funny but why Did The Christ offer The Bloodless Sacrifice to His Father in Heaven at The Last Supper & then the Bloody One on The Cross).
Luther then decided that this is a Memorial Meal. A Meal is served on a Table, while a Sacrifice is offered on an Altar.
Luther then declared that since Priests offer Sacrifice, & Luther does not believe in Sacrifice, a Sacrificing Priesthood is unnecessary. To Luther, those gathered in the pews of the Assembly are the Priesthood of the People. All are equal with the one conducting the Communion Service. To Luther, the Bread & Wine do not change into the Body & Blood of Christ. Rather, the Bread & Wine contain the Body & Blood of Christ, hence no changes in substances. The Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer, also believed in this and The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass, became “The Lord’s Supper, Commonly Called The Mass.”
Cranmer, later burned at the stake for Heresy on the orders of the Catholic Queen Mary, also believed in Table over Altar. He had a consultant, an Apostate former Priest of the Dominican Order called Martin Bucer, who was German, who denied the Sacramental Presence of Christ in The Eucharist, who introduced Holy Communion in The Hand, to remind people that this is not a Sacrifice but a Memorial Meal.

Fast Forward to the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, which was nothing more than an oversized Revolutionary Synod, filled with Ambiguous Language in Her Documents, especially in connection with the offering of the Holy Eucharist. It was in December of 1963, when Sacrosanctum Concillium was issued on how the Mass of The Roman Rite is to be offered in the Modern World.

Post Vatican II is in reality The Continuation of The Gathering of all the Bishops in Rome, with The Commissions now continuing their work. It was in a period of 1966 to 1969 that the details of the New Mass were being worked on. It was during this period that 6 Protestant Ministers were called in as Consultants on how to make for a Liturgy of Modern Man(What happened to God in this equation).

November 29th, 1964
Permission granted to use update to the Missale Romanum of 1962 with Update & Permission to offer the Tridentine Mass with parts of it in English being allowed for the 1st Time.
The Latin was retained in the Offertory, where the Priest made reparation for his Sins and for all the Souls both Living & Dead. The Consecration was offered in Latin. Both Offertory & Consecration are prayed Silently. 
Subtractions from the Mass were a short prayer of the Priest just before the Confiteor was said & the Last Gospel, discontinued after the Final Blessing.
Added on Sunday Masses were the Prayers of The Faithful, a variation taken from the Byzantine Divine Liturgies of St. John Chrysostom & St. Basil The Great. Also to be offered is The Sign of Peace, which was last done in the 14th Century, but CONTINUED in the Rite of Antioch with The Maronites.

First Sunday Of Advent 1966
Entire Tridentine Form Mass converts to Vernacular. Latin Masses are Solemn, High Masses only(Missa Cantata).
It is here that The formerly low voice parts at the Offertory & Consecration were now read aloud. At some parishes the Table Altar with Versus Populum is an experiment.
But, there is a Translation Controversy. This Controversy launched the Traditional Latin Mass Movement. For it took a translation of the Latin Phrase “Pro Multis”, from which words like Multiple come From, the phrase was translated into “For All Men”, which is “Pro Omnibus”.
There was also Terminology Changes.
In the Tridentine Latin Mass, The Part of the Mass before the Offertory & Consecration was called “The Mass of The Catechumens.” From the Nicene Creed onward, it was now “The Mass of The Faithful.”
For “Mass of The Catechumens”, the term “Liturgy Of The Word” became the words. The New Operative Words for “Mass of The Faithful” became “Liturgy of The Eucharist.” Something was up.

“The Competent Ecchlesiastical Territory of Bishops”:
In some Archdiocese in South America called Buenos Aires in Argentina, the Metropolitan Archbishop for all of Argentina, found ways not to enforce Summorum Pontificum in regards to the Tridentine Latin Mass of The 1962 Roman Missal. This Archbishop had a nearly barren Seminary & went all OUT with the one thing that Vatican II is most noted for, the “False Ecumenism” of The Age.
Alas, he also never celebrated the Venerable Tridentine Latin Mass. But he does have expertise in the Venerable Divine Liturgies of the Byzantine Rite, namely the Divine Liturgies of St. Basil The Great & St. John Chrysostom(Both revered in the Eastern Orthodox Churches & in the Byzantine Rite of One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, as well as the Roman Rite of The Catholic Church, especially among devotees of The Tridentine Latin Mass).

The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass starts to lose some but not all of The Mystery.

All of The Mass is offered with Priest preaching & praying aloud. Guitar Masses run into the New Mass. More tables and fewer altars appear.

Novus Ordo Mass appears. The Translation from Latin to English is horrible. “And Also With You” replaces ‘”And. With your Spirit.”
Confiteor is a collective prayer. Priest becomes a Presider, as well as performer.
And the back is turned on Christ in the tabernacle. New Mass becomes The Norm. It becomes an Assembly. With table & prayers presenting this as the celebration of a Memorial Supper, the Mass goes off the rails. Theme Masses become all the rage & lose the mystery.

Meanwhile Catholic Traditionalist Movement gains. A number join the Eastern Catholic Churches as the attendance spirals downward.

It is that case today.

Thank You for asking that question, Most Dear Friend for it is the Mass of Protestantism with Byzantine Elements to keep a Catholic Presence, but with None of The Solemnity.
We have turned our backs on God.


Rob Ford Withdraws From Mayor’s Race In Toronto

12 Sep

Normally, CBC News and CBC Radio One keep me posted on big news items in THE USA. But the Rob Ford Story is broken by another source, in the USA.

FOX News, which art on 6th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, broke the news a few minutes ago.

You read me correctly-FOX NEWS broke the story. Not CBC-FOX News!

Pray for Rob Ford for he has an abdominal tumor. CBC Radio One reported that yesterday.


M, Eh!

CBC Up North “Cut”, Eh!

11 Apr

“Strombo”, he is gone after a 10 Year Run.
Does this mean that my favourite curmudgeon, the Redoubtable Rex Murphy, is in danger of becoming irrelevant?
Or, for that matter, Peter Mansbridge?
What about “Rick’s Rants?”

Rick Mercer once came up with an outrageously funny TV Special called “Talking To Americans”, showing just how rather ignorant Americans are about their neighbors from Up North.

“Up North”, in this case, does not mean The Bronx, especially since this Brooklyn Native who lives in Queens, is concerned. It is about a Country, especially in the Eastern Section, where the expression “Eh”, populates the speech. For I am speaking about Canada. Yes, “The Great White North”, land of Hosers called Bob and Doug Mac Kenzie.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, called CBC, is Canada’s National Public Broadcaster. They have sustained a major funding cut. A reported 657 jobs have been slashed over the next two years.
Now where are YANKS along the World’s Longest Underguarded Border going to view the Live Coverage of The Olympiad?
CBC has promised to continue to carry the Olympics. Ironically, the Vancouver Olympiad was carried on CTV and Rogers Cable, forcing Americans to make alternative viewing plans, such as viewing programming hosted by Commack, Long Island, NY Native & Mickey Mantle Poet Laureate, Bob Costas. The Americans by the US-Canada Border prefer CBC because of 24 Hour Live Coverage of The Olympics, as well as Objectivity shown by CBC Commentators.

CBC Radio and Television is about Canada. Their programming is Canadian in scope. They have a unique mandate to carry programming in regards to Canada. CTV and Global carry a lot of American Programming. Yet, this is what many Canadians tend to view. If they are close to the US Border, they tend to views stations from CBS, NBC, FOX and ABC.
At one time, CBC carried the CBS afternoon Soap Opera Schedule. It may explain as to why when the 50th Anniversary of The Assassination of US President John F. Kennedy was carried on CBC Television, that one saw and heard Walter Cronkite. Mansbridge does sound somewhat like Cronkite.

But The Market is gearing AWAY from CBC. Perhaps, as an American who has crossed the border in the 1960s and 1970s, I look at Canada as having much in common with the USA. When Canada was not the size in population which is much greater today and being more spread out, there may have been a need for a major public broadcaster. It was in 1960, with amendment to the Broadcasting Act during the Administration of Prime Minister John Dieffenbaker, which called for a Private Television Network to go into operation, and removal of The Licensing Authority of CBC.

At last, CBC had competition, beginning in 1961. And networks have shown that it is possible to compete for coverage of major sporting events. CBC has since lost Exclusivity over the National Hockey League, especially “Hockey Night In Canada”, which drove CBC in programming decisions.
One knew that when CBC lost the rights to the CFL(Canadian Football League including the Grey Cup, which is Canada’s version of the Super Bowl), the Era of The Public Broadcaster’s Dominance was coming to an end. It was when they lost the NHL, that CBC lost much public funding. Then again, when CBS lost the NFL to FOX in 1994, it began a new era. Now CBS has Sundays and Thursday Night NFL Football, Fox has Sunday NFL and still has MLB. The landscape has changed.
CBC once never had to compete for rights. Now it must compete. And they are not up to that. It may be time to privatize CBC, just like Air Canada is a Stock Company. Ditto, British Airways and Ireland’s Aer Lingus have privatized. Both are profitable.

But, this is a cycle. Maybe CBC will be back, but I think that it will be back as an enterprise, not under Government Ownership. It would be something if they were to be privatised. It wouldn’t have to run to Parliament.

Mr Murdoch, are you listening, eh?

M, Eh!

Watch “RMR: New Beer”

31 Jan of data QP

Beer too cold for The McKenzie Brothers and Rob Ford, Eh!

On Americans Knowing Their Closest Neighbor, Eh

25 Jan

I first went to Canada in 1963, staying in Quebec City. I do remember The Catholic Shrine of Ste. Anne De Beaupre, She being the Mother of The Blessed Virgin Mary. This Shrine is “The Lourdes Of North America” as many cures of Illnesses have been attributed to This Shrine Church(Eglise En Francais). Quebec is quite traditional French Speaking & Catholic. This was in August, 1963, when President Kennedy was at the helm in Washington.
The Canadian Prime Minister was Lester Bowles Pearson. We often heard of him back in the USA. Toronto’s Airport is named for him.  It was also my 1st Opportunity to experience Canadian Radio & Television, via a Network called CBC(Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), which unlike “The Big Three Major Networks”, which Canadians often watch a lot of, CBC is a Crown Corporation, operating at Arms Length from The Canadian Government.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau was Prime Minister. We often heard about him in the USA. We, more often than not, heard about his wife, Margaret Sinclair Trudeau in her dalliances, including her stops at the Famous Disco, Studio 54.

But, just how many Americans remember the 6 Month Term of Joe Clark as Prime Minister? Who was Michelle Jean? Outside of Wayne Gretzky, Howie Mandell, Monty Hall & Lorne Michaels & Paul Shaffer, we don’t seem to know much about our Northern Friends at all.

The Liberal Party uses the Red Color. The Conservatives use Blue. How many of you know who Stephen Harper is, unless you are Tuned to FOX News. He
is Prime Minister of Canada.

Rick Mercer is the Canadian version of Jon Stewart & Steven Colbert, only more biting in his humor. He is originally from Newfoundland. CBC Commentator Rex Murphy, s Curmudgeon on the Line of the Late Andy Rooney of CBS News, is more biting in his commentary than Andy ever was & has the Vocabulary of William F. Buckley Jr. Rex is as Conservative as Bill Buckley ever was. Rex appears on CBC News The National with scathing commentary with dry wit. He too is from Newfoundland. He has “ripped Toronto Mayor Rob Ford a new one” in Rex Redoubtable Style. Rex has also ripped Mr Obama several times. Trust me, you don’t want to get ripped by Rex or Rick. The Wounds will stay with you for awhile.

Rick Mercer did a CBC Comedy Special “Talking To Americans”, to see how we Yanks misunderstand Canada. It was hilarious to say the least. The new CAN$ 5 Dollar Coin is made partially of wood. As the Canadian Dollar is called the “Loonie”, the $5 piece is the Woody. Then the crowd on camera exclaims “Congratulations Canada on Your New Woody.”
Great Canadian Practical Joke, Eh!

We rarely hear about what goes on in Lac Megantic, Quebec, but Canadians know about what goes on in Brooklyn. They know who Al Sharpton is, but do we even know who Jim Flaherty & Stephen Harper are.

Yanks only know about Canada from Hockey Games. They know little else except that the Late Peter Jennings was Canadian. CBC News The National’s lead Anchor, Peter Mansbridge, was considered very highly to Replace Dan Rather in the Anchor Chair of The CBS Evening News. Peter Mansbridge stayed in Canada, instead. But he does sound a bit like Walter Cronkite.

Don’t Judge Canada on the basis of those two Hosers, Bob & Doug MacKenzie. And don’t think that everyone up North is like Rob Ford. Justin Bieber is acting like any Hollywood Celebrity.

Eh! I do like Rob Ford & Stephen Harper & Rex Murphy.


“The Greater Toronto Seal Hunt”

24 Jan

Lake Ontario may be a Block of Ice, eh, but the “Big Seal” usually flaps his blubbering lips.

With a few “Adult Beverages”, he will sound like a Jamaican and I don’t mean someone in the New York City Borough of Queens.

The US and Canadian News Media will have to find that Big Seal on this hunt.

So to those using various video broadcasting apps on Smart phones, I call for Residents of Metro Toronto to Find Rob Ford 1st, then live web telecast him in all of his Tomfoolery.

BEAT CBC, CTV, GLOBAL, FOX, CBS, ABC & NBC to the punch, EH!


Found this post for you on Tumblr

24 Jan