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No Relief-How Corrupt Is That & Blessed

22 Jun

At Fresh Pond Road and Metropolitan Avenue, there is supposed to be a Driver ready to relieve the Current Bus Driver, who is scheduled for his or her meal. BUT, this was not the case on the Westbound Q54 Metropolitan Avenue Bus, which arrived 8 Minutes late according to MTA NYC Bus Schedule.
It has been 25 Minutes since this transition was to have occurred. This has caused me to miss a Sunday Divine Liturgy in Manhattan. This is an old bus.
I may be in time for the 7PM Mass at St. Agnes on East 43rd Street. It is now 35 Minutes since MTA NYC Bus instructed the Driver to wait for his relief driver.
This is making people very late for appointments. No Relief Driver is Failure to carry out assignment. Does MTA NYC Bus really care? Or is this a mysterious Job Action by a Corrupt Transit Workers Union? Your Guess is as Good as Mine. Something tells me that MTA was unprepared.
40 Minutes have passed since the call. Another Two Busses have arrived. I am on that bus right now. Things are finally moving.

At least one thing about St. Agnes, is that most people can kneel and receive Holy Communion on The Tongue. I think that Kneeling For the Most Holy Sacrament of The Altar, is most appropriate. And this being The Feast of Corpus Christi in the Ordinary Form Calendar, especially on Archbishop Fulton J Sheen Place, which is East 43rd Street in Midtown Manhattan, the Bus Delay may make this a Blessed Day after all.

Deo Gratias!

M, Eh!

Williamsburg, Hipsters, 3AM

10 May

They’re armed with Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee, an Android or iPhone, a MetroCard and the NYC Bus Time app on the Phone.
One lassie, she was on the Q54 Platform at Williamsburg Bridge Plaza, waiting for the Q54 Bus. She has the iPhone and Bus App. She told me that she’ll walk to Graham Avenue and Grand Street. It was around 2:15AM.
At one time, like 20 Years Ago, one would be afraid of Williamsburg In The Daytime, let alone the Middle of The Night. But by 2000, Things began to change and Williamsburg, which is old and gritty, had a Youthful Invasion.

I will Drink to That.

M, Eh!

BBC London Is Noncommercial Local Radio

2 Apr

They have a Breakfast Show with traffic and transport reports as well as weather and chat, minus adverts. I do find it paced nicely and relaxing.
So there is BBC Local. BBC London Is ok in my book. I can get the local story from them as well as from LBC.
But on LBC there is Telephone Chat. So that works better for me than mere show presenters. Still, because of smartphones apps, I get to listen to stations as if I was living there. And I get to pick up on the local lingo.
Sure beats static on Shortwave Radio, any day.

M, Eh!

“The BBC Is For Tourists” (For Me, It Is LBC London)

1 Apr

Now, why do I say that the BBC is for tourists? I realize that the BBC is the most known Broadcasting Export the United Kingdom has sent to the world, even has commercial channels outside of The British Isles. The BBC is so Internationally Known and listened to or viewed. Yet, if I really want to find out about London, I would trust a more Parochial Source. After all, the BBC is National in scope.
So, I downloaded the London Radio App for Android. On that app are a selection of Radio Stations. Two of the stations are known to me. One is LBC 1152 News and the Other is LBC 97.5 FM Talk.
LBC stands for “London’s Biggest Conversation.” This is talk radio which is commercially supported with Adverts. It is nice and LOCAL.

Local Radio is where you hear the real voices of people. The Chat Shows give voice, not merely to Celebrities but make for a “Vox Populi.”
If you really want to know about London, stop in pubs and brush up on the local lingo and do listen to LBC when in London. The BBC is not everything. LBC would tell you about the best bangers and mash and fish and chips. Local is the way to go.
But, don’t totally eschew the BBC. When I drove around Ireland, I listened on Medium Wave(for you Yanks, it is AM Radio), to two Yank Entertainers who did a fair amount of Producing and Directing in their time. One was from The Bronx and the other, from Brooklyn. For I did listen to both Mel Brooks, originally from Brooklyn and Carl Reiner, originally from The Bronx. I laughed a lot at the “2000 Year Old Man” Sketch.
But, go Local and get to know London.
I learned this in Ireland by listening to local radio such as Century FM, where an Irish Citizen, born in New York City and son of a Famous Sport Journalist, was my audio guide. Bob Galico, Son of the Man who Chronicled Sport in one of the New York City Newspapers, was the voice heard in Ireland. His father, Paul Galico, also wrote the book “The Poseidon Adventure”, which became a movie.
I only followed RTE on television in Ireland. I did actually hear the All Ireland Football Championship on RTE Radio N’a Ghalgachta, in Irish Gaelic, but that was the only time I heard RTE on Radio. For Europe’s Oldest Public Broadcaster, they never had a Shortwave Radio Transmitter. But RTE have Smartphone Apps. And shortwave is not that big as it once was.

When in London, Dublin or Glasgow, do what the Locals do. Don’t be such a tourist, which is being Naive.


The RTE Player On Android Is Available For Those of The Irish Diaspora

1 Apr

I am here in NYC in the USA. I am also of Irish Descent. I have an Android Smartphone.
To those of The Irish Diaspora, whether Native Born Irish or Heavily of Irish Descent and born elsewhere(Like Brooklyn, NY), the Television Player for RTE, Ireland’s National Public Broadcaster, is available for downloading and viewing. I was viewing “One News”, as seen on RTE One. RTE One is the Primary Network. The second channel, appropriately, is called Network Two. I was in Ireland and had viewed this system, funded by both Adverts and License Fees. Adverts, for you Yanks out there, are what you Yanks call Commercials, something you most enjoy during the Super Bowl, especially the last one.



The Expos May Be Gone

25 Mar

But Olympic Stadium in Montreal is sold out for something called Major League Baseball.
The NY Mets are finishing their Preseason Schedule in a place familiar to them in their history.
For you see, Shea Stadium is gone for the last 5 years, but Olympic Stadium in Montreal will be hosting a two game series with the Toronto Blue Jays, under a Dome. Hey, it is cold in Montreal, so a Domed Location is not a bad idea at all. I found out about this “Metscapade” on Daybreak Montreal on CBC Radio One, 88.5FM CBME-FM. There was nothing said on the Station where NOTHING is said anyway, Sportsradio 101.9FM and Sportsradio 66 WFAN in NY, now the Home of The NY Yankees.

Montreal’s French Canadian Baseball Fans, were and are Thinking Fans. When MLB moved “L’Equippe Des Expos” to Washington, I had pleasure to talk to a # of these fans, as I left Shea Stadium. It still brings tears to my eyes.
For I remember Parc Jarry(Jarry Park), which held under 29, 000 Seats. It was an intimate place. I watched Baseball outside of the USA for the only time. It was two nights under the lights. Funny, but this was the 1st Time when I headed to a concession stand that a Television monitor was viewed so no one could miss the game. This I started seeing at Shea Stadium years later.
I was never in The Big O, but memories of Jarry Park are still around.
The Irony is the Blue Jays in this series. Montreal and Toronto are Rivals. As were Brooklyn and Manhattan with the Dodgers and Giants which carries on in Los Angeles and San Francisco, or The Boston Red Sox and the NY Yankees, this is Montreal and Toronto.
The Expos had Gary Carter. So did the NY Mets, who Gary led to the 1986 & Last World Series Championship. It is thus appropriate that the Mets finish in Montreal.

“Allons Les(Let’s Go)Mets”

M, Eh!

Mets open 03/31/14 at Citi Field. It will be Awfully Cold.


Sharing video J-VW Late Night To World Trade Center

24 Mar

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