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The Pan American Games On Television

18 Jul

CBC in Canada is Host Broadcaster. US Residents, who live by the Canadian Border & Desire NOT ESPN, can tune into CBC Television, which they most often do.
Their Slogan like with the Olympics is “Mansbridge, NOT Costas.”
Mansbridge is Peter Mansbridge. In the case of Flushing Queens born Bob Costas, the Olympics are NOT a Time to wax Poetic about Elvin Charles “Mickey” Mantle.
But these are the Pan American Games, so one wonders if ESPN will be promoting World Championship Flatulence Emitting from some Subway Station in The Bronx?
So Yanks by the Canadian Border, you are better off with CBC Sports.


Free On The TTC??

29 Jan

I received a report about free public transport rides from the TTC. This is the Toronto Transport Commission. Children, ages 12 and younger, would be the recipients of this generosity.

Do understand that Toronto has a New Mayor, who came up with this “Grand Scheme.” But how would this be implemented? Rob Ford, in all his lunacy as Mayor of Toronto, would never implement such a Scheme as this. It sounds like the Half Fare Senior Cards in New York City, when 1st Implemented in the Early 1970s.

Now I do remember an incident from the 2000 Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship in Ozone Park at Saint Mary Gate of Heaven School. There was an age dispute between two 12 Year Old Girls during a Five Shot Playoff Round. One Girl was Older Looking than the other. The Older Looking One won this round. The Legitimate 12 Year Old, who would turn 13 Later in 2000, would lose to someone a full 2 Years Older, actually had proof of her age, when a Year Later, the Older Looking One was turning 16 Years Old. She had no proof of her age.

So, in regards to the 12 & Younger Free Rides, how will this be handled?

Documentation will have to be produced for this to work. And will the TTC be able to handle this?

Fuggedibowdit as we say in Brooklyn. Either all or none ride free. In both cases, think of the bureaucratic tangles avoided.
There is No such thing as a Free Ride.

The TTC story is from CBLA FM 99.1, CBC Radio One Toronto.
Thanks, Eh!

M, Eh!

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